Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Round-Up 11-24

President Obama Job Approval

Outrage or Farce: NBC News Names Ground Zero Mosque Developer ‘Person of the Year’ Of all the people in all the world, NBC chooses to honor the provocateur behind one of the most controversial projects in America. On Thanksgiving

Tom DeLay Convicted of Money Laundering

Kucinich Push for Committee Spot Foiled by Race Issues in His Own Office? A staffer who complained of race problems was placed on paid leave in May. The staffer is still getting a paycheck, and has not worked since then.

Sen. Mark Warner – More Power to Death Panels?

David Brock defends using undisclosed donors

Is Failure to Support Obama Administration's Foreign Policy Grounds to Deny Charity's Tax-Exempt Status?

The Beginning Of The Ponzi End: As Of Today, The Biggest Holder Of US Debt Is Ben Bernanke

No Surprise: Union Propped Up Illegal Immigrant to Smear Meg Whitman

Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12" razor blades

Why They Don’t Need To ‘Touch Your Junk’ At Israeli Airports

Health Tyrants

Former Obama Advisor, Aide To NJ Dem, Arrested On Child Sex Charges

Health reform's competition-crushers

The TSA wants you to know they’re not thugs, which is why they’re confiscating your camera

The voter fraud hall of shame: Milwaukee voter fraud conviction makes ACORN’s 2010 total at least 15

Down with the Democrats: Polls Point to Rampant Voter Dissatisfaction

GOP lawmakers under pressure to decline government health plan

The TSA, the Law and Democracy: The People's Security

Obama's 2010 Loss Was Foretold!

Government By Waiver: The Breakdown Of Public Administration

At this point, Obama makes my cat look competent - Noemie Emery: Obama makes Bush look competent

Imagine a Military Board With the Power of the Very Real ObamaCare Medicare Board

Unemployment Forecast Bad News For Obama

Story of Business: when costs compete with passion

Aiming High: How Can I Amass a Fortune by the Time I Retire?

Should Academics Be "Liberated" from Tenure?

Sarah Palin, Riot Grrrl

Fed lowers economic expectations for 2011

The 2010 Congressional Healthcare Stunt

The Republican Wave Isn’t Quite Finished Yet

Oh, BrownCare

If "progressive" Democrats have their way, repealing ObamaCare may be easier..

Harry Reid rewards Labor by pushing a public safety bargaining bill that would be ruinous to local communities

Democrats Try to Crack Mystery of the Missing Voters

McConnell Dream Act Speculation Much Ado About Nothing

By my husband's boss - Thankful for Regulatory Reform

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