Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Round-Up 06-29

ADAMS: Inside the Black Panther case

Investigate this

President Obama Job Approval

Blagojevich Trial Testimony Contradicts Obama and Jarrett. The transition team report on the president-elect's contacts with Blagojevich and what he knew about Blago's wheeling and dealing is at odds with sworn testimony.

The Cost of Unions

Feminism dies from global warming

DailyKos Surveys Likely Bunk, May Have Been Fabricated. They were perfectly willing to use it 716 times though.

Law enforcement agencies in Northern Virginia say you have no right to know what they’re doing.

Gaza gunmen 'set fire to UN summer camp for children'

Big Government Lawmakers Deserve Criticism-Even If They Are Republicans

April Fools

Consumer confidence plunges in June

ShoreBank: The 11th-Hour Cover-up

Reward: $100,000 for Full ‘JournoList’ Archive; Source Fully Protected

Who Pays the Taxes

What fresh hell will this be? Obama postpones tax talk until after election

Shocker! Obama Political Director 'Forgot' He Was on SEIU Payroll Last Year

Rep. Issa Asks: ‘How Much Are Taxpayers Being Charged for Stimulus Propaganda Signs?Is the government illegally requiring states to spend up to $10,000 for each road sign advertising stimulus projects? Why do private firms claim a sign should cost significantly less?

Democrats seek 'Macaca' moments Both parties do this but what they should really be afraid of is a voter with a video camera.


Immigration status of arrested to be reported

Scott Brown "has listened to his constituents" and will definitely vote "no" on financial reform

What You’re Not Hearing from the Liberal Media About Immigration Reform. Obama keeps blaming Republicans for lack of progress on immigration, but if the president wants to know who the culprit is, all he has to do is look in a mirror.

Immigration Reform: Mayor Bloomberg’s Green-Card-for-Investors Idea is Already Law

Robert Byrd, Cap-and-Trade and the Lame Duck

Obama disappoints even lowered expectations

Sex complaint against Gore is detailed, credible

What’s More Important, the Environment or the Environmentalists?

Jon Stewart Asks David Axelrod: Has This Government Proven Itself Competent Enough To Regulate Industry?

ACLU Whitewash of Kagan's Anti-Constitutional Views

Kagan is no Justice Tabula Rasa

Kagan’s Own Words: It’s Fine If The Law Bans Books Because Government Won’t Really Enforce It

BIG GOVERNMENT, bad journalism.

Financial Reform Makes Biggest Banks Stronger. The too-big-to-fail monster lives: how the Dodd-Frank bill maintains the status quo. Well what do you expect, this abomination was created by two corrupt old frauds.

If You Believe America Has Lousy Health Care, Here's Why

Americans relate to Founders, not Progressives

Shariah-Compliant Finance Advisor Picked by Obama as White House Fellow

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