Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Round-Up 01-06

Whistleblower Web Site Goes Dark, Seeks Funding

Truly supporting Junk Science - Spying on Icebergs Instead of Terrorists? Obama Program Diverts Intelligence Assets to Climate Research

The Payday Loan Public Option: As Bad As It Sounds

Chris Dodd as a Tea-Party Success Story AND Dodd Makes It Official AND Dodd, Dorgan out; 5 other Senate Dems vulnerable

Out of the frying pan and into the fire - Awesome, awesome rumor: Chris Dodd for Treasury Secretary?

Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans

The Rising Nexus of Big Government and Big Business

Matthews: All ‘Teabaggers’ White? Maybe Not…

White House: We will NOT discuss broken C-Span promise

VDH - Obama’s Broken Health-Care Promise

Press corps grills Gibbs: Um, didn’t Obama totally shamelessly lie about C-SPAN?

Dear Mr. President: Your Policies Are Damaging Women the Most

Damn it! Somebody stop this thing! Pelosi: Congress 'very close' on final health bill

American Leadership: M.I.A.

ACU Calls for TSA Nominee to Withdraw. Chairman David Keene Says Erroll Southers Can't Be Trusted on Privacy

Cut the strings on the stimulus

FreedomWorks Thanks Senators for putting "Principle Over Pork"

FMLA Benefits for Part-Time Workers Would Hurt Those They Are Supposed to Help

Where is your treasure?

I campaigned for Ken Blackwell. Yet again, the RNC failed to listen to their betters. Michael Steele: The Democrats’ Best Friend

I read the article and Brooks is an unbearable boor - The Unbearable Elitism of David Brooks

'Negro' Race Choice On Census Form Sparks Outrage

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