Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reading The Bills

A message to all members of Just Read The Bill, Already!

Excuse the broadcast message, but think one good thing Just Read The Bill, Already can do is find out what excuses lawmakers are using for not reading bills.

Please see this forum post: http://readthebill.ning.com/forum/topics/whats-your-lawmakers-excuse

Text: It would be great if all members could write their Representative (use this tool to do so) and ask them three things (feel free to change the wording as you will):

1) Did you or did you not read the entirety of HR2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, before voting on it?

2) If you did not, why did you vote the way you did?

3) Do you or do you not believe that you should fully understand the implications a bill might have for your constituents before voting on it?

Please post replies here. [ie on the forum page]

Thanks again for signing up. We'll get these guys to read bills, even if we have to teach them to read first!


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