Sunday, November 23, 2008

No More Bailouts

Sen. Inhofe wrote an excellent article on NRO about why government should get out of the business of corporate wealth-redistribution and stop bailing out every business that shows up in DC with its hand outstretched.

We have the opportunity to do so during the lame duck session. This Congress has the opportunity to show American taxpayers that its government still cares about them, too, and it can do that by taking back what’s left of the $700 billion. Doing so just might help the American people have a little more confidence in the integrity of our institutions and the common sense of our leaders.

The greatest threat to our economy is not some obscure divergence of bond yields anymore. By far the greatest threat to economic growth and prosperity in the years to come is the extent to which the government has recently entangled itself in the marketplace. The government must immediately begin the process of extricating itself from the financial sector of our economy. Let’s begin that process.

This has been and will continue to be a difficult time for all Americans. The unwinding of past mistakes is never a pleasant process. However, many of us believe additional government attempts to make that process more pleasant will not only be futile, but will also move this country further from those first principles that have made us the great nation we are today.
Good stuff, eh?

In the interests of disclosure, I've met the senator at one of my husband's book things and he is a very nice man as well as smart, smart, smart.

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