Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bed Day

Took to my bed today and got nothing accomplished but rest. So needed it.

Back tomorrow.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Round-Up 04-23

Sleepy tired me still hasn't recovered from my operation, I think I did too much too early. So here's a little round up and then its beddie-bye for me.

President Obama Job Approval

PJTV Video (ZoNation) - Tea On Tax Day: Zo’s Stopping Statism In The Lone Star State, Part 1 You know I like all things AlfonZo

Harry Reid's Pretend Agenda

Ending the Slavery Blame-Game
The African role in the slave trade was fully understood and openly acknowledged by many African-Americans even before the Civil War. For Frederick Douglass, it was an argument against repatriation schemes for the freed slaves. “The savage chiefs of the western coasts of Africa, who for ages have been accustomed to selling their captives into bondage and pocketing the ready cash for them, will not more readily accept our moral and economical ideas than the slave traders of Maryland and Virginia,” he warned. “We are, therefore, less inclined to go to Africa to work against the slave trade than to stay here to work against it.”

The 'Racist' Smear: A Case Study suggests that black voters are "just puppets."

Score one for Jersey's tax revolt

A National Energy Tax is Coming, ATR Needs Your Help

Just picking up on that now are we? - Business says vast tax increases 'inevitable' under Obama budget

Maine Would Gain $522 Million From Offshore Drilling

Liberals and the Violence Card. Conservative protest is motivated by a love of what America stands for.

Threats Against Legislators Captured on Video!

Echoing health bill fallout, threats surface in immigration debate

Obama should return Wall Street's money

It's the Chicago way - Blagojevich sends not-so-subtle message to Obama

Obama Caught Lying: Talked to Blago on December 1, 2008

Shocking, NOT - Report: Health overhaul will increase nation's tab

All Things Obama A sample below:
Obama's Small Donor Myth
Obama's Auchi Problem
The [Rezko] Papers
Obama's Record: The Truth Is Out There

What Kind of Socialist Is Barack Obama?

Scientists: EPA ‘Distorting’ Biofuels Reality

This Earth Day, Thank Big Oil

Clicking the Emerald Slippers, Stealing Your Money

Covering Up The Cover-Up

Keith Olbermann and the hypocrisy at MSNBC

Atlantic Yards and the Despicable Bertha Lewis

Bertha Lewis: A Socialist Rallying Cry for Immigration Reform

Public employee pensions under pressure

‘Give Up the Bucks:’ Illinois Pigs at the Trough Demanding More Slop, With the Help of Astroturf SEIU

Center for Responsible Lending and SEIU, a Perfect Union

The Real Republican Civil War The struggle between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist for the Florida Senate seat symbolizes the rift between the reformers and the establishment in the GOP.

Will Dems 'go for it' on immigration reform?

Our Best Defense Against Sharia: 'South Park'

Blatant Media Bias

Well this is just sad, pathetic really. And from The Christian Science Monitor which used to be so good.

Arizona illegal immigration, 'birther' bills show rightward shift

Now you can't really quibble with a headline like that. It appears reasonable. And I am not a supporter of the "birther" movement - fully-paid-up member of the Show-Us-Your-College-Records movement but not the "birther" one.

Anyhow, as you read the article you realize that every "expert" they pulled for this article is a liberal conjecturing that Arizona is developing into a neo-Nazi state. The ick doesn't start until a couple of paragraphs down...
"The truth is that Arizona has been a state with far-right politics going back many years, but in [the] last weeks and months is an even more remarkable lurch to right," says Mark Potok, Director of the intelligence project for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups. "You've got a lot of whites moving into the state who are not from there, and who seem to feel this is a white man's state, and who don't like it when they find more diversity than they expected."
What? Where are you getting that information because it sounds like it came from the Library of Your Ass.

Then there's this "unbiased" tidbit...
Immigrant activist Kat Rodriguez moved to Arizona in 2000 and says even she, a Texan, is stunned by Arizona's shift to the right.

"For the last five to seven years, this state seems to have been attracting the xenophobic and evenly openly racist groups of people,"says the Tucson-based coordinator for Derechos Humanos.

"Seems to have been attracting" and in the last 5-7 years so during the majority of the Bush Administration this immigration activist broad (who isn't even a born Arizonian which contradicts the SPLC guy's quote above) has open-mindedly decided that people who don't want illegal immigrants coming into the country are xenophobic rather than simply people who like to live in a country where the rule of law is preserved.

And this, this makes no sense...
The deeper problem, say some, is that the drawing of state legislative districts empowers the extremes of the political right.

"The biggest driver of this from my perspective is that Arizona districts are currently drawn so that they are not competitive," says Farrell Quinlan, spokesman for the National Federation of Independent Business, which represents small business owners. Only 20 percent of both parties show up for primaries, so candidates have to appeal to the most faithful and ideologically pure, he says. "The districts are set up in ways that push politicians to the most irreconcilable positions – that filters down to the kinds of laws that you have coming out of here right now," says Quinlan.
Mr. Quinlan seems to be complete ignorant of fundamental politics, the political history of gerrymandering, and unless Arizona bars them, the usefulness of referendums.

This was a sloppy and biased article with no law and order champion quoted, no opportunity of defense. The quotes not listed were milquetoast blandness or from someone who's agenda openly supports calling people racist.

Shame on the Christian Science Monitor for publishing such name-calling dreck.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Economic Woes 04-22

Will the VAT Lady Sing? If so, it's over for America. Repeat after me - VAT is evil. Vat is wrong. Vat must be stopped! I am right about this and the Wall Street Journal agrees with me!

If true, then I am pointing and laughing - Will Obama’s Goldman Sachs Attack Expose Al Gore? Or Other Dems? The SEC civil charges against Goldman Sachs challenge a firm with ties to many Democrats, including Al Gore and the entire carbon trading establishment.

Financial Times: U.S. Debt to Hit $20 Trillion in 10 Years

Obama's Plan -- A Regulatory Mess

China Property Bubble?

IndyMac Attack: Did Schumer, Paulson, Soros, and the CRL Kill the Bank and Profit From Its Collapse?

From Investor's Business Daily - Lying About Jobs

Morning Bell: The Crony Capitalist Threat to Our Economic Freedom

The Goldman Rule

Reid to cut off bipartisan talks on Wall Street reform

Job-Killing Bailout Bill Rewards Obama’s Friends on Wall Street, Hurts Small Businesses

House Republicans to Layout Bipartisan Approach to Earmark Reform

Quote of the Day: Love Monopoly, My Philosophy, Don't Go Fooling With Private Property. With videos including an old Beatles video. Awesome.

Wynn's remarks rattle Las Vegas gaming. Says he might move his headquarters to enclave of Macau

The W-2 and America’s future

Obama vs. Wall Street: It's All Politics. Let's be honest. President Obama’s anti-Wall Street crusade is more fluff than substance. Isnt' that all of Obama and all of Obama's promises in a nutshell? - "fluff"

Millions Face Tax Increases Under Democratic Budget Plan

Bad Politicians Bad 04-22

President Obama Job Approval

Gangster Government and Goldman Sachs

Goldman's White House connections raise eyebrows

Senate Majority Leader Won't Return Money to Goldman Sachs. Seems like a politician's loyalty is getting more and more expensive these days.

Hoyer, Pelosi aides questioned in ethics case

Blagojevich Defense Team Moves To Subpoena Obama. Defense Says Obama's Story Is Different From Likely Prosecution Witnesses

Democrats at the Edge of the Cliff. Democrats are spending trillions at the worst possible moment, with a new poll showing public trust in government at a historic low of 22%. I think their going for a new low record.

Speaker Michael Madigan, Where Did the Money Go?

Lying About Jobs

He really is such a tool - On Presidential Rhetoric. Obama's ad hominem method and the politics of polarization.

Obama Backs Down on Sudan

Job-Killing Bailout Bill Rewards Obama’s Friends on Wall Street, Hurts Small Businesses

Daily Round-Up 04-22

Mexican gov't slams Arizona immigration law. Why? You rarely if ever hear about any other foreign government criticizing any US immigration law, except Mexic. Could they have an agenda?

Bigots to the Left of Me, Dingbats on the Right. Leftists have run out of arguments, while establishment Republicans in Ohio and elsewhere are running out of brains.

What's Texas's Secret?

Go Christie Go! Christie Targets Public-Employee Unions


The Left’s Most Wanted: Michelle Malkin

It's not the volcano's fault, it's Iceland for not developing Jonah Goldberg's Volcano Lancing technology -Volcano Ash Cloud Sets Off Global Domino Effect. Lack of Flights Entering, Departing Europe Stalls Africa War Crimes Investigation, Halts Japanese Auto Production. Seriously though, this is very negatively impacting African workers as well as revealing how interconnected our global economy is. I'm all for globalization but why can't these companies thing the teensiest bit ahead and plan for the occasional system failure?

Astroturf: On Heels of Failed ‘Coffee Party,’ It’s ‘The Other 95%Another engineered movement led by an angry radical and posing as a moderate alternative to the tea party movement.

No Way to Be Treated Like a Lady

If YouTube won't let you make fun of Hitler than who will? First They Came For Hitler...

The Summer of Our Discontent

The end of Pax Americana


Defining Education

SEIU and the ‘Cheapest Emotional Denominator’ To an Alinskyite, “the end justifies almost any means” and an additional 12 million votes could usher in permanent Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress. What happens thereafter to the nation’s social fabric and our treasury is merely collateral damage.

Back on the Bus AND Official Miami-Dade Transit Approval of the “Leaving Islam” Ads AND SIOA: Victory for Free Speech -- Religious Liberty Bus Ads Restored to Miami Buses

Nobody's forcing you to "pray" and nobody is saying you have to pray to a deity either. So while I will never deny your right to free speech, I will remind you that the VAST MAJORITY of us pray. Get. Over. It. Prayer and State

Christie Targets Public-Employee Unions

That Bertha. She is one class act. ACORN CEO: Tea Parties a 'Bowel Movement,' Future Will Be Worse Than Segregation. ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis said the times people are living in now will "dwarf" the periods of segregation and McCarthyism. And she pointed to the Tea Party movement -- or "bowel movement," in her words -- as a harbinger of the persecution to come. I'm sorry. Did I say "class act", I meant fear-mongering mentally-handicapped liar. My bad.

Even abusive public employees can't get fired


Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Support for ObamaCare to Be Challenged by Stockholders at Company Shareholder Meetings Thursday

Interview on the Healthcare Channel

Obama hires longtime Dem press aide to handle healthcare communications


John Stossel and the Media’s “Statist Syndrome”

Networks play Captain Planet, downplay ClimateGate and other scandals

Donny, We Hardly Knew Ye!

The president has gone golfing more than he’s met the press. Had Bush tried that, he’d have been clubbed by the media

Why Is the L.A. Times Burying the Obama/Khalidi Tape? Didn't I just bring this topic up yesterday morning? I did, great minds... Ironic or Biased?

White House Press Office: Don't Listen To the President


Saudi Girl, 12, Wins Divorce From 80-Year-Old Husband. The girl’s unusual legal challenge to the arrangement generated international media attention and scrutiny of Saudi Arabia’s record of child marriages My prayers are with this child for her courage and continued safety.

Tea Partyers, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Clinton

Come November, 'The Fire Next Time'?

Collins, Snowe stymie Dems’ tactics

Junk Science 04-22 Earth Day Edition

Economic Freedom Will Save the Earth That and my husband's book below.

Today's the day to buy this book. It's an Earth Day rememdy!

Screw the Earth, Save The Bacon! AND from yesterday - Drinking DDT. I swear I'll do it if the UN lifts the ban thereby saving African women and children

On Earth Day, praise BPA

Maybe Obama and Biden should read it on their flights home - Obama and Biden to Celebrate Earth Day by Tying Up New York Air Traffic

Slideshow! - The plight of hypocritical celebrity environmentalists

James Cameron is the ultimate environmentalist – except when he flies on pollution spewing private jets

Environmentalism is now a religion, and being overtaken by extremism

Promoting policies that punish Americans Stock up! Functioning light bulbs will be banned in 2012 (unless we repeal).

Happy Earth Day, A Look at Obama’s Failed Anti-Growth Energy Policies

Earth Day 2010---What Are Your Kids Being Told? AND Global Warming Education Needs to be Balanced

This Earth Day, Threats to American Freedom Abound

The Energy Policy Morass

As Earth Day dawns, ‘hell of a lot’ of money to be made on carbon offsets

Environment too important to be left to the government

Great Day of Regulation Reality Tour Events in Colorado

Trying to Recapture That Old Earth Day Magic. Because the smell of old hippie is ever so lovely?

Networks play Captain Planet, downplay ClimateGate and other scandals

Earth Day (April 2010) The good ideas and the bad.

Screw Saving The Earth - Save The Bacon

The next Obamacare target: Your bacon sandwich
When your breakfast plate doesn't pack the same wallop that it used to and your pappardelle con prosciutto goes from larapin to blase, remember why. It's because you can't be trusted to use high-sodium food responsibly.

Do-gooder groups are thrilled because after decades of failing to scare people off salt, the government will simply turn it into a controlled substance. They claim that thousands of lives will be saved from decreased incidence of high blood pressure and hail the move as a blow against Big Food.

More likely, Big Food will be able to use the regulations they help design to dominate the market even more. They are already spending millions to find new chemical compounds that keep the foods yummy but skirt the new sodium prohibition.

The local potato chip maker whose greasy treats taste divine will find that they can't afford Frito Lay's Space Age salt substitute. Mom and Pop will have to sell chips that taste like a fried dishrag and eventually close.

But they will be casualties in a larger war that doesn't have as much to do with salt or wellness or even obesity.

The regulatory battleground of the decades to come is going to be your body. How much sugar, salt, fat and everything else you put in your body will be a matter of great federal interest.

Barring the success of lawsuits or huge gains by Republicans this fall, the president's health program will be imposed in pieces over the next four years. By the end, the government will have a fiduciary interest in the waistlines and cholesterol counts of every American.

As the most unaffordable aspects of the Obama plan come on line, expect more dietary restrictions as the government looks for ways to control the enormous costs related to unhealthy habits.

For decades, insurance companies have tried to get their customers to quit drinking and smoking and to slim down and exercise.

But imagine what they could have done if they had the power to simply outlaw behavior that drove up costs.

Taking away your bacon will be deemed a small price for helping cover the Obamacare deficit.

Man the barricades! Better to repeal Obamacare than give up salt or worse bacon. I don't even eat bacon all that much but I am a cook. I've been cooking since I was five years old, I've worked in restaurants, I wrote restaurant reviews for my college paper, and I have so many cookbooks, I have a bookcase in my kitchen and I will be DAMNED if some freakin', effing Liberal Food Nazi (LFN) is taking any cooking ingredient away from me.

Next thing you know some LFN will realize apple seeds contain arsenic and try to ban apples as well.

So when you are stockpiling your home for disasters and defense (ala Instapundit) don't forget to pack lots of salt and bacon because it may well end up being a distopian currency.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drinking DDT

I pulled this out of a previous post because I want to really stand by it.

In Honor of Earth Day, Let's Have Some DDT. Like DeLay did during a Congressional Hearing, I'll drink DDT if it means the ban will be lifted and millions of African women and children can be saved by its use. Demonizing DDT – How the Scare Campaign Against ‘the Excellent Powder’ Has Cost Millions of Lives.

ACORN/Big Union/Leftie Groups 04-21

SEIU THUGS PLEAD NOT GUILTY In Brutal Beatdown of Kenneth Gladney

Quick! Someone pull the plug! ACORN CEO outside court: 'We're on life support'

Appeals Court Reinstates ACORN Funding Ban I love it when I'm obeyed.

Bertha Lewis Unleashed: Bashes Conservatives and the Tea Party, Promotes Socialism

Aging Leftists Hold a SNCC Reunion and Inadvertently Reveal the Old Days are Over

Speaking of aging leftist - Pelosi Opponent Wants Speaker to Reimburse Taxpayers for Fundraiser Security. Nancy Pelosi's potential Republican challenger is calling on the House speaker to pay back taxpayers after she lugged a massive security detail to a fundraiser in Palm Beach over the weekend.

Geico Cancels a Hater

Budget Bully

Earthquake in New Jersey: Majority of School Budgets Defeated

Naming Names: America’s Schools’ Problems Lie with Teachers’ Unions

In Economic Woes 04-21

VAT is evil. That's all you need to know. VAT Man? AND VAT Talk No Surprise: The Progressive Source Behind VAT

I have a few suggestions for Obama in response - Obama suggests value-added tax may be an option

Millions face tax increases under Dems budget plan

Obama's Sneaky Move on Education

Frank Luntz Responds to Memo Attacks My husband knew Frank at Oxford and while his polling methods can be off, I believe Mr. Luntz here.

Democrats haunted by corporate ties. This is not news to any one with a passing acquaintance with the conservative blogsphere. It only surprises those who get their news from the MSM.

Taxes and Voting

The Great American Debt "Roll"

HA! Is California "a moderately taxed state?" Data suggests otherwise

NBC: Screw Your Neighbors -- Walking Away from Your Mortgage is 'Ethical,' 'Good Business Decision' 'Today's' Chatzky says it's 'understandable to walk away from a bank that lent you more than you could afford.' UGH!

Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answer. Taxes, Taxes, and More Taxes: When Is Enough, Enough?

Unending Bailouts

Myths About Capitalism

Ummmmm White House: Obama Did Not Take Goldman PAC Money, Will Not Return Donations

Democrats haunted by corporate ties. This is not news to any one with a passing acquaintance with the conservative blogsphere. It only surprises those who get their news from the MSM.

Democratic Party, Helped by Wall Street, Outraising Republicans

Junk Science 04-21

I hate ethanol. Burning food is stupid, stupid, stupid. And it ruins my gas mileage, the more ethanol in the gasoline, the less mileage your car gets. It's a fact. Plus, it actually takes more gas to make ethanol than it does to suck it out of the ground. It is an insult to the American people that we are having this waste of resources shoved into our lives in the name of "saving" resources. Stuff and nonsense! Ethanol Subsidies: Big Elmer Strikes Again

Earth Day: Smile, don't shudder From Bjorn Lomborg whom we like - especially in those tight t-shirts of his.

You can try it but the science is too weak for a court of law. Well a real court of real law. The coming tide of international climate lawsuits.

Earth Day Turns 40. Environmentalist pioneers have had it their way for four decades. It's time for a change.
America’s prosperity not only created pollution, but the wealth and institutions of technological innovation that enabled the country to address the problems caused by pollution. The 1960s and 1970s were the heyday of technocratic centralized planning, and so top-down regulatory schemes were preferred by politicians. The success in reducing air and water pollution shows that top-down regulatory schemes can work. However, environmental regulations are costly. The Washington, D.C.-based think tank, Resources for the Future, estimated in 2003 that the United States spent roughly 2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on environmental protection. That’s about $280 billion per year. That figure matches up with one generated by a free-market think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which estimated in 2009 that environmental regulatory costs came to $236 billion per year.
May I suggest this for a change? How To Annoy A Liberal on Earth Day.

In Honor of Earth Day, Let's Have Some DDT. Like DeLay did during a Congressional Hearing, I'll drink DDT if it means the ban will be lifted and millions of African women and children can be saved by its use.

Food Nazi Alert - A Grain of salt AND Big Brother is Watching Your Dinner Plate

Media Bias 04-21

Democrats haunted by corporate ties. This is not news to any one with a passing acquaintance with the conservative blogsphere. It only surprises those who get their news from the MSM.

Blackout: Police chase reporters away from covering protest outside White House

Reporters Not Doing So Well with That “Press=Flaming Sword” Thing

From ‘The Front Page’ To a Flock Of Sheep: Reporters, Then and Now

Newsweek Frets Over 'Waning Influence' of Abortion Activists Yes, because its a crying shame that people who advocate the murder of unborn children over other options are experiencing "waning influence". And Newsweek wonders where its subscribers are.

At what point will the media actually decide that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being? Motes and beams, my friend. Conservative motes are Liberal beams.

'Populism of the Privileged' The latest laughable attempt to discredit the tea-party movement.

Donny Deutsch Off the Air after Criticism of Keith Olbermann. Don't feel bad Donny, I'll pick up the slack for you. A brain-damaged toad is more useful than Olbermann. I place higher value on the opinion of a syphilitic ape than Olbermann. The boogers my son digs out of his nose are of far greater interest to me than anything opinon coming out of Keith Olbermann's mouth. I could go on ...

And by the way going on, Maddow and Olbermann deserve each other. Wouldn't a Miniseries on Attila the Hun Explain Nancy Pelosi? I only hope they never mate and reproduce because the resulting offspring would be so arrogent and ignorant as to shock Satan into teaming up with God to destroy their spawn in self-defense.

Random Round-Up 04-21

I'm tired. I did too much yesterday after my operation. So I'm just going to feed my beast a little snack and then take a nap. Enjoy.

Amnesty my ass - A New Nowhere Debate? AND speaking of ass and heads up them - Pelosi to Reid: Immigration before climate is ‘fine’ AND Illegal Amnesty Advocates Rally Against New Immigration Law As the wife of a legal immigrant, I say come in legally or go home in handcuffs. And I am 100% in favor of jailing employers who knowingly hire illegals. Throw 'em in jail because they broke the law too.

SEIU THUGS PLEAD NOT GUILTY In Brutal Beatdown of Kenneth Gladney

President Obama Job Approval

Congressional Job Approval

Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan

Ummmmm White House: Obama Did Not Take Goldman PAC Money, Will Not Return Donations

Democrats haunted by corporate ties. This is not news to any one with a passing acquaintance with the conservative blogsphere. It only surprises those who get their news from the MSM.

Democratic Party, Helped by Wall Street, Outraising Republicans

Arizona Voters Support Controversial Immigration Bill, Poll Finds

IRS Investigating Rubio Expenditures. Gee I wonder why?

Michigan Unemployment Rate Rises To 14.1 Percent

Secret Ballots and Secret Petitions

Apropos of nothing but that I haven't said it for a while, Eric Holder's DoJ is corrupt and reprehensible and he must go.

But he's not the only one who must go - Health Coverage Gap For Congress Closed, For Now

Senate Bill Sets a Plan to Regulate Premiums

How Obamacare Will Hurt California

FBI, IRS raid NY state senator's Bronx clinic

From Bounce to Dribble. No uptick in the polls for the monstrosity known as Obamacare.

AlfonZo Rachel Blows Back

I love AlfonZo Rachel and his ZoNation PJTV Videos. Check 'em out here and watch AlfonZo's crushing response to Mr. Blow of the NYT. Excellent!

Video: Noted “minstrel show” performer responds to NYT smear merchant

Ironic or Bias?

Here's the article from The Los Angeles Times:
Obama's fifth-quarter Gallup approval slips, among worst 3 of modern presidents Basic decent reporting taking about Obama's fund raising for Boxer (referred to as "money harvesting") and then this...
Here's something that would really annoy the current White House crowd if it paid attention to public opinion polls, which of course it doesn't, being so focused on doing what's right for the American people. But by far the best fifth-quarter presidential job approval in modern history was George W. Bush's 79.5%.
Emphasis mine.

I can't tell and I welcome your opinion is this crazy LA liberal bias or has Obama lost the Los Angeles Times? And if so, are we ever going to see that party video the LA Times has been sitting on since the 2008 election season?

How To Annoy A Liberal on Earth Day

Point out that all the bad things that happen were their fault.

This book will help. Makes the "perfect" Earth Day gift.

Sample a chapter or two here.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabetth II

God Bless her. Today's the Queen's Birthday. And while I am no monarchist, she is one of the classiest things Britain has produced in the past 100 years. Long may she reign.

In the meantime, this baby picture of the Queen is as priceless as her crown. Although does it seem cruel to you to celebrate being 82 by releasing baby photos? Seems a tad cruel to me...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Media Bias 04-20

DEM DONOR Arrested for Threatening to Murder GOP Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite …Media Silent

An alarming outbreak of 'regime' amnesia

Black Tea Party Protesters vs. Keith Olbermann

How A Free Press Dies…By Only Covering Tariq Ramadan, Not Ibn Warraq

What's behind the anti-Tea Party hate narrative?

No Minstrel Show Here!

Finally, A Real White Supremacist Rally And Almost No One Notices And it wasn't in some backwater place either, this rally happened in Los Angeles (!)

Whistlin’ “Dixie” with Frank Rich

The New Orleans Beating: Real Violence, Real Evidence, No Media. The Hayride publisher finds vast circumstantial evidence of politically motivated mayhem, putting the MSM narrative on trial — if they ever dare talk about it

Are Blogs Truly Competitive With the Mainstream Media in Terms of Quality of Content?

Byron York discusses efforts by liberals to 'pre-tar' the Tea Party protests as a violent movement

Frank Rich: Demonizer-in-chief

Danny Glover: Hero to the Media, Villain to the Intelligent. The actor's arrest over the weekend should remind us that he has a history of painting America as the problem and anti-American regimes as the saviors of the oppressed.

Tea Party indicted in sweeping MSM editorial

Faster, please - Is Larry King's CNN reign nearing its end?

Daily Round-Up 04-20

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) rushed to the aid of a young visitor who passed out during a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing late Tuesday morning

About time - Conservatives Coalescing In Opposition to Net Neutrality

An excellent call-to-action - Create wealth, don’t redistribute it

Why the Left Needs Racism It serves a political purpose.

Guns, Religion and NASCAR!

Miss America 2010: Palin Is My Homegirl


The Gates Memo: World’s Least Well Kept Secret

Is the Obama Administration Behind An Astroturf Anti-Tea Party Website?

Seven Reasons Government Has Become Completely Dysfunctional in America

Thomas Sowell - The Limits of Power Read the whole thing.

Chuck Norris - Preying on the National Day of Prayer

No Comparison Between British Tories and American Conservatives. America needs the conservatism of Thatcher, not Cameron British Tories are closer to American democrats than republicans


VDH - An Age of Untruth

Bill Clinton’s Double Standard on Rhetoric

Dems Ditch Plans for DC Voting Rights Bill

In Economic Woes 04-20

California Ranks Last in Combination Measure of Tax Burden and Tax Structure

VATs are evil and wrong. Period. The VAT Is Obama's License to Spend

Gee, I wonder why. White House Caught Altering Stimulus Baseline Projection by 7 Million Jobs

An Economy of Liars. When government and business collude, it's called crony capitalism. Expect more of this from the financial reforms contemplated in Washington

Is Washington Bankrupting America?

The SEC, Goldman Sachs, and John Paulson’s Money Trail. The Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs has been in the news, following an SEC civil action last week. Somehow, the other party to that transaction, hedge fund manager John Paulson, hasn't had as much attention. Curious

POJTV Video - Grover Norquist: "Leave our Earnings Alone"

Wall Street cashes out investment in Chris Dodd

Regulation Reality Tour Kicks Off in Colorado

The Obama-Dodd-Frank-Everything’s-A-Bank-Bill

The Dismal Economics of Utopia. Spreading the wealth around forces massive inequalities. Duh.

PJTV Video - 2010 Pig Awards: Breaking our Bank By Bringing Home the Bacon

Fannie and Freddie Amnesia. Taxpayers are on the hook for about $400 billion, partly because Sen. Obama helped to block reform.

The Obama Revolving Door: Former WH Counsel Craig goes to Goldman Sachs

Regulatory reform debate obscures key fact: Everybody’s getting money from Wall Street

GOP seeks SEC records on Goldman

Is Goldman Obama's Enron? No, it's worse

Awful Tax System Causing a Growing Number of Americans to “Go Galt”

PJTV Video (VodkaPundit) - Hair of the Dog: Geithner's Golden Hover Ponies Take on Naughty Wall Street Bankers

GOP senators avoid co-sponsoring campaign finance reform bill

Geithner to Pressure Collins Today—Man the Battle Stations

Tax Court Rejects "Geithner Defense," Says Reliance on TurboTax Does Not Excuse Taxpayer From Penalty for Errors on Tax Return

Hawaii Needs Free Markets, Not “Sustainability”

Goldman Sachs Has Hurt Wall Street and Our Country

‘If you tax them, they will leave’. Chris Christie seeks to mend the broke and broken state of New Jersey.

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 04-20

As Government Expands, Beware the Post Office Example

Congress may get fined by its own health-care law

Professional Dystopia: The ObamaDoc. Dr. Weiss, formerly known as a "physician," sees an uncomfortable future in his new, "progressive" career as a "health care provider." (Watch Medically Incorrect with Dr. Weiss at PJTV.)

IRS Will Enforce ObamaCare — Eventually. Welcome to the IRS of A; one nation, under bureaucracy, with penalties and mandates for all.

Should Government Regulate What Americans Eat? It's what countries with nationalized healthcare do in order to regulate its populations' health (and control costs) so consider this a glimpse of our future under Obamacare.

Down the Health Care Wormhole. How ObamaPelosiCare will saddle future generations with a public policy disaster

Fighting Corruption 04-20

Arizona Sheriff Says Cops Are Being Killed by Illegal Aliens; Joins Call for U.S. Troops at Border

Tea Partiers Fight Culture of Dependence

Tea Party Racism??

What I find "racist" is basing belief assumptions on something as meaningless as the color of your skin, hair, or eyes.

PJTV Video - The Best of the Worst: Tea Party Infiltrator Signs Revealed

African Americans Respond to Claims of Racism At Tea Party Protests

Libertarians, Independents, and Tea Parties

PJTV Video - Michele Bachmann's Tax Day Tea Party Address: Freedom Comes From Our Creator, Not Government

Crashing the Crashers: Tea Party Infiltrators Outmaneuvered in S.F.

The Making of the ‘Ballad of the Tea Party’

America’s constitutionalist revolt

Attrition Through Enforcement Marches On

Bad Politicians Bad 04-20

President Obama Job Approval

Barack Obama's Top Contributors

Obama’s Jewish Support Drops 36 Points Since 2008 Election

Poll: 4 out of 5 Americans don't trust Washington

Mistrust in government: 'Perfect storm'. Last time the weather got this bad (1980 and 1994), big things happened.

Star Parker v. Radical, Ethically Challenged Maxine Waters Acolyte in California 37

Most Transparent White House EVER

Obama: Boxer might lose if supporters don't work Good! She was rude to my husband. Which on top of all of her other despicable and heinous qualities makes her an asinine and useless waste of humanity. No one is rude to my husband (except me).

Is Boxer Inciting Violence Against Tea Party Protesters? Would surprise me. She is, afterall, a sorry waste of skin.

Obama to Save Boxer Like He Saved Corzine!

Angry Teabaggers Heckle Mr. Wonderful AND Video: Obama gets testy with “don’t ask, don’t tell” hecklers

Obama Heckled By California Liberals

Gee, I wonder why - Congressional Ethics office reviewed 23 complaints in first quarter of 2010

Hill's aides in 'bully' crystal

White House chief of staff says he’d like the post if Daley doesn’t run for re-election. A gangster here, a gangster there, and soon we're talking real corruption.

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Rep. John Conyers on ‘Tea Baggers’: Their ‘Rational Abilities Are Compromised’ by Anger. Video. Mr. Conyers apparently doesn't like his current job position.

Reid to play chicken on Wall Street reform, daring GOP to filibuster

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What a lovely combination of arrogance and idiocy - Dem to Obama: Push immigration or I’ll tell Latino voters to stay home Arrogant because of the assuption that latino voters would voluntarily give up their right to vote because of this loser and idiotic because he's a representative who is obviously up for re-election this Nov. and can he get re-elected if he keeps a percentage of his constituents home?

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In NJ school cut debate, insults overshadow issues

Photo Shows Horrified GOP Official After Savage Beating in New Orleans They broke this woman's leg. The Left are the violent ones.

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Was Vicious Attack On Republicans Inspired by Democratic Party?

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