Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blue Husky Art Installation

This is an Art Installation done by three of my brother-in-law's students. It is just fabulous and I had to share.

Below is what my B-i-L had to say:
This is the largest project to come out of any class I have ever taught. It's almost a city block long, inside a new but unfinished urban space. Three students from my Installation Art class – David Fields, Chris Wright, and Will Young – used light, air, and many square yards of very thin plastic to create a phenomenal watery effect.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Banning Food

Chefs Call Proposed New York Salt Ban 'Absurd'

This attempt to ban salt is spectacularly stupid. How stupid is spectacularly stupid? It is as stupid as trying to ban restaurants from using water to cook with. It is as stupid as trying to ban restuarants from letting customers use knives because they might cut themselves. It is as stupid as trying to grill as steak without fire. Does this salt ban extend to cheese, bacon, or bread? Does this salt ban include pickles? Dumb. Stupid. Idiotic. ARGH!

Dear Democrats in Congress

The great state of Virginia has just voted to refuse any healthcare plan that requires the mandatory purchasing of healthcare. 35 other states also have similar bills pending.

If ANYTHING indicates the American people's wholesale rejection of Obamacare that is it. 36 out of 50 states are preemptively banning Obamacare before you even have a chance of passing it.

How do you think the elections in November are going to go for you in those 36 states? How will you be able to look at your staff, knowing that your vote cost them their jobs?

You will be throwing away your own political career and damaging those of your staff for a law that will be challenged on Constitutional grounds almost immediately and is being rejected by the vast majority of states.

There is no win here. Stop.

In Economic Woes 03-12

Financial reform imploding; Dems declare War on Goldman Sachs

Shining a harsh light on Lehman’s bankruptcy

Lehman Brothers hid borrowing, Geithner may bear some responsibility

Who are the Tax Payer's Friends In Congress?

States may hold onto tax refunds for months

What is the Center for Responsible Lending?

Obama failing to keep pledge to focus on jobs

Ohio Is in Even Worse Shape Than We Thought

Video - Larry Kudlow: How High Will Tax Rates Go?

Obama Administration Rewards Corrupt Mortgage Giants, Punishes Productive Private Banks, Fleeces Taxpayers and Responsible Credit Cardholders

The Unemployment Benefit Black Card

Why the U.S. can't inflate its way out of debt

President Obama Makes Poverty Permanent. With a simple abuse of mathematics, Obama just gave birth to eternal grievance.

Obama to Bush: My Month Beats Your Year

About That Manufacturing Base, Pat ...

PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - Not Working: The Burdens Of Our Jobless Recovery

The Little Fed Report that Could…and Did Create a Housing Bubble

Whatever Happened to Free Trade?

Deal Gives New Life to Overhaul of Student Loans

Is Foreign Ownership of Our Debt a Threat to the U.S.?

Financial Regulation, Health Care, and Could Insurers Demand the Next Bailout?

Ohio, R.I. angry over $1.5B housing aid

Lehman Examiner Finds Fraud, Probably

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 03-12

The Slaughter Solution and Other Acts of Desperation

Mark Levin Calls For Slaughter's Removal

House Democrats appear set to pass Senate bill without voting on it

If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly This harsh warning comes from Carter and Clinton pollsters.

Obama as Ahab, Strapped to Moby Dick

Real Competition Among Health Plans

PJTV Video (Special) - Doctor, Cousin, Critic (Part 1): An MD In The Family Takes On Obamacare AND Doctor, Cousin, Critic (Part 2): Obamacare on Life Support ... or D.O.A?

Pelosi: 'We Will Pass the Senate Bill'

Pelosi to seek Senate 'assurances' before House health vote. What's sad is that she will probably believe those 'assurances' as well.

If Pelosi Has the Votes, Then Why Does the House Need the Slaughter Solution to Pass ObamaCare Well, she's not exactly known for her honesty now is she?

Senate Health Bill Would Up Costs for Millions in Middle Class, Analysis Finds. A nonpartisan study is casting new doubt on President Obama's campaign pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class

Washington, Not The Individual, Gets Control In President's Plan

Why Health Reform Is Bad Politics Contrary to all the theories, Democrats will not benefit from ObamaCare.

Hoyer Rules by the Rule of Rules

PJTV Video - Grandma Plugs Obamacare

Reconciliation: The Hypocritical Path for the Passage of the $2.5 Trillion Health Care Bill

What Happened to a "Simple Up-Or-Down-Vote"?

Voters aren't buying cost control promises on Obamacare

How Republican Can Stop The Health Care Bill in 3 Steps

Rep. Scott Garrett’s Reconciliation Primer. The idea of “pushing through” the currently proposed health care bill goes against every instinct of American democracy, says the New Jersey congressman.

The White House Kindly Requests You Do Not Refer to Its Health Care Budget Gimmicks as "Gimmicks"

Pelosi: Public option will not be in health bill despite liberal efforts

PJTV Video (AlfonZo) - Ill Politicization: How Liberal Health Care Runs Your Life

The Democrats Won't Talk About This Provision

Senate Parliamentarian Rules Obama Must Sign Senate Bill BEFORE Reconciliation

What's Behind Anthem's Huge California Rate Hikes?

Daily Round-Up 03-12

Reid's Wife Remains Hospitalized After Traffic Accident I drove by this accident while taking my son to OT and saw the crumpled minivan. While I do not share Reid's politics my prayers are with his family for the fast recovery of his wife and all the victims of this awful accident.

PJTV Video (Security) - Purple Badge of Courage: Iraqis Brave the Polls

Obama Spiked ACORN Investigation: Judicial Watch Releases FBI Documents

In Praise of the Rotation of Power


This Land Ain’t your Land; this Land Is my Land

GOP Senators Question $1M Salary for Boys and Girls Club CEO. The chief executive of the charity closing doors for lack of funding earned nearly $1 million in 2008 while officials spent $4.3 million on travel, $1.6 million on conferences, conventions and meetings and $544,000 in lobbying fees

The Constitutional Case Against Progressives I have my copy (and my towel)

Mexican military copter over U.S. neighborhood

The False Premise of National Education Standards

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Three Amigos, Three Stories & Three Reasons To Watch Trifecta

Ominous Rumblings at the Department of Education

Is Tom Hanks Unhinged?

Obama Says He Backs New Push to Overhaul U.S. Immigration Laws


Climategate: Three of the Four Temperature Datasets Now Irrevocably Tainted. With today’s revelation on Pajamas Media, only the Japan Meteorological Agency is left to save the warmists. Don’t bet on it.

Climategate: Once Respected Nature Now Staffed By Moaning Ninnies

Climategate Reloaded

Slime Is Almost Always Green

Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: ‘Jail The Lot’

The Footprint Theory of Life

PJTV Video (Climategate with our favorite silver fox) - CLIMATEGATE: The Global Warming Cover Up Spreads to NASA

California Regulators: Climate Change a Bigger Threat than Felons. And that, my friends, is why California is sinking into the see.

Climategate Stunner: NASA Heads Knew NASA Data Was Poor, Then Used Data from CRU. New emails from James Hansen and Reto Ruedy (download PDF here) show that NASA's temperature data was doubted within NASA itself, and was not independent of CRU's embattled data, as has been claimed.

Environmentalists go to bat for Crist after Everglades story comes out

Released Emails Show Wind Lobby, Soros Group Helped with White House

Bring it on, EPA


Shocker - ABC and CBS Pass Along Sympathetic Anecdotes from Left-Wing Anti-Insurance Protest

Dan Rather Apologizes for 'Watermelons' Comment

PJTV Video (AlfonZo) - Olbermann’s Way: Scold In Safety, Cower When Called Out

Does Michael Moore Hate Working People?

I Was Am-Bushed On MSNBC Over Iraq

How Andrew Breitbart Hacks the Media

PJTV Video (Hicks File) - Rooting For Bigotry? The Online Screed Skip Gates Let Fly

Andrew Klavan on The Oscar


Court Dismisses ACORN Suit vs. ‘Pimp’, ‘Hooker’ and

Obama Spiked ACORN Investigation: Judicial Watch Releases FBI Documents I am at a loss for words. If even remotely true this is a profound corruption of American law.

Heads Up Talk Radio: The President’s Foot Soldiers Have Your Number

ACORN Cracked, Run Out of State Under RICO Act in Ohio


Our Race: American

PJTV Video (Afterburner) - Flying Solo: Choose Freedom Over the Nanny State

A Courageous Voice Silenced In the Middle East

Bad Politicians Bad 03-12

Who are the Tax Payer's Friends In Congress?

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval OUCH

Obama Spiked ACORN Investigation: Judicial Watch Releases FBI Documents

Time for sunshine, Fannie and Freddie

A very big "miss" - Holder MUST GO

Holder’s DOJ Embarrassed by Victory in Pledge of Allegiance Case?

Holder Draws Fire From GOP

Good Morning! (more Holder stuff)

The Heavy Weight of Scandal

Pelosi's Arrogance Knows No Bounds. Arrogance, contempt and obfuscation in the health care debate -- that's Speaker Pelosi’s idea of transparency

Watchdogs without bite Just out of curiousity, why does it take years for Rangel and Dodd to be investigated and then let go from ethics reviews but the kicked Massa out in days? Gee, I wonder why.

A festering swamp. Massa mess plagues Pelosi

Specter Accuses Sestak of Lying About White House Offer for Job. Sen. Arlen Specter took a shot at his Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary opponent on Friday, accusing Rep. Joe Sestak of lying about a White House offer to him to drop his challenge in exchange for an Obama administration position.

Dodd’s Decision to Snub Republicans Could Stall Financial Bill

President Obama Makes Poverty Permanent. With a simple abuse of mathematics, Obama just gave birth to eternal grievance.

Pooped Potus. This seems like so much BS to me. These events are planned to the second in advance.

House votes to impeach federal judge from Louisiana

Rangel's Removal from Ways and Means Chairmanship Sparks Black Conservative Response


AFP Praises House Republicans for Banning Earmarks

When Congressmen Behave Badly. David Scott (D-GA) is fighting a planned community garden in his neighborhood. Did we mention that the garden — and his house — are not in his district?

Special Congressional Election in FL-19 has National Implications

Michigan congresswoman called to Detroit grand jury

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whip Count on Obamacare

This is from The Hill here - House Democrats' positions on the healthcare reform bill Go here to let your House Representative know what you think about Obamacare and the even worse Slaughter Solution!
House Democrats not on this list are expected to vote yes. However, some members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who are not mentioned below have threatened to vote no unless the Senate's immigration-related provisions are changed.

All House Republicans are expected to vote no.

Firm No, Leaning No, Likely No (26)
John Adler (N.J.) (N) Waiting to see bill. Sounded like a no on Fox News, saying House and Senate bills fail to address cost containment
Michael Arcuri (N.Y.) (Y) Some reports have him as firm no, but Rules Committee member hasn't closed the door yet
John Barrow (Ga.) * (N) Voted no last year in committee and on floor. Likely no
Dan Boren (Okla.) * (N) Won't be changing his mind — firm no
Bobby Bright (Ala.) * (N) Voted against House health bill, stimulus and climate change. Firm no
Travis Childers (Miss.) * (N) In toss-up reelection race
Artur Davis (Ala.) * (N) Running for governor, but will make sure to return to D.C. to vote no
Lincoln Davis (Tenn.) * (N) Voted no first time, and most expect him to vote no again
Chet Edwards (Texas) (N) Perennial GOP target. Edwards spokesman told CNN he will vote no
Luis Gutierrez (Ill.) (Y) Citing immigration language, Gutierrez said on MSNBC that "I can't support this bill." Lawmaker has lambasted the president on not moving immigration reform yet. Warned that other Hispanic lawmakers will also vote no
Larry Kissell (N.C.) (N) GOP target, but reelection chances on the rise. Firm no
Frank Kratovil (Md.) (N) Voted for climate change; says he will vote no
Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) (N) Progressive was on the fence before House vote last fall — not this time. He's a firm no
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.) (N) Congresswoman told the Rapid City Journal she's a no, noting she is not a fan of reconciliation
Tim Holden (Pa.) * (N) Voted against healthcare and climate change in 2009. Told The Republican Herald that he is a no, citing abortion and "signifcant" cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
Jim Marshall (Ga.) * (N) Perennial GOP target, but favored to win reelection. Told The Hill he's a no
Jim Matheson (Utah) * (N) President Obama this year tapped brother for post, but Matheson still a likely no
Mike McIntyre (N.C.) * (N) Seven-term lawmaker rejected House health bill and climate change. Spokesman tells The Hill McIntyre is a no. Expected to win reelection easily even though Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) won district
Mike McMahon (N.Y.) (N) Told the Staten Island Advance he's a no
Charlie Melancon (La.) * (N) Senate hopeful voted no in November and no in committee. Likely no
Walt Minnick (Idaho) (N) One of the House's most conservative members. Firm no
Collin Peterson (Minn.) * (N) Ag chairman not shy in bucking leadership. Firm no
Mike Ross (Ark.) * (N) Voted for bill in committee, but not since. Firm no
Ike Skelton (Mo.) * (N) GOP targeting his seat. Armed Services Committee chairman is a firm no
Gene Taylor (Miss.) * (N) Has been a firm no all Congress
Harry Teague (N.M.) * (N) Told The Hill that he will review bill to see if final bill brings costs down. If "we are in the same place — a no"

Firm Yes (2)
Dale Kildee (Mich.) * (Y) Not one of Stupak's dozen
Silvestre Reyes (Texas) * (Y) Intelligence panel chairman on board

Leaning Yes (3)
Russ Carnahan (Mo.) (Y) In competitive race this fall, but should win
Gerry Connolly (Va.) (Y) If he votes no, bill will not pass. Likely yes
Vic Snyder (Ark.) * (Y) Not seeking reelection. Snyder said on Fox News he is leaning yes

Undecided (78)
Jason Altmire (Pa.) * (N) Many view Altmire as key to passage. He said on Fox News he has "open mind." Voted no in committee and on floor, but bottom line is his yes vote is gettable
Joe Baca (Calif.) * (Y) Must-have for leadership
Brian Baird (Wash.) (N) Retiring member who bucked party on Iraq war surge
Melissa Bean (Ill.) (Y) Conservative Democrat well-positioned for midterm election
Marion Berry (Ark.) * (Y) Has been critical of the president since announcing his retirement
Sanford Bishop Jr. (Ga.) * (Y) Favors Stupak provision
Tim Bishop (N.Y.) (Y) Must-have vote for leadership. Bishop's office told CNN that the New York lawmaker wants major changes to Senate bill
John Boccieri (Ohio) * (N) GOP target
Rick Boucher (Va.) (N) GOP target
Allen Boyd (Fla.) (N) Facing primary challenge
Michael Capuano (Y) Wanted to be a senator, but doesn't trust the Senate. TPM reported that Capuano is leaning no. In an e-mail to supporters, Capuano said he has many problems with Senate measure
Dennis Cardoza (Calif.) * (Y) Secured language for district before last year's vote
Chris Carney (Pa.) * (Y) A "no" vote here would be a setback for leadership
Ben Chandler (Ky.) * (N) Keeps cards close to vest; voted no in November
Jim Cooper (Tenn) * (Y) Has had up-and-down relationship with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)
Jim Costa (Calif.) * (Y) Secured project for his district before November vote
Jerry Costello (Ill.) * (Y) Was a late yes in the fall
Joe Courtney (Conn.) (Y) Wary of excise tax, but likely yes
Henry Cuellar (Texas) * (Y) Supported health bill and climate change, surprising some on Capitol Hill
Kathy Dahlkemper (Pa.) * (Y) GOP target. Her yes vote is key to passage
Joe Donnelly (Ind.) * (Y) Among the Stupak dozen — will vote no unless abortion language in Senate bill is changed, according to The Rochester Sentinel
Mike Doyle (Pa.) * (Y) Must-have vote for leadership; not politically vulnerable
Steve Driehaus (Ohio) * (Y) In toss-up race in November
Bob Etheridge (N.C.) * (Y) Passed up Senate run
Brad Ellsworth (Ind.) * (Y) Senate hopeful
Bill Foster (Ill.) (Y) GOP target
Gabrielle Giffords (Ariz.) (Y) GOP target
Bart Gordon (Tenn.) * (N) Retiring committee chairman
Raul Grijalva (Ariz.) (Y) Despite many threats, Arizona liberal expected to vote yes
John Hall (N.Y.) (Y) Democratic leaders may lose other Dems from N.Y., but need to keep Hall on board
Debbie Halvorson (Ill.) (Y) Politically vulnerable, but favored to win her reelection race
Baron Hill (Ind.) * (Y) Passed up Senate run
Jim Himes (Conn.) (Y) Must-have vote for leadership. Likely yes
Steve Kagen (Wis.) (Y) Told Fox 11 in Wisconsin that he prefers more incremental approach; doesn't trust Senate
Paul Kanjorski (Pa.) * (Y) GOP target
Marcy Kaptur (Ohio) * (Y) Voted with leadership first time around, but doesn't toe the party line
Mary Jo Kilroy (Ohio) (Y) In toss-up race this November
Ron Kind (Wis.) (Y) Represents competitive district. Voted against bill in committee
Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz.) (Y) GOP target
Ron Klein (Fla.) (Y) GOP target
Suzanne Kosmas (Fla.) (N) Easily won her race in 2008; her 2010 race will be tighter
Jim Langevin (R.I.) * (Y) Langevin's seat not in danger this fall. He has previously fended off primary challenges
Daniel Lipinski (Ill.) * (Y) Will not vote for abortion language in Senate bill, but has other concerns as well. Democratic leaders cannot count on Lipinski
Dan Maffei (N.Y.) (Y) Former Ways and Means aide is seen as gettable
Betsy Markey (Colo.) (N) Was a late no last time. In early March, Markey declined to be interviewed by Denver Post on her position on bill. Likely target for Democratic leaders
Jerry McNerney (Calif.) (Y) Waiting for final language. There are false reports of him being a firm no
Mike Michaud (Maine) * (Y) Likely yes
Harry Mitchell (Ariz.) (Y) GOP target
Alan Mollohan (W.Va.) * (Y) In November, seat was considered safe. Now, he's in a tight race
Dennis Moore (Kan.) (Y) Retiring this year
Chris Murphy (Conn.) (Y) GOP target
Scott Murphy (N.Y.) (N) Reelection race looks good, for now
Richard Neal (Mass.) * (Y) Better vote yes if he wants to take Ways and Means gavel; fan of Stupak language
Glenn Nye (Va.) In toss-up race
Jim Oberstar (Minn.) * (Y) Wants to vote yes, but also wants Stupak language
David Obey (Wis.) * (Y) Waiting to review bill language; likely yes
Solomon Ortiz (Texas) * (Y) Was a late yes last time around
Bill Owens (N.Y.) (Y) One of first votes in Congress was yes on House health bill; media reports have him as undecided
Tom Perriello (Va.) * (Y) In toss-up race this fall; Pelosi had long talk with the Virginia Democrat on March 10 on the House floor
Earl Pomeroy (N.D.) * (Y) Voted against bill in committee, and for it on the House floor
Nick Rahall (W.Va.) * (Y) Another panel chairman on the fence
Ciro Rodriguez (Texas) * (Y) Considered by Cook Political Report to "likely" retain seat
Tim Ryan (Ohio) * (Y) Opposes abortion rights; voted for Stupak language
John Salazar (Colo.) * (Y) GOP target
Loretta Sanchez (Calif.) (Y) Was a late yes in November
Mark Schauer (Mich.) (Y) In tossup race this fall
Carol Shea-Porter (N.H.) (Y) In toss-up race, according to Cook Political Report
Heath Shuler (N.C.) * (N) Doesn't hold his tongue when he opposes Democratic leaders. Critic of reconciliation
Zack Space (Ohio) * (Y) Voted yes in committee and yes on the floor last year
John Spratt (S.C.) * (Y) Budget Committee chairman is in competitive reelection race
Bart Stupak (Mich.) * (Y) More optimistic about brokering a deal on abortion with House leaders, but time is running out
Betty Sutton (Ohio) (Y) GOP target
John Tanner (Tenn.) * (N) House deputy whip not running for reelection, but he still will need to be convinced to get to yes. Voted no in committee and on floor
Dina Titus (Nev.) (Y) One of three female House Democrats to vote no last November. She also voted no at committee level
Paul Tonko (N.Y.) (Y) Waiting for Congressional Budget Office numbers
Charlie Wilson (Ohio) * (Y) Considered less vulnerable this fall than other Ohio Democrats
David Wu (Ore.) (Y) Was undecided for three hours during 2003 Medicare drug vote, then voted with the GOP
John Yarmuth (Ky.) (Y) Considered a team player. Likely yes

* -- Voted for Stupak amendment in November
(Y) -- Voted yes in November
(N) -- Voted no in November

Note: Berry, Donnelly, Driehaus, Lipinski and Stupak said they will vote against the bill unless the Stupak language is adopted. Stupak has said a dozen lawmakers who voted for the House measure could change their votes based on the abortion provisions.

Honest Labor

My husband sent me this article - Honest Labor: From Mach 2 to Muenster to Madison - and it is a very uplifting and positive story about the rollercoaster that is life. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Round-Up 03-10

I think this is a terrific idea which reinforces America as a country of fellow citizens rather than a splintered hodge-podge of special interest groups. Send a message with the census: List your race as “American”

Pilgrims and Minutemen: Lessons for the Left from 1623 and 1776. We were Johnny-Come-Latelys to America, arriving 11 years later in 1634 (of course, that and a token gets you a ride on the subway).

Thomas Sowell - Artificial Stupidity


Is Arne Duncan’s new civil rights crusade unconstitutional?

Sen. Schumer’s Immigration Reform Is a National ID

Justice and the 'al Qaeda 7' Lawyers shouldn't be "demonized with impunity," says the New York Times. So why did the Times do just that?


Wisconsin AG charges five with election fraud, two from ACORN

Prosecutor says police dragging feet on voter fraud cases

ACORN Defends Voter Drive Despite Workers Being Charged With Fraud


Endgame Quagmired!

Sen. Inhofe: Basis for Senate's Ban on Drudge Report Was Bogus, We Encourage People to Visit Drudge

American Media, Blaming the ‘Right’: From Duranty and the KGB to Reuters

The obligatory “Dan Rather mumbles something about Obama and watermelons” clip

Justice and the 'al Qaeda 7' Lawyers shouldn't be "demonized with impunity," says the New York Times. So why did the Times do just that?


Examining the GreenJobsGate Emails: Obama Administration Takes Direction from Wind Lobby, Soros Group

I see the UN is doing its typical class act - Former Apartheid Spy Appointed to Head UN Climate Change Effort

Acknowledging Climate-Gate, U.N. to Announce Review of Climate Panel

Obama pushes senators for climate bill

GREENSCAM: Environmental Activism, or Just Laundering Money?

Obama pushes senators for climate bill

The True Meaning of ‘Go Green’

EPA Set to Give Ethanol a Big Boost?

Examining the GreenJobsGate Emails: Obama Administration Takes Direction from Wind Lobby, Soros Group. The Department of Energy's scientific conclusions were instigated — even dictated — by Big Wind's lobbyists and leftists. Read here for the timeline and the key figures involved. (Click here to read the emails and the FOIA request.)

Public input period for federal fishery strategy has ended

And thus the greatest culinary destination on the planet dies - New York Considers Legislation to Ban Salt in Restaurants

Hollywood Serves Up Food Elitism


I think this is a terrific idea which reinforces America as a country of fellow citizens rather than a splintered hodge-podge of special interest groups. Send a message with the census: List your race as “American”

Great TEA Party pictures - here

The Tea Party Spirit

Homeschooling vs. Howard Zinn. While the untrained homeschool dad teaches his kids about American history from authors who focus on facts, the trained, professional teacher educates students about how terrible America has been from its creation.

An American Obsession with Freedom

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 03-10

Why Obama Can't Move the Health-Care Numbers. For every voter who strongly favors the plan, two are strongly opposed.

Oh CRAP - Pelosi says House has votes for healthcare if vote were held today

Glimpse of our future - Patients' medical records go online without consent. Patients’ confidential medical records are being placed on a controversial NHS database without their knowledge, doctors’ leaders have warned

Oh my: 68% now oppose passing ObamaCare without Republican support

57% Predict Health Care Plan Will Hurt The Economy

I am increasingly glad I live in Virginia - Va OKs 1st bill banning mandated health coverage

Health-care reform's sickeningly sweet deals

PJTV Video (VodkaPundit) - Hair of the Dog: Dems Uphill Battle in Healthcare War
Who are the swing votes for ObamaCare? Why don't you give them a call, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

Guess Who's Coming to Your House? Hidden Dangers in Obamacare

Democrats' Latest Health Care Debacle -- Eric Massa's Departure

The Unkindest Cut

WTF - Nancy Pelosi: We Need to Pass Health Care Bill to Find Out What’s In It

Tea Partiers Scramble to Keep Up With Obama Health Care Blitz

Another tale of government-run health-care success

Haven't I been saying this all along? - Fix Medicare first — we already have health care, and it’s broken

What happened to Obama's middle path on health reform? What part of he lies are we having trouble with?

Parliamentary Hurdle Could Thwart Latest Health Care Overhaul Strategy

Eight Reasons Abortion Is in the Health Care Overhaul

Democrats will have to overcome a number of parliamentary and political pitfalls.

Lawmakers Beware! -- Health Care Is Just the Beginning For Tea Party Activists

How to Reform Health Care Without Killing Innovation

ObamaCare Means a Two-Tier Health Care System

Re: Hey Conservatives

Washington-Knows-Best the Wrong Approach to Health Care Reform

Repeal Obamacare? Unlikely

Then we need to twist back harder - Final 'reform' push: twisting arms

HA! - Can the Smoker in Chief really lead America in health care reform?

Medical malpractice back on the table?

In Economic Woes 03-10

Dodd-Corker Fed Bill May Contain Left-Wing "Shareholder" Power Grab

What's Best At Reducing Poverty? An Examination of the Effectiveness of the 2007 Minimum Wage Increase

If only financial reform really were funny

Highest, lowest state jobless rates at a glance

30 States Report Higher Unemployment in January

The Right to Work

Nice TPS Report reference - Ergo Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

What's Gross About Our Gross Domestic Product?

The Source of Obama’s Trouble

Federal Deficit Reaches Record High for February

IRS to Track Online Sellers' Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year

Too Late - Cash-Strapped Los Angeles Wary of Scaring Off Business

Job prospects from Obamanomics. Democrats are replacing full-time jobs with part-time temporary

Obama’s Pension Grab

The Coming Tax Rebellion. There is widespread understanding that the American people cannot win back control of their government until the federal tax system is either repaired or ripped out by the roots and replaced.

Obama’s New ‘Poverty’ Measurement. Setting a new national goal: class warfare.

I just have to ask why so scared? - Fed Audit Bitterly Opposed By Treasury

Gov. Pat Quinn budget proposal: Borrow $4.7 billion

Obama's America: The Rich are Getting Richer Well that's what happens when you combine class warfare with the suppression of new business development.

Amazon Hits Back at Colorado Web Sales Tax

Panel bans for-profit earmarks as Dems, GOP race toward reform

US Census Form Letter Promises ‘Fair Share’ of Federal Money

The Stimulus Bill’s Hidden Attack on What We Eat, Drink, and Smoke

Reassessing FHA Risk

I certainly feel like a chump thanks to the Boomers - Will Millennials become the chump generation?

O'Krugman's Keynesian Blarney

s This Reality or a Science Fiction Dystopia?

5 Reasons Why America Should Steer Clear of a National ID Card

Barney Frank wants financial reform on C-SPAN

Bad Politicians Bad 03-10

Obama and the L-Word. The president’s habit of telling untruths

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (Um, -21 Approval Index for Obama. OUCH)

Congressional Approval at Historic Lows

Unemployment Rate Needs to Rise in House, Senate

Reconciliation: Disdain For The Public, Disregard For Democracy

US Census Form Letter Promises ‘Fair Share’ of Federal Money

Rangel's Removal from Ways and Means Chairmanship Sparks Black Conservative Response

When Congressmen Behave Badly. David Scott (D-GA) is fighting a planned community garden in his neighborhood. Did we mention that the garden — and his house — are not in his district?

Ex-Detroit councilwoman gets 3 years for bribes

Reagan Versus Obama

An Obama Nominee and Disappearing Persons

No thanks to new 'Gang of 14'

California Tumbles Into The Sea

Please Sir, May I Have Some More? John Olver (MA-1), Earmark King


Dems are stuck with a mess of their own making

Unwelcome 'Help' from the Feds Pork Party House! Where DC Insiders Go for Tax-Subsidized Fun

Dog bites man - Our view on honesty in government: House ethics enforcers leave Congress mired in the muck

A Massa Dirty Laundry