Saturday, December 5, 2009

Political Corruption Round-Up 12-05

Baucus Scandal

The Black Caucus War Against Obama

Majority Now Sees Afghan Conflict As Obama’s War
CNN finds that Obama’s approval rating has slipped below 50% for the first time. It’s now at 48%, versus 50% who disapprove.

The Streams Haven't Crossed — Yet

Partisan Discrimination at the Election Assistance Commission

Aide: Baucus nominated girlfriend for fed post AND Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney

Political Correctness Kills

Homeland Security chairman faces ethics probe

House Democrat Facing Ethics Inquiry on Credit Cards

Rep. Issa: Obama's refusal to investigate 'Climategate' emails is 'unconscionable'

Obama Redeclares War. Can he fight and win without the support of his political base?

Non-Partisanship for Thee But Not For Me

Terror trial truth-telling: Rallying to keep 9/11 killers out of civilian courts

From The Washington Post (!) Obama the mortal

From Ken Blackwell - De-Fund Eric Holder's Manhattan Transfer

More judicial corruption in S.E. PA:

Former campaign manager of Shays pleads not guilty to embezzlement

Obama finds a less friendly Pennsylvania on his return

The Un-Bama

Hollywood: Land of Libertarianism

DBEDT Director Ted Liu Faces Serious Charges

Arlington mayor fires at Obama online

White House Hypocrisy on Executive Privilege

Media Corruption Round-Up 12-05

How media magicians have made $80 billion, the homeless, and a (thus far) marginal Christmas shopping season disappear.

Day Fourteen and Counting. Bozell Defends Networks’ Silence on ClimateGate: “Maybe They Just Don’t Know”

Why isn't the media writing about Climategate? ClimateGate Roundup: All the News Not Fit to Print

Coleman: Media Will Ignore Climategate Until They Hear ‘I Was Wrong’


The Demise of Newspapers: A Market Failure? I Don't Think So.

Big Government Media: CRA For News Organizations?

NBC Universal's Version of the Payday Loan Scam for Freelancers

Comcast-NBC Deal: Does the Merger’s Approval Rest on Health Care?

Where Obama Went Right: Afghanistan Decision Outrages MSNBC & Moore

Smearing Jews on British TV

A Tale of Two Presidents: How Media Treated Bush’s Unemployment #’s Compared to Obama’s

Tom Brokaw Involved In NYC Highway Crash. Former NBC Nightly News Anchor's Car Involved In Accident On Bruckner That Left One Person Dead, Another Injured

Critics Decry 'One-Sided' Media Coverage of Climate Change Debate

Memories of a paywall pioneer. Scott Rosenberg, former managing editor of US website, on the effects of its 2001 paywall experiment

Junk Science/Environmental Corruption 12-05

Scientists Behaving Badly

Competitive Enterprise Institute Petitions EPA to Suspend Proposed CO2 Regs

Carlin: Climategate Will Now Hit the EPA

Very Interesting Development - Met Office to re-examine 160 years of climate data

Take The Climate Change Survey.

ClimateGate Roundup: All the News Not Fit to Print

The End of the Line for Climate Hysteria?

From Rasmussen - Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming

Bellamy: Twenty-Eight Years on TV, Then Blackballed for Challenging AGW

Arnold Schwarzenegger unveils dramatic climate change map which shows flooded San Francisco of the future Presumably this map comes from the CRU.

Rep. Issa: Obama's refusal to investigate 'Climategate' emails is 'unconscionable'

Scientists Behaving Badly

The Big Question: Does 'climate-gate' matter politically?

In e-mails, science of warming is hot debate. Stolen files of 'Climate-gate' suggest some viewpoints on change are disregarded

Chasing Obama AND Obama Changes Copenhagen Plans, Invites Huge Failure, Again

Government and greenhouse gas regulation

UN body wants probe of climate e-mail row

Obama hosts a job summit while his EPA kills jobs

Phil Jones accused of making error of judgment by colleague

Gore cancels climate conference event

Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate

Al Gore: Fraud, Scaredy Cat

Copenhagen targets not tough enough, says Al Gore

Gore Wrong on Snows of Kilimanjaro

Is James Hansen the ClimateGate Leaker?

Obesity May Wipe Out Benefit of Anti-Smoking Effort, Study Says

The fifth commandment

Assessing Pre-Blame for Climate-Change Summit

Climate Change Skeptic, Morano vs. Believer, Balog

Climate Scientist: Time For More Transparency

A Few Good Scientists. You want the truth? You can't understand the truth!

Climategate – it ain’t just about the weather

Planet Gore is ablaze talking about Climategate. Check it out.

An energy answer in the shale below? New technology opens vast stores of natural gas, and the land rush is on

Climate change protesters take to London streets

Reality Check on China

8 Extreme Solutions to Global Warming

More Questionable Science Driving Legislation

NASA hiding climate data

Obama science advisers grilled over hacked e-mails

Obama Shifts Copenhagen Visit Date as Agreement Seems Likely

India will not sign binding emission cuts-minister

Obama Ignores 'Climate-Gate' in Revising Copenhagen Plans

Kerry: U.S. moving too slowly on climate

Gropenhagan Conference.

In Economic Woes 12-05

Quarter of borrowers in anti-foreclosure plan are behind

How Ignorant and Misguided Can Charles Schumer Be? About as ignorant, misguided and stupid as Boxer, I'd imagine.

Not gonna happen, no matter how much it should. Rob Portman calls for payroll tax holiday

Questions Raised By Flawed Stimulus Job Figures

Job creation requires certainty, not government action

Obama’s Jobs Summit: The Invisible Hand of SEIU and ACORN

NYC’s Off-Track-Betting Seeks Bankruptcy Protection (Update1)

Unpacking the Job Numbers, Roadblocks for Bernanke, and the Future of Mainstream Media

Wow – Back to 10%?

Krauthammer's Take

Bank failure tally reaches 130. Regulators shutter Cleveland-based AmTrust Bank, and five other banks. Closures will cost the FDIC $2.384 billion.

Ann Althouse on Obama's people attempting to Manage the Decline

Examining the Jobs Report

Cut Taxes To Create Jobs

The $700 billion man

Ryan, Cantor On Obama's T.A.R.P. Temptation

The Jobs Picture Crashes Into Debt Realities

You're Welcome, Canada

House Passes New Death Tax Legislation

When Democrats Say 'Jobs,' They Really Mean 'Tax,' Republicans Say

Who Creates Jobs?


Job Woes Hit Blue States Hardest, Spelling Trouble for Democrats

Does the Jobs Report 'Hide the Decline'?

Talk Is Cheap, Mr. President, Where are the Jobs?

Fess Up, Ben

Will the Supreme Court Free Us From the Scourge of Sarbanes-Oxley?

CBO: Financial overhaul would hike deficit by $4.5 billion

Listen to the People Who Create Jobs, Mr. President

Bank lobby lashes out at credit unions

Obama promises to unveil job-creation ideas next week

Gifts and the Knowledge Problem

Drop in the Bucket

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 12-05

I (heart) Joe Lieberman! No Way, No How, to the Public Option. The Connecticut senator, free of partisan loyalties, has a pivotal role in the health-care debate.

Healthcare reform allows government to 'mandate new standards'

Another health care earmark for trial lawyers

Abortion battle could derail health bill

SEIU’s Pay-to-Play Politics Key to Understanding its Salivation Over ObamaCare

I thought it was because they see nationalized healthcare as a lever to crack open America for socialism. Silly me. Why Dems Are Obsessed by Health Reform. They believe the liberal base expects them to deliver and will punish them if they don't.

Dodd, Mikulski join Brown effort on GOP healthcare amendment

Gambling With American Medicine

Senate's Progress on Health Care Bill Grinds to Halt Over Democratic Divisions

The Scandal of Government Health Care: An Introduction to Dr. Anna Chacko

Health Reform Could Harm Medicaid Patients. A vast expansion of the program will impose unsustainable costs on treatment centers.

Gambling With American Medicine

GOP cautions Obama against climate commitment

Political Correctness Kills

In panic over jobs, Dems detour from health care

Weekend finds senators bickering over health care

Glimpse of Our Future - Government Takes Boy From Parents Who Refuse to Give Him Sweets

"An Animal Would Have Been Treated with More Compassion"

Who wants this health care "reform"?

Senators Bicker Over Health Care in Rare Weekend Session

The Wrong Operation for What Is Ailing Us

Senate's Long-Term Care Vote Exposes Dem Divides

The Aging Generation of "Choice"

Both sides come out fighting on day one of the Senate debate on healthcare reform

Obama will try to rally Senate Dems on healthcare Sunday

Weekend finds senators bickering over health care

Corruption Daily Round-Up 12-05


My uncle was a police officer so I don't appreciate this news at all. The war on cops is getting worse

Have Yourself a Godless Little Christmas
The Iranian Time Bombs

“The Nation” magazine’s Eric Alterman: Bad for Our Nation, Bad for Liberalism, and Bad for the Jews

Upcoming SCOTUS Case—Making Almost Everything a Federal Crime

Hanukah Guilt

ADL Report Smears Tea Party Conservatives

Mission Impossible

Arab Leader Aims to Hold Obama's Feet to the Fire

The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama

Marriage vs. the Nanny State

Desert Mirage

Plundering California

Standing Up to the Terror Trials

Public support for torture at five-year high


SEIU’s Pay-to-Play Politics Key to Understanding its Salivation Over ObamaCare

Obama’s Jobs Summit: The Invisible Hand of SEIU and ACORN

Filibustering to Preserve the Constitution And fight ACORN supporters.


Democracy wins in Honduras AND What I Saw at the Honduran Election

Join in a worldwide celebration of the winning ideas of freedom.

TEA Party Protest of Pelosi in Irving CA

Tonight’s Pelosi Protest Report from Capitalist Hero W.C.Varones

PalinTracker: Accent Explained, Dining with Graham, Going Birther?

Looking for the Right Christmas Gift?

Taking the Tenth

Obama Fields Prostitution Question During Economic Town Hall

Friday, December 4, 2009

General Round-Up 12-04

Sen. Boxer and ClimateGate: The Terror of Tiny Town Boxer is bad. Like life in the Dark Ages, she is nasty, brutish, and short. Oh, and she has no sophistication or elegance. In short, she is a useless human being.

Obama finds a less friendly Pennsylvania on his return

Obama’s Labor Department Gives Big Labor and Its Front Groups Another Gift

Dems Need a Midcourse Correction

A Lobbyist By Any Other Name: SEIU and the Obama White House

Original intent and the White House Social Secretary

Black Unemployment Reaches Great Depression Levels

Obama Job Summit: Another Manufacturer Opts Out of U.S.A.

I HATE Eminent Domain - Threat of Eminent Domain Hangs in the Air Over Minnesota Wind Power Project

ClimateGate: So, where’s the “Oh, Snap!” Email?

Climategate Spreading to NASA?

ClimateGate: What, No ‘Raise Your Right Hand’ Photo-Op?

HCAN = SEIU = ACORN = Community Organizers = Bullies

Congressman Nadler Defends ACORN, Again

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 3: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten And by Whom

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 4: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten And by Whom

A Lobbyist By Any Other Name: SEIU and the Obama White House

Congressional Forum on ACORN

The Perils of Health Care Cost Control

Bad Health Reform Could Limit Your Access to Life-Saving Drugs

McCain Urges Seniors to Abandon AARP

Glimpse of Our Future? - U.K. Cancer Death Rate Is 38% Higher Than In U.S.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Regular Posting To Resume

I am sorry for the interuption. My husband is better and (hopefully) getting better. I will try to resume regular posting tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Husband Now In Hospital

Husband Down

Husband is violently ill. Light posting today if at all. Sorry.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Love My State

Va. growers donate Christmas trees to troops
Virginia growers are donating hundreds of Christmas trees to military members and their families.

The Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association says about 700 trees are expected to be shipped this week to Fort Hood in Texas and Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico.

The 2009 Trees for Troops program is sponsored by the growers association, the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and FedEx Corp.

If you want to make Christmas a little better for our Soldiers, below is a list of charities taking donations.

Soldier's Angels

Support Our Troops (which offers a HUGE list of donation possibilities from which helps Veterans and the families of the Fallen.

Round Two Junk Science/Environmental Round-Up 12-01

Climategate and Scientific Conduct

Climategate: Imminent Demise of Glaciers Due to … a Typo!

Study Finds Ozone Hole Repair Contributes To Global Warming, Sea Ice Melt

Document Reveals U.N.'s Goal of Becoming Rule-Maker in Global Environmental Talks

Drill, Baby, Drill - Canada: Rogue State

Peer Pressure

Climategate: Central Figure in Scandal Asked to Step Down AND from Fox News - Facing Scandal, Head of Climate Research Lab to Temporarily Step Down

Climate e-mails topple Australian opposition leader

ALAPALOOZA - Would you pay to shake his hand? Eeew!

From Christopher Booker - Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with the Climategate whitewash, says Christopher Booker.

EPA signals approval of higher-ethanol gas

Taking the private jet to Copenhagen

Especially if all the raw data was "lost" - Global Warming Scandal Makes Scientific Progress More Difficult, Experts Say

A Washingtonian's guide to Copenhagen

California’s Regulatory Fantasyland: Brass and Lead Edition

Britain R.I.P.

(This makes me so sad. Posted by my husband over at NRO)
As of today, the Lisbon Treaty comes into force in Europe and Britain becomes just a province of that supranational authority. Richard North sums it up:
From today, as the Lisbon treaty comes into force, we are no longer masters in our own house. Our prime minister, as a member of the European Council, is obligated under this new treaty to promote the aims and objectives of the European Union, over and above those of the UK, and is bound by the rules of the Union.

Of course, this will make no immediate difference. It simply renders de jure what has been de facto for several decades, but the coming into force of the treaty marks an important symbolic turning point. We are no longer an independent country, de jure. Our prime minister and his government are now working for an alien government, based in Brussels.

+Cranmer has more.

Free Shipping Cut-Off Dates

Thank you Instapundit.

Below is a link to a website that tells you when a site's free shipping offer will end this holiday season and how much you might have to spend to get the "free" shipping.

Fine print: Holiday free-shipping deals vary widely

In Economic Woes 12-01

Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

CBO report: Stimulus package saved or created as many as 1.6 million jobs Doesn't the phrase "save or created" make this report immediately suspect?

Upcoming SCOTUS Case—Can Judges Take Your Property?

Why the U.S. may have a long-term unemployment problem. Please God NO.

Watchdog Group: Chrysler’s Fire Sale Funded On the Backs of Cash-Strapped Taxpayers AND Study: Every GM Vehicle Sold Costs Taxpayers $12,200

Despite a hugely profitable year, Goldman Sachs has lost its Midas touch as the premier investment bank. Charlie Gasparino on how the competition caught up and what its future holds.

Taxpayers Support the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act

Pork Report November 30, 2009: Stimulus Snafus Edition

Of Government and 10.2 Percent Unemployment

Larry Summers: His Genius Can't Be Measured In Dollars

AIG reduces government borrowings by $25 billion. But why are they still allowed to borrow in the first place?

President's Tax Reform Task Force to Miss Dec. 4 Deadline to Issue Report

Hey, me too! Angela Merkel alarmed by worsening credit crisis

Gee, do you think trade protectionism and undervalued currencies are related?

Lobbyists reconsidering lavish holiday parties due to concerns over recession Poor things. HA!

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 12-01

Grow a Spine GOP! Senate GOP Fights Against Obamacare by Embracing Medicare Just. Say. NO!

Left Destroys More than It Creates

Health bills fail to block illegals from coverage

Health Care Double Speak

The Constitution: There's Nothing It Can't Do! Here's the rub. How can Pelosi claim the "interstate commerce" clause when insurance companies CAN COMPETE INTERSTATE?

Glimpse of Our Future? - Britain Investigates Deaths in Government Hospitals AND Investigation into NHS deaths after hospital scandals

They Call It Fiscal Responsibility; We Call It Socialism

Senate health plan would raise some premiums: CBO

The Health Care Fade

Debatable Health Care Bill

The Abortion Wars Heat Up

Health-Care Mandate Wouldn't Be Equitable

From Forbes - Running On Empty. The auto bailouts didn't benefit us. Here's why a public option won't either.

Taxpayer Group Condemns Senate for Moving Forward with Massive Government-Run Health Care Bill

Ten Reasons Public Won't Buy Senate Health Care Plan

A picture can be worth 2,000 pages

Majority of Americans Oppose Abortion Funding

Making Palin the Grinch Who Stole Healthmas

Obama's Health Care Endgame

Shopping for insurance

HHS would become federal giant under Senate plan

Long, bitter debate ahead for health care bill

Threat of reconciliation hovers over centrist Democrats on healthcare

ACORN/Big Union Corruption Round-Up 12-01

Something Rotten in River City: The Gladney Beating and a Prosecutor’s Political Application of the Law

See For Yourself - ACORN Video Investigation Resources

Napolitano: Holder’s Justice Department Should Prosecute SEIU Thugs for Gladney Beating

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 2: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten And by Whom

Junk Science/Environmental Corruption 12-01

The Fraud Is Everywhere: SUNY Albany and Queens University Belfast Join Climategate

Finally an equation even an environmentalist can understand - No data = no science

Of course they do. - Warmists Give Climategate the Cold Shoulder The guys in this video are from CEI, the outfit my husband works for! They ask environmentalist what they think about the CRU scandal and the greenies are circling the wagon.

BPA: The Tangled Web of Green

Climategate’s ‘Josh Steiner’ Moment, Featuring John Tierney and Michael Mann

Amen to that - Scientists Need Ethics Training and Anger Management

Global Warming 101

He also has something he wants to show you back in his office. Bill Clinton: “Global Warming Could Make Some Places Colder”(Video)

Hacking the Climate Debate

Ask Not for Whom the Tree Rings . . .

Something in the Water Is Feminizing Male Fish. Are We Next? AND What Do 'Intersex' Fish Mean for Water Quality? The answer is the excess estrogen women who take birth control pills urinate into the water system. My husband's book, The Really Inconvenient Truths covers this issue in detail in Chapter Three (sample here) and explains why environmentalists are desperate to blame pesticides rather than bcp because they are also dedicated to reducing the human population for which they need The Pill.

Bellesiles & Climategate

It's The Data, Stupid Cont'd

Something UN Could Devote More Energy To AND my husband's response to Jonah - Re: Something the U.N. Could Devote More Energy To

Groupthink and the global warming industry

When Do We Get to Read the Rest of the UN Emails on Climate Change?

Climategate: The White House Stonewalls with Stupidity

Denying the global-cooling cover-up. Obama team puts politics above science on climate

No Hole in the Blogosphere: Tracking Climate-Gate

High Price, Low Return

In Depth coverage of Copenhagan and Environmental issues from The Financial Times, here. (Warning - you may need a subscription)

But you don't need a subscription here - Climategate Document Database from PJTV/Pajamas Media

The Inquisition of Global Warming

Corruption Daily Round-Up 12-01


Howard Dean Declares Debate Between Capitalism and Socialism to Be Over - VIDEO I especially like the last bit where he says the democrats are now on "permanent campaign" (oh goody) and America is becoming more like Europe. Ugh.

A New Alliance for Criminal Justice Reform? Don't Count On It.

Mad As Hell
If you were a Congressman, these numbers would make you tremble: Scott Rasmussen finds that an astonishing 71 percent of voters describe themselves as angry at the current policies of the federal government. That's up five percent since September. A plurality of 46 percent say they are "very angry" at the federal government. That's up 10 percent since September.

Not surprisingly, voters continue to reject the Democrats' health care proposals by, currently, 53-41 percent.

And, while the Republicans have not been able to take advantage of voter disenchantment with the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats as effectively as they might, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight of ten issues, including the economy (48-36), taxes (47-36) and national security (50-37).

The Democrats have less than a year to turn those attitudes around. Currently, voters' negative views of the Democrats are hardening, not softening.
Embedded links available if you follow link above. AND here - Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low

Your Tax dollars at work - Nancy Pelosi spends $2,993 on flowers. The only person more scummy than Pelosi is Boxer. That woman is a waste of skin.

Is Obama another Mr. Spock?

Obama keeps his Afghan promise, but Dems crumble

Hey Obama, Remember When You Voted Against Troop-Funding For Iraq & Afghanistan?

They Call It Fiscal Responsibility; We Call It Socialism

O's Window Dressing

De-Fund Holder’s Manhattan Transfer

Hamlet as War President OR if you prefer history to drama Barack and the Buchanan Precedent

PROMISES, PROMISES: Friday is still WH 'trash day'

Terror by Trial Lawyer. Arlen Specter would make it easier for terrorists to sue.

Why Won't We Face Iran's Evil?

Collective Neurosis in Maine: Big Government Bad, We Need Gargantuan Government

Five More Amateur Mistakes By the Obama Administration

Great, first he refuses to allow the USPS to deliver Santa's letters, now he's usurping the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Barack Obama > Charlie Brown

Obama: King of All Statists

Chuck Norris - Our Commander in Chief's Christmas Crisis


New Tape Shows Terror Training on U.S. Soil

The Danger Signs of Terror

Excellent post on the necessity of shame/stigma for a healthy functioning civil society. What's Stigmata With You? Heavily linked.

Gatecrash Update - While I do not approve of anything that puts a United States President in jeopardy, I do kinda admire the chutzpah of these folks. Still, they probably broke the law.

Shhh, Thomas Sowell is speaking - Random Thoughts

Left Destroys More than It Creates

Targeting pro-lifers

Where Are the Men?


Because their fight with Fox News went so well? The White House Takes On Politico

I don't have a dog in this fight - NSFW vs. SFW: Sex, Arianna, and the Future of Journalism!


Climategate’s ‘Josh Steiner’ Moment, Featuring John Tierney and Michael Mann Remember the Clinton aide who testified that he lied to his own diary? The latest from Michael Mann and the NY Times may top that.

FTC explores future of journalism in Internet age

Media Misses Mark On Health Care -- Again


"Tea Party: The Documentary Film” to Premiere on December 2nd

Movement under way in California to ban divorce. Good. Divorce should be hard.

Sarah Palin's Governing Philosophy Emerges In "Going Rogue"
Palin not only has a keen grasp of the details of governing and budgeting, she also understands the political difficulties inherent in making government responsive. Many of her antagonists at the national level scoffed at the notion that her experience in Wasilla was of any value. Quite the contrary, local government is where a public official's decisions have the most direct impact on the electorate. It's where you really have to understand the ins and outs of what you're doing.

Kids as "young adults"

The Honduran Elections: Persistent Courage Trumps Attempted Tyranny

With Kittens! (Thank You Glenn)

Is God Making A Cultural Comeback?

Sarah Palin Stars as Heroine in New Children's Book

Why Define Yourself Down

In my life I have met, befriended, worked with, and loved people from all walks of life, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, etc., etc. And the thing they all had in common was kindness, innate good sense, and decency.

We didn't necessarily agree on deep subjects like religion, art, or politics but we shared mutual respect for one another and acceptance.

Which is why I am constantly puzzled by folks who feel the need to define themselves down to a physical attribute like the color of their skin or how they use their genitalia.

Good Lord. Why would you do that? You are a human being and what does it matter if your skin is light or dark? If your eyes are shaped a particular way? Or if you prefer men to women (or vice versa).

Any why do some folks insist on telling me their sexual preferences as a way of identifying themselves. I don't care what happens in the privacy of your own bedroom so long as it occurs between consenting adults. Sexual predators like pedophiles and real deviants like Sado-masochists - well those people are just wrong.

But if you're a decent human being who tries their best to be good, doesn't break any laws, and engages in loving relationships, then I do NOT care what happens in your bedroom.

And I do NOT care that you have a different ethnicity or different religion or different income or different education or different anything. The only think I care about, that anyone should EVER care about is if you are a kind, courteous and decent law-abiding person. Everything else is just an accident of the human condition.

So those who want to be Hyphenated Americans or want to be defined by what's in their pants, go right ahead but, in my humble opinion, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Your real value is who you are, not what you are.

Yet never forget that here in America you can be different without real fear. That it is against the law to murder a daughter because she wants to marry outside her religion. That you can not stone a homosexual to death. That you can have the faith you want, the number of children you want, the life you want. America may not be perfect (nothing is) but it is still the freest place on Earth.

I just had to get that off my chest. Cheers.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Round-Up 11-30

Two from my husband - Re: A Possible Turning Point

And - Climategate: Where Are We? (He's done a pretty good overview job here.)

Climate-Gate E-Mails Released by Whistleblower, Not Hacker

Barack abandons the young: The President's policies hurt the generation that put him in office

The Unmasking of Barack Obama

Anatomy of a Beat-Down Part 1: Why Kenneth Gladney Was Beaten, And by Whom

The Consent of the Governed

Moore's "Capitalism"

VodkaPundit's Hair of the Dog - Couric Gets Down & Being President Is Hard

A word of homage to Chris Muir

Base Clamors for More Immigration Talk

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

Robert Knight: An Unhealthy Government Track Record

St. Louis County Prosecutors Never Checked Gladney Hospital Records

Something Globally Rotten In The State of Denmark

Climategate Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

No ‘Honor’in Honor Killings. Defend Honor Killings idiots-who-support-moral-relevancy.

Ugh. Cash For Clunkers: The Return

Stimulus grant for Calif jobless system questioned

White House Still Believes - Gibbs: Despite research dispute, 'climate change is happening' AND Gibbs On Climategate: "There's No Real Scientific Basis" Refuting Global Warming

Say Anything: Obama Heads to Copenhagen

Senate Health Bill Would Increase Premiums for Some, Report Says

New CBO Analysis Shows Higher Premiums Under Democrat Bill

40 Percent of Democrats Say They Won't Vote In 2010

Climategate Document Database from PJTV/Pajamas Media

Boy Finds Own Real-Life E.T.

From The Devil's Kitchen

CRUdGate - Why this can't be swept under the carpet
Firstly, we must understand how the whole thing hangs together, because the edifice of AGW is very definitely not just pure science, boffins in white coats in labs and so forth. It spans the whole gamut from real pure science, through the applied sciences and Engineering, passing through economics and finally ending up in the dark arts of Politics and Diplomacy. That's a lot to take in, so I have created a handy diagram that explains. Never let it be said that your polymathematic Pedant-General makes you do the hard work.

Below is how the very clever folks at The Devil's Kitchen "explain" the process....


“There’s A Czar For That.”

I Love Stories Like These

Where someone does good for a complete stranger in order to enjoy the pure bliss of giving.

Wrong Number Miracle
Mom was going to miss mortgage payment if she sent daughter money

We should all be grateful that people like Virginia Saenz. God Bless Her.

Political Corruption Round-Up 11-30

Why is Barack Obama So Dead-Set Against Gay Rights?

That presumes he's interested in our economic well-being. Note to Obama: Only Private Sector Creates Wealth, Jobs

Eric Holder Won’t Investigate His Radical Friends at ACORN. That Holder is a class-act. AND The Obama-Holder Justice Department turns a blind eye to ACORN

7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told

Empty Suit. Always was. Always will be. Time to Pass The Buck and Start Pointing Fingers: Obama Living Up to His Absentee Legislator Past

The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama. A foreign policy of penance has won America no friends.

The $300 million Louisiana purchase

Lawmakers Probe Science Czar Holdren’s Links to Climategate

Democrats Created the "Wedge" That May Defeat Them

Pollster Says ‘Throw the Bums Out’ Sentiment Brewing for 2010

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 11-30

Health bills fail to block illegals from coverage

From Rasmussen - Health Care Reform. 41% Support Health Care Legislation, 53% Oppose
ObamaCare: Let the Rationing Begin. I especially like the part were this panel that made the mammogram recommendation does not have a single oncologist on it.

Fighting a smarter war on cancer

Great. Lawmakers miss key deadline on renewal of federal COBRA subsidy

The $300 million Louisiana purchase

Americans Still Leaning Against Healthcare Legislation

Gallup: Opposition to ObamaCare almost at majority … of adults

Glimpse of Our Future? 10,000 Unnecessary Cancer Deaths (in Britain)

Nicholas Kristoff, Obamacare, and the Broken Window Fallacy

Obamacare To Hike State Taxes

Reid faces more pressure from unions on healthcare reform

Democrats Try to Hold Together as Health Care Debate Begins in Senate