Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Like Michelle Malkin

And I think she is absolutely correct here.

Parker Watch Update

When it comes to Sarah Palin, Kathleen Parker is still an idiot.

Vile Man

Why people wear Che t-shirts has always been beyond me. Would they also wear Hitler t-shirts? Because the two gentleman had a lot more in common than most people know.

Except this fellow, Mark Goldblatt, and his take on the upcoming movie on Che coming out in January.

Quote I like best?....

Indeed, one of the ongoing mysteries of American popular culture is why Communism is merchandised more often and more effectively than Nazism or Islamism. Is it just a matter of public relations? Why does an obsessive Nazi-hunter like Simon Wiesenthal get positive press while an obssessive Communist-hunter like Joe McCarthy is vilified? Why is Marxist Theory, with its alternative view of individual versus collective rights, an accepted academic discipline — but Sharia Theory, with its alternative view of female empowerment, an insult to women?

The truth of the matter is that Nazism, Islamism, and Communism are all totalitarian movements. All three stand in direct opposition to Enlightenment values of religious tolerance and rational inquiry. All three seek to exterminate whoever stands in their way. Nazism justifies its genocide in the name of racial purity. Islamism, in the name of spiritual purity. Communism, in the name of socio-economic purity.

One way or another, the shallow graves get filled.

I'm a little worried for Kevin

But I think his article here is very interesting and worth a perusal.

His "interest" in Miss Manners and librarians is my chief concern.

My Money is on The Fish

Jonah Goldberg has a brilliant article up exposing the hypocracy of the liberal elites by comparing and contrasting the media and elite's treatment of Caroline Kennady vs. Sarah Palin.

His last line sums it up but read the whole thing.

Whatever Palin’s faults, Sarah Barracuda’s America has a lot more going for it than Sweet Caroline’s.

Sorry Santa, I Still Say No to Bailouts!

I'm quoting this in full because it's just that good.

Kringle, Elf Union leaders present draft bailout plan (Iowahawk Photo)

WASHINGTON - Flanked by officials from the United Elf Toytinkerers union, SantaCorp CEO Kris Kringle today told the House Ways and Means Committee that without immediate government financial help, his firm would be forced to declare bankruptcy, lay off thousands of elves and reindeer, and potentially cancel its annual worldwide Christmas Eve toy delivery.

"These are grim economic times for everyone, but even more so for non-profit toy manufacturers in the Snow Belt," said Kringle. "Our accountants have indicated that we are on track to exhaust our reserves of cash and magical pixie fairydust by December 23. Oh deary me."

Kringle and UET union president Binky McGiggles presented a draft emergency bailout plan to the committee calling for US $18 trillion in federal grants, loan guarantees, and sugarplum gumdrops that they said would keep the company solvent through December 26.

"We believe this proposal shows that management and labor can work together to craft a reasonable, financially responsible short-term survival plan," said McGiggles. "After the new Congress is seated in January, we would be happy to return to present a long-term package to get us through April."

Kringle warned that failure to approve the plan would have dire global economic consequences.

"Oh goodness," said an emotional Kringle, fumbling with his glasses, "think of all the children who will wake up sad and angry and confused on Christmas morning, with nothing in their stockings. Let's just say I wouldn't want to be their parents. Or a someone answering your switchboards on December 26."

SantaCorp, which lost over $2 trillion in FY 2007, has seen a steady erosion in market share and profitability over the last five years. Industry analysts say that its precarious position is due to a number of factors.

"You might say it's a perfect snowstorm," said Merrill Lynch analyst Jennifer Rothstein. "The youth consumer market is demanding more for less, at a time when the government and courts have forced SantaCorp to lower its 'good list' credit rating standards. They face increased non-union competition from the East Pole, and huge increases in fuel prices for magical reindeer flying hay. It's a hard sell for the investment community."

Veteran market watcher Charles Kessler of ToyWeek said SantaCorp's labor cost structure was a significant factor in its recent struggles.

"After the 1982 strike SantaCorp offered the UET a generous pension plan promising free lifetime candy canes and unicorns," explained Kessler. "It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the company accountants forgot to factor in elf immortality."

Despite the dire picture painted by Kringle and union officials, they encountered skeptical questioning from some committee members. Several members slammed the SantaCorp officials for flying to the hearing on a private luxury sleigh, while others openly questioned the company's business model.

"Almost every business in my district has had to adjust to the new economic climate, but SantaCorp seems to believe it can continue with the same old profligate giveaway business-as-usual," said Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). "I'm sorry for your situation, but it is difficult to justify giving trillions of US taxpayer dollars to a private company that is outmoded, headquartered offshore, and, frankly, imaginary."

Kringle defended the company's business practices and his reported 4 billion cookie annual salary, saying that the company was "doing the best we can under trying circumstances." He also blamed the company's struggles in part on federal environmental and safety regulations.

"Frankly the amount of paperwork you require is astronomical," said Kringle. "OSHA inspections and reporting requirements have doubled our factory production cycle, and every time I tramp a little fireplace soot into a living room I have to fill out three separate EPA environmental impact reports."

Kringle also urged the committee to enact industry tort protections, saying that the company remained saddled with crushing legal and insurance bills following the landmark 1974 class action liability case Nader v. Jarts, Clackers, SantaCorp, et al.

UET President McGiggles warned that failure to pass a bailout package would have dire social consequences.

"All of you have seen the bleak pictures of how plant layoffs have already effected ToyTown -- the boarded-up gingerbread houses covered in frosting grafitti, the abandoned sleighs up on blocks, the widespread crime and sucrose abuse, the antler-wielding gangs of unemployed reindeer yearlings," said McGiggles. "That is only a hint of what is to come if the plant shuts down. If you think an industry bailout is expensive, well, just consider the cost of a full-scale violent rioting by millions of desperate unemployed elves, with warehouses full of surplus BB guns."

House Ways and Means committee chairman Charles Rangel (D-New York) motioned to end the hearings, saying that with only 7 bailout shopping days before Christmas the committee needed to move on to other industries facing emergency financial crises.

"The American economy and Christmas itself stand on the edge of disaster, It's time for my colleagues show we are good boys and girls," said Rangel, who is reported to have received over $6 million in campaign contributions from SantaCorp and the UET over the last two years.

A full House vote on the SantaCorp is scheduled Friday morning, where it is expected to pass by a comfortable margin. President Bush has pledged to sign any and all bailout request from Congress until the end of his term, "no queshnions ast."

"I want to insurer the American People and the evil doers that I and the Crongress and the Hankster [Treasury Sec. Paulsen] and Big Ben [possibly Fed Chair Bernanke] and [unintelligible] and me are unineted together to approve the financial aid and regulations and federal takeovers to get our American free ennerpise system back on track," said the President, speaking from inside his new shoe-proof plexiglas enclosure.

In concluding the hearings, Rangel gave the SantaCorp officials a personal vote of confidence.

"We believe in you, Santa," said Rangel, handing Kringle what appeared to be a list. "As long as you continue to believe in us."

Men are Important

Just as good fathers are vital to the raising of strong healthy children, so too are men in general as this article attests.

Some where along the way, men got marginalize and it is, quite frankly, time that stopped.

Democrats & Corruption

Looks like Obama will be hobbled by the antics of certain corrupt democrats...

Handbagging The Economy

Margaret Thatcher is a righteous kick-ass babe on the economy and everything else.

Apparently the Wall Street Journal agrees.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gotta Love This Letter

Even though Grover Norquest stole the bottle of wine from an empty table at an AEI Annual Dinner that I wanted to steal, I've always had great respect for the man and his work.

I now have even greater respect, as will you I am sure when you read this letter to the President of the United States of America.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keep the Ban

I think they should keep this ban going. It's traditional and correct.

There is no substitute for butter.

Oh My Goodness

There itty bitty, teeny tiny little animals are too adorable for words. A must see!

Also, I really NEED a baby pygmy marmoset. They have them at the Zoo, and we went there once and they pygmy marmosets had babies and they were so cute and Iain couldn't get me away from the cage for half an hour. And I really, really need a baby pygmy marmoset. I promise I'll take care of it. I'll feed it and love it and clean it and love it.

I just need a baby pygmy marmoset so bad.

I want. I want. I need. I need.

I am in trouble

My daughter is already annoyed with me when I tell her people eat guinea pigs.

I would be in soooo much trouble if I pointed this out to her.

Sometimes, it is important for mommy to be wrong.

Pocket Guide For Smarty-Pants

Just keep this link handy the next time someone starts spouting off inanities.

Hey, why are you standing so close to me?

The Simpsons Rule

Because science taught by cartoon characters is always way more fun.

This is just a cute little link to some of the science highlights of The Simpsons.

And since we are a very pro-Simpson household (can't remember the last time I got through a week without at least 7 Simpson references - minimum), I just had to post this.


At all the pretty clouds.

Just scroll down to see the pictures.

I like the swiss cheese look. You know, if anyone tried to paint these, it would just look fake.

Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All

Apparently "researchers" want to know exactly what sharks and rays think about Christmas music.

Yup, that's why I graduated from college.

Media Corrections of 2008

This is hilarious. I totally got sucked in.

Check it out but be careful or you'll be at this site for a long time.



I'm just glad the newborn is okay.


This man is an ass and I'm glad the courts showed good sense in denying his appeal.


Freaking Motherhood

Let's just state that this article pretty much sums it up for me.

Yes, mother's over-react to stuff. It's our JOB. We're mothers. Our job is to keep you alive, happy, and healthy until you become independent adults. And then we worry about you getting married and giving us grandchildren.

It is what we are supposed to do.

I have a very strong belief that if you did a CAT scan of a woman, before, during and after a pregnancy, you would see actual architectural changes in her brain.

I am still me but I got rewired while pregnant. My sense of smell is obnoxious (ask my husband). I can hear pins and toys drop on carpet two floors away. I know what my kids are doing without turning my head. I call this my "mom antenna" and I apparently grew it sometime in the eighth month of my first pregnancy.

At any rate, that article is pretty on the money.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Other Kid On A Swing

My kid on a swing

A Look Back At Bush

John O'Sullivan is a marvelous man. And so is this article of his about George W. Bush and compassionate conservatism. I wasn't entirely prepared to agree with it, but I ended up doing so. John's intelligence and wit has that effect on folks.

God in Government

As this article points out, our Presidential Oath ends with "so help me God" and it is an important reminder that separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church, NOT the church out of the state.

A moment of silence imposes upon no one but gives us a chance to ponder the importance of the moment, event, or school day. On inauguration day, an oath before the American people should also be under God.

Scathing as Usual

Michelle Malkin nails it with The Real Housewives of Crook County. When she calls someone a Dragon Lady, you'd better duck because the fur coats are flying.

Go Patrick Go

Bryon York thinks prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald isn't going to stop with Blago and Team Obama is at risk.

Read for yourself his compelling argument.

Hat Tip to Jonah Golberg

This video of a tumbleweed vortex from Mr. Goldberg is really kinda cool.

Criminal Review

Top 20 Mug shots of 2008.

We got a lotta class acts this year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My To Do List

Gifts for family, friends, teachers, etc. (still shopping a bit)

200+ Christmas cards to nearly every continent on earth (done)

Actively Celebrate Special Days During Advent (doing)

24 individual pumpkin pies (done)
24 cupcakes (need to do)
5 different cookies (several batches each) (doing)
Popcorn balls (need to do)
Brownies (need to do)

All gifts wrapped and if necessary mailed. (partly done)

One Early Christmas Dinner (need to plan and start soon)

Christmas Eve Dinner (need to do)

Christmas Breakfast and Christmas Dinner (with neighbors) (need to do)

All while hosting in-laws for a month and running a regular household.

I may not be posting quite so actively for the next week or so.

I hope you understand.

I Signed It - How About You

He's Making a List, Checking It Twice [Mark Steyn]

...Gonna find out who's melting the ice. “I think the deniers should put their names on a big list to be handed to future generations,” writes a global warm-monger. “These are the people that screwed the planet.”

So here's the big list. Feel free to sign. I understand that, after the ecopalypse and total societal collapse, the first 200 people on the list will have the honor of being fed to Al Gore, Gaia's vicar on earth.

(This is a good post-Poznan post, by the way.)

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Husband On TV

On our local Fox News Channel - blink and you miss him.

But don't forget to buy his book, The Really Inconvenient Truths; Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About--Because They Helped Cause Them

It's the only Christmas present you need this year.

Bjorn Lomborg is Always a Good Read

here is his latest from The Australian.

Another from NRO (I'm Lazy Today)

1,000 New Species [Jonah Goldberg]

This is a very cool story:

BANGKOK (AFP) – Scientists have discovered more than 1,000 species in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region in the past decade, including a spider as big as a dinner plate, the World Wildlife Fund said Monday.
A rat thought to have become extinct 11 million years ago and a cyanide-laced, shocking pink millipede were among creatures found in what the group called a "biological treasure trove".
The species were all found in the rainforests and wetlands along the Mekong River, which flows through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.
"It doesn't get any better than this," Stuart Chapman, director of WWF's Greater Mekong Programme, was quoted as saying in a statement by the group.
"We thought discoveries of this scale were confined to the history books."

But this is my favorite part:

Not all species were found hiding in remote jungles — the Laotian rock rat, which the study said was thought to be extinct about 11 million years ago, was first encountered by scientists in a local food market in 2005, it said.

One species of pit viper was first noted by scientists after it was found in the rafters of a restaurant at the headquarters of Thailand's Khao Yai national park in 2001.

First they didn't have the bamboo umbrellas for the drinks, then they have presumably extinct pit vipers in the rafters! Remove them! And bring me the cheese sandwich appetizers you talked me out of!

[Apologies to The Jerk]

From Peter Kirsanow over at NRO

Rep. George Miller (D- Ca.) introduced the Employee Free Choice Act in the House in 2007. As noted before, EFCA substantially dispenses with secret-ballot union elections supervised by the National Labor Relations Board. Instead, EFCA directs the NLRB to certify a union if 50% + 1 of the employees in a bargaining unit sign union authorization cards.

In 2001, however, Rep. Miller had a different position on secret-ballot union elections. In a letter to Mexican officials following a labor dispute in that country, Rep. Miller stated as follows:
However, we feel that the private ballot is absolutely necessary in order to ensure workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they may otherwise not choose.
Joining Miller as signatories to the letter were Barney Frank, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Zoe Lofgren, and Barbara Lee, among others. Each supports EFCA.

Walmart Restored

In the post below, I discuss my strong feelings about freedom to pay how I want to pay. I wrote it because some years ago Walmart did it to me.

Now, I've always defended Walmart but I stopped going to Walmart and giving them my business because I couldn't give them a check without Walmart treating it like a debit card.

Big No-No with me. I complained all the way to their head of marketing (yes, I am that persistant). It was that incident that had me research the whole check-writing vs. debit card thing I discuss below.

Today however, Walmart is a bit restored into my good graces.

Apparently, the Sorry Sliders game is the single hottest toy in the Christmas market this year. Hasbro (via Parker Brothers) no longer has it in stock. is selling it for nearly $60. And I went to Toys R Us, a Walmart and two Targets looking for it (respective websites said they had it but they lied).

Finally, I checked a second Walmart we have in our area, not only did the Toy department answer right away, they found the game and but it aside for me. Needless to say, I made the 7 mile trip across town in record time and thanked the lady with tears in my eyes. (It was the only toy my daughter asked the big guy for and this could be the last year she does that.)

Walmart came through. I paid with a debit card (I know better now) but that I was able to keep my daughter's faith intact for one more year, is my Christmas miracle.

Thank you Walmart.

Checks Are Not Debit Cards

When I choose to pay a store for their goods by check, I using the direct descendant of the letters of credit the medieval banking system developed and which led to the modern financial systems we use today.

Writing a check at a place that accepts checks is perfectly legal.

However, if I choose to write a check, I do NOT believe the store had the right to take that choice away from me by processing the check as a debit card.

I have a debit card but I chose to write a check.

Why did I go through all the bother of writing out a check and getting my ID ready so that the pimply-faced cashier can just hand it back to me?

"Oh", I hear you say, "it all comes out of your checking account so what's the big deal?"

First of all, some banks charge YOU for the store's actions. Yup, some banks are charging a fee for your check getting processed like a debit card - when it was the store that took the choice away from you in the first place.

Second of all, checks and debit cards are two entirely different financial instruments with different sets of governance. For example, I can write you a check for $100, then you can endorse that check and hand it to someone else who can endorse it and deposit it into their own checking account.

You can not do that with a debit card - only you are allowed to use the debit card. Whereas a check can bounce from person to person before cashed.

I tend to avoid stores that take away my check-writing privileges. If I absolutely have to go to them, I'll go but I rarely do. Why? Because I really, really hate it when how I choose to pay is taken away from me.

Hate It.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Trillion Here, A Trillion There

Perhaps if they stopped spending good money after bad, we could craft a recovery plan that didn't suck every last tax-paying American dry.

We don't need make work plans, we need to unleash entrepenuers and help people re-train for new jobs.

Is it too much to ask that politicians think rather than spend? Oh, wait, few if any American politicians have ever held a real job for more than a couple of years. They wouldn't know how to run a business if even if their daughter helped them make the lemonade.

Tissue of Lies

Every single statement in this article from AP is a lie.

A falsehood.

A deliberate twisting of the truth.

Don't believe me? Visit for the real truth.

No wonder AP is dying.

This is an excellent British Conservatives political website and I am really happy with their point of view - especially regarding the European Union and environmentalism.

I view both as gateways to socialism and something that must be stopped. So this piece here is rather reassuring.

Cornucopia of corruption

Jonah's piece on Chicago politics is a lovely bit of joyful snarkiness. Grab a big spoon and enjoy.

It would be lovely if the folks who spent so much of their parent's money getting investigative journalism degrees from expensive colleges could make the same effort at investigating Obama's corrupt connections as they did, say, Sarah Palin.

Why All The Fuss

Chef Ferran Adria of el Bulli is an astonishing pioneer of molecular gastronomy but sometimes, one has to ask, why?

In this article, Chef Adria is asking physists and scientists for help pushing the boundries of what is food. Interesting idea.

However, in the article he describes what he does with a strawberry....

One video presentation showed the recreation of a strawberry: The fruit's juices were mixed with gelatin-like agar, then molded and stuffed with strawberry sorbet frozen with liquid nitrogen, a method Adria pioneered.

The end product looked like a strawberry and Adria said diners who ate with their eyes closed could not tell it from a natural strawberry. It's this new frontier of food and science that Adria asked the audience to ponder.

"What is natural?" he asked.
The original strawberry is what is natural, chef.

I've seen this cooking technique with the strawberry, it is fascenating. But again one has to ask, Why? All that fuss and technology to create somethng that a blindfolded taster can not distinquish from a natural strawberry?

I tend to lean more towards Chef Thomas Keller's approach. At his The French Laundry restaurant, he doesn't deconstruct and reconstruct, he intensifies until when you eat his strawberry, it is the purest form and flavor of the fruit possible.

25 Things I Would Do If I Ran The Country....

I'm re-posting this because I like it.

In no particular order

1) Education is a state right. Local property taxes pay for local schools. The Federal government should butt out, therefore I would abolish the department of education.

2) If the president has term limits so should all members of Congress. Our government was built on a system of checks and balances. There is a check on the office of the presidency which needs to be balanced by a check on the legislature. 3 terms in the House, 2 terms in the Senate offers a person a 24 year career in politics. That’s long enough.

3) Congress can no longer vote itself raises. Individual Senators and Representatives should appeal to their constituents for pay raises and have it put to a vote or referendum accordingly.

4) Line by line veto to eliminate pork.

5) Ditto Ear marks.

6) Emergency spending bills are only allowed during natural disasters or within 3 – 6 months of an aggressive attack on American soil or overseas bases. Otherwise, the department in question (I’m looking at you DoD) has to get the monies from its existing budget.

7) ALL laws passed must clearly state its intended effect/goal and a review of its effectiveness evaluated by an independent government office, the GAO, for instance after five years. If a law is found lacking by the specified measure, the law is automatically returned to Congress for review – either to be struck down or re-written to address its failures.

8) All government regulations – starting with ones governing business/energy/agriculture – that are over 20 years old must be examined by independent reviewers to determine if said regulation is a help or a hindrance to the business practice and the government’s ability to enforce the regulation. If it fails the test, the regulation is automatically negated.

9) Tax loopholes for individuals and corporations are closed.

10) Tax code must be streamlined until it can be printed on no more than 25 pages in 12pt Times New Roman font. Figure it out.

11) Any Federal agency that is a duplicate of a state function (excepting interstate issues) is automatically eliminated.

12) English is the official language of the United States of America.

13) Our borders are ours to control. All unauthorized entries into the US will be treated as a criminal offense. American citizenship will no longer be extended to children born in the US to illegal immigrant parents under the age of three. They and their parents will be returned to their country of origin where they may re-apply to enter the US.

14) Any business hiring illegal immigrants will face stiff fines and criminal charges.

15) Any persons using false identification will face criminal charges, restitution to the victim, and if illegal, expulsion from the US.

16) Moments of silence are re-instated in schools and government institutions. If you make an official government oath on a bible (swear the truth in court, oath of presidency, etc.), then God is part of the government. Get over it. Separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church, NOT the church out of the state.

17) You are the person you chose to be. Victim-statuses in government law will be reviewed as objectively as possible to determine if it helps or hinders various classes of individuals from the handicapped to ethnic minorities to genders to sexual orientation.

18) All treaties between the US and foreign countries will be reviewed. Those deemed unfair to US interests will be renegotiated.

19) Modern developed countries have the ability to defend themselves. We will remove US troops from those countries (I'm looking at you Germany) and relocate to countries with greater need or return the troops home. Many of these overseas bases are now rewards for soldiers rather than actual deployments.

20) Independent reviews will be conducted of every government department starting with the Department of Defense with the intent of eliminating waste and redundancy.

21) Soldiers and government civilians should be making equal pay and receive equal pensions. Salaries either drop or rise but soldiers and civilian workers across all departments of the federal government will be equalized.

22) If you bring a lawsuit to court and you lose, you must pay the defendant’s legal fees.

23) We’re building more nuclear power plants, drilling off shore, and drilling in Alaska. Get over it, we need the energy. The money from taxing the positive economic growth caused by abundant energy can go to research to develop realistic and affordable new energy sources.

24) All government subsidies to corporations and businesses will be reviewed and most likely stopped. The taxpayer should only pay for the goods and services they buy directly. Subsidies are forced gifts from the taxpayer to well-represented-by-lobbies corporations (sugar lobby) via the government. It is theft, wrong and largely unnecessary.

25) Any charity that makes more than $50 million in donations a year, loses its tax-exempt status and is shifted into a slightly progressive taxation rate. (Income from investments, etc. doesn’t count.) Donations to the charity are still tax-exempt, just the charity's total income is taxed. Any charity caught funneling its donations into other charities or shell companies to hide its income will be shut down.