Friday, February 27, 2009

GayPatriot on Gay Marriage

Actually it is GayPatriot's comments on a debate between Jonathan Rauch and David Blankenhorn. As always, GayPatriot is thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Shaking England's Lapels

Popehat has a great post about Great Britain and how she is tottering on the edge of surveillance insanity. Scary and possibly a glimpse of America's future?

Free-Loader Market

Columnist Charles Hurt of the inestimable New York Post has a terrific piece up about Obama's "Exploding Debt" and how we will all be taxed into oblivon.

I love this line, "This isn't the free market. This is the freeloader market."

Obama's Speech Via Fact Checker gives Obama's Speech a run through the truth mill.

Of all the facts they checked, Obama only got two right and nine wrong.

Don't Hold Back Larry, Tell Us What You Really Think

Larry Kudlow rips into Obama's Economic Plan like a fat man into a ham sandwich.

Let me be very clear on the economics of President Obama’s address to Congress and budget. He is declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds. That is the meaning of his anti-growth tax-hike proposals, which make absolutely no sense at all — either for this recession or from the standpoint of expanding our economy’s long-run potential to grow. ...

Study after study over the past several decades has shown how countries that spend more produce less, while nations that tax less produce more. (italics mine) Obama is doing it wrong on both counts. ...

And as far as middle-class tax cuts are concerned, Obama’s cap-and-trade program will be a huge tax increase on all blue-collar workers, including unionized workers. ...

... a great many Obama supporters ... are becoming disillusioned with the performances of Obama and Treasury man Geithner. There is a growing sense of buyer’s remorse. Well then, do conservatives dare say: We told you so?

Rich Lowry isn't being shy either - "Obama is a talented, but a wily and dishonest, salesman."

Is calling someone "dishonest" the same as saying, "liar, liar, pants on fire"? I think it is.

Elitism in GOP Must End

I think this piece on Joe-the-Plumber hits the nail on the head. (Read it all the way through.)

I am fed up with the Conservative intellectual class panning Gov. Palin, Gov. Jindal, Joe-the-Plumber and their like because they are not William F. Buckley.

WFB was a great, great man and intellect but he had humility too. He didn't think you were an idiot if you were not as polysyllabic as he was.

Worse, Ronald Reagan is held up even higher than WFB and he was the Great Communicator not for his florid speech but for the very opposite - his folksy honesty. President Reagan's short sentence "There you go again" was more devastating than any paragraph ever spoken.

Like Reagan, Gov. Palin and Gov. Jindal's less-that-stellar eloquence is not only an attraction but, when backed by their solid conservative governance, an example to us all.

Conservatives Elites should be thrilled that smart, charismatic folks, from the VERY MIDDLE CLASS we need, are rising to the challenges of Conservative governance. Our Elites should be supporting these men and women in every way they can.

We are surrounded with politicians who like to spend their fifty cent words like drunken sailors. I would much rather have a politician who used five cent words for political coin and had the same Conservative tendencies with my tax dollars as well.

I believe that our Conservative Elites are falling victim to the "Cocktail Party Syndrome" of believing that if you can't sit at the Algonquin Table then you are not worthy of much at all. Those Elites should be careful or they will find themselves drifting Left until they are unfit for any table.

Conservative Elites must stop admiring the posturing of intellect and start appreciating the intelligent positions of our rising populist stars. Failing to do so only gives the Left talking points and sabotages our cause. Disagree with the substance, not the style.

Gov. Palin, Gov. Jindal, and Joe-the-Plumber are popular for a reason. Our Conservative Elites should be figuring out why and using those reasons to rebuild our movement. This populism represents the bedrock Conservative values the Conservative middle class is crying out for and not getting from our Elites.

And if they continue to trash folks like Gov. Palin, Gov. Jindal and Joe-the-Plumber, then our Conservative Elites run the risk of being left behind on the dust heaps of history themselves.

Missed The Tea Party

I am, dear readers, an idiot.

I missed the DC Tea Party because I didn't read the facebook link carefully enough. I dragged a camera and a five year old to L'Enfant Plaza instead of Lafayette Plaza.

My only hope at redemption is continued support and a second chance at a second Tea Party. Here's to real hope for real change!

UPDATE: The wonderful Michelle Malkin was there and she posted some pictures on her website. So sorry I missed it!

A Foul Violation of Ethics!

The Obama administration is moving to rescind a federal rule that reinforced protections for medical providers who refuse to perform abortions or other procedures on moral grounds, an official said Friday.

So now if you are, say, a Catholic physician who profoundly believes that performing an abortion is committing a murder, you would be breaking the law if you refused to perform one.

But a conscientious objector can refuse military service?

This was a good rule that clarified federal law. I see it as the first step of Obama's attempt to ram the disgusting FOCA act down American's throats.

Foul! Foul! Foul!

They'll Never Stop The Simpsons

The greatest television show is now going to be the longest running prime time TV show in America.


God Bless Matt Groening for creating a TV show that gives us a funny line about every aspect of modern life possible.

If you don't watch The Simpsons, then stop wasting your life and start watching now!

Congress Breaks Constitution

It is clearly written that Washington DC be a federal city with no state status and therefore can not vote in Congress.

Until now when Congress has voted to give DC a vote. This is the first of what will be many tears in our US Constitution.

Don't be suprised to find our founding document in shreds by the end of this administration.

The DC activists who wanted Washington DC to have a vote in our Federal Congress used the slogan "No Taxation Without Representation". And they are right.

But rather than give them a vote that VIOLATES the Constitution, DC residents should not be forced to pay Federal Taxes - only city ones.

I promise you half the city's woes would have been solved by that tactic only. Now the predominately democrat city will be used to add yet another leftwing vote in our Federal government and this tiny city will help dictate the direction of our entire country.

Hopefully, some right-thinking soul will do a legal challenge in order to prevent this travesty of democracy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama Lifts 18 Year Old Ban

On one hand, I support freedom of speech. On the other hand, I support the right to privacy in the face of a personal tragedy or loss.

That said, lifting the 18-year ban on allowing press photos of the war dead without permission from the families of the dead soldier is wrong.

Who would want a picture of their son or daughter, husband or wife, father or mother's coffin in the news without their express consent?

I know how I would feel if in the middle of heartbreaking grief, people in politics and the media used a picture of my child's coffin to further an agenda I do not agree with. I know exactly how I'd feel about that.

Privacy should be respected for families who want it and a separate ceremony area be created for those who wish to allow the media to film their dead's homecoming.

The False Promise of Green Jobs

My husband has an article he wrote for the DC Examiner up on the CEI website explain just how and why "Green Jobs" are a big fat lie.

No Oil For YOU

According to the Institute for Energy Research, Obama's Interior Department is withdrawing it's proposal to study the Shale Oil reserves in three states.

Unfortunately, the Interior Department’s decision today may help ensure that potential never becomes reality – in the process, locking-away an American energy resource larger than the total reserves of the entire Middle East.
Nice, move Obama. Let's restrict Americans from domestic oil reserves that are larger than the entire Middle East.

And let's restrict access to that oil in the middle of a recession.

Drill, Baby, Drill.


My husband will be at CPAC 2009 this Saturday from 11am signing his book, "Really Inconvenient Truths" and giving a speech at the 11:30am session titled Threats to Our National Sovereignty. is providing live-streaming of the event if you want to watch.

Re: The Hidden Climate Tax

This post was written by my husband for NRO - The Corner.

According to the budget preview document, the revenues from the hidden climate tax will be split between $15bn for alternative energy pork and about $52 billion per year to help pay for the Making Work Pay tax cut/welfare check of $800 for "95 percent of all American workers."

How much will cap and trade cost households in increased energy costs? Well, we know from a CBO study last year that a 15 percent reduction in emissions from 1998 levels would cost each household at least $660. That target is about 25 percent more stringent than the budget target, which is simply a return to 1990 emission levels by 2020 (far less than environmentalists demand). So we can apply simple arithmetic to estimate that the current budget cap and trade program will cost each income quintile $510, $660, $870, $1125 and $1635 (in 2006 dollars, slightly more in nominal values) respectively.

So the tax cut for 95 percent of working Amercians is going to be significantly offset by hiking energy prices in order to pay for it in the first place. Sheesh. Talk about a shell game.

Biden Gets It Wrong Again

Was this Joe "loose lips" Biden's attempt to undermine Gov. Jindal by claiming in a big fat lie that Louisana was losing jobs?

Why lie, Joe? Why? Are you deliberately trying to appear both more arrogant and idiotic?

Top Ten Ig Nobel Awards

Sometimes science just ain't right.

Like this #6 Levitating Frog scientific "research" or toad torture?

From the Popular Mechanics website, they state...
A large portion of scientific research remains forever off the public radar. A select few studies deliver results that reverberate in the scientific community and make their way to textbooks. Then there are those research efforts that, as one group puts it, represent "achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced." Every year the Annals of Improbable Research highlights this last group with the Ig Nobel, an award for the top engineering solutions, science products and peer-reviewed papers that, according to the editors, "make you laugh, then make you think." We looked back at 18 years of the prizes to bring you our 10 favorite Ig Nobels of all time.

What is She Holding On To?

I think the best you can say about this float is that it is an interesting example of how GroupThink can fail spectacularly.

Re: CPAC 09

Below is my husband's post on NRO-The Corner about his speech to CPAC.

There's another panel that might qualify, Mark, and I'm speaking on it. It's "Threats to our National Sovereignty" at 11:30am, also on Saturday. I'll be speaking alongside my good friend and colleague Chris Horner, of Planet Gore fame, the incredibly clever Jeremy Rabkin of George Mason University and David Rivkin of Baker & Hostetler, another NRO contributor. I'll be looking at the threats posed by various environmental treaties and will doubtless mention how the UK got sucked into a supranational government without ever voting to do so. Hope to see you and others there!

"New Black Overclass"

Make of this what you will but I received an email from EbonyJet/CNBC about an hour-long program airing this evening, Feb. 26th about our "new black overclass".

Well, setting aside the worrying similarity to the word "overlord" and the idea of a new and higher level of elites, is this really what Rahm Emmanual meant as a conversaton?

This is the text of the email I received:
In its next CNBC Original, CNBC takes viewers inside the growing class of young, self-made black multimillionaires - mostly under 40 - who have built wealth and influence in the sports, entertainment, and media industries. The journey to the black overclass, black America's new financial elite, is often filled with vast opportunity, but even greater pressure to help family and community. In one-on-one interviews with the celebrities, called "NEWBOs," Lee Hawkins takes us inside the experience of high-profile athletes and entertainers, discussing the implications of their sudden wealth and fame and their transition from the underclass or working class to wealthy class in a matter of a few years.
Now I am the first in line to cheer success, especially the rise of those who started with so many strikes against them. Success via overcoming challenges is a cherished American value and classic story.

But this TV program is nothing but an hour-long plug for Lee Hawkins book, "Newbos: The rise of America's New Black Overclass". Since when does that count as news? And why hasn't CNBC given my husband an hour's worth of airtime for his book, "Really Inconvienent Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophe's Liberals Don't Want You To Know About Because They Helped Caused Them."

Oh wait, I think I answered my own question.

I'm not sure what Lee Hawkins hopes to achieved with this book title other than being provokative. I do believe describing one group of people by their ethnicity and claiming "overclass" status for them could be taken as racist. But maybe that's just me (and Webster's Ninth New Collegiate).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Demands Secrecy Pact With Pentagon

So much for transparency or hope or change. Obama has required that all Pentagon officials sign a secrecy pact that does not allow them to share budget information to non-federal government employees.

The Obama administration has directed defense officials to sign a pledge stating they will not share 2010 budget data with individuals outside the federal government.

In an undated non-disclosure agreement obtained by Defense News, the administration tells defense officials that “strict confidentiality” must be practiced to ensure a “successful” and “proper” 2010 defense budget process.

Palin-Jindal, Jindal-Palin 2012

And I don't care which so long as I keep getting more of this!

Go Bobby Go!

Pants on Fire - Obama's State of Union 09 Speech

My Way News has done a pretty reasonable fact check on Obama's speech last night.

Not a good showing in the truth/transparency department but probably not hugely worse than any other damn politician these days.

And over at Politico's they have Sam Wurzelbacher laughing at Obama's speech. Good Stuff.

Obama Spanked by Byrd

Sen. Byrd spanked Obama over his attempt at grabbing more and more power despite being in the same party as Obama.

Who'd have thought you'd be glad for Sen. Byrd?

Breaking News: Ice Melts In Summer

This article is absurd and stupid.

It reports on a study that says Antarctic glaciers are melting faster than expected.

First, it is summer down there right now. Could that be why the ice is melting?

We don't know, this report doesn't once mention what time period the study covers.

Second, the article says it is only glaciers in the western region of the Antarctic that are "melting". Just how big is the region? Are we talking a western region the size of Rhode Island or the size of California?

Then as if to undermine its own argument, the article mentioned (near the end of course) that
Antarctica's average annual temperature has increased by about 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.56 degrees Celsius) since 1957, but is still 50 degrees Fahrenheit (45.6 degrees Celsius) below zero, according to a recent study by Eric Steig of the University of Washington.

The article is based on a report from the International Polar Year 2007 - 2009 which is funded by the NSF. This IPY report seems rather alarmist especially when you look at the quote from Steig-UWA report. I mean the average temperature of the Antarctic is 50 degrees BELOW ZERO?

Seriously 50 degrees below zero is 82 degrees below water's freezing point? How much ice can melt in an area that cold?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biden-Stanford Corruption Connection

Apparently two members of Joe (loose lips) Biden's family run hedge funds that were marketed exclusively by Allen Stanford, a man recently charged with fraud.

Ah, yet another charge of bad behavior linked to an associate of Obama.

Fraud, corruption, and tax evasion circle Obama like friends and yet somehow never touch him.

Stopping The March of Socialism

David Limbaugh offers a cry from the heart about the decline into socialism Obama's policies represent. Worth a read.

Shocker - Gov. Palin was Right

About William Ayers being an unrepentant terrorist.

Well, duh.

Defending the 14th Amendment

This excellent article over at Reason defending the FULL implications of the 14th Amendment should be required reading for all Americans who value "self-ownership". So get on over there!

Dodd's Irish Cottage

The always outstanding Toby Hardon hammers away at Christopher Dodd and his latest "murky" mortgage on his summer cottage in Ireland.

Why the UK Telegraph is better at investigating our politics than most US papers is beyond me. Only the Hartford Courant is keeping up the pressure.

It is shameful on both Dodd and the US media.

Lamest Activists Ever

Watch this video and listen to the jargon the camerakid uses during this "revolutionary" action to take over a student food court.

What a bunch of morons!

Even Air America Admits It

In this video here between Air America and Reason, you can watch a fascenating discussion between Ann Marie Cox and Matt Welch about how mealy-mouthed Obama's assertion that he will "create or save" 4 million jobs. A good watch indeed!

Are we finally seeing some bipartisanship in an agreement that Obama is full of it?

Still Questioning Obama's Citizenship

A soldier has filed suit demanding to see an original "vault" copy of Obama's birth certificate so he can, in good faith, follow the orders of his Constitutionally correct Commander-in-Chief.

This concern about Obama's citizenship and the lawsuits several people have filed will continue to grow and spread until Obama produces his original birth certificate. So why hasn't he?

I'm not sure why someone can't petition the Kenyan or Indonesian governments to show if Obama ever held dual citizenship with them.

Or why Obama has never released his college papers and applications which would have shown if he applied as a US citizen, US resident or foreign national.

And what about Obama's passport and passport application documents? Would access to those clear up this issue?

Until something legitimate and convincing is produced, these questions will dog Obama for the rest of his term. With all that's going on, proving his legitimacy to hold our highest office would probably help many people accept him.

Because quite frankly, while I still believe he probably meets the requirements of the US Constitution, the longer these questions go unanswered, the more my slight concern has reason to grow.

Why Are We Giving Aid To Gaza?

US aid to Gaza may hit $900 million. My question is why?

Even if officially the US has no ties to Hamas and the money is spent on humanitarian aid and "rebuilding", why should US taxpayers money leave America to give aid and succor to terrorists?

Because no matter how you slice it, a significant portion of that money will go end up in Hamas hands either via accessing humanitarian aid or using the rebuilt buildings to launch more attacks against Israel (while using innocent civilians has human shields).

If we must help the people of Gaza (before we help ourselves) then I'd much rather we give the money to Israel and ask them to distribute it to Gaza civilians. The Israelis have a much better idea of who is safe to help and it would work in Israel's best interests (and ours) to help the right people while keeping Hamas from being able to launch terrorist attacks.

Global Warming Satellite Crashes in Antartic

Can't say I'm sorry except for the waste of taxpayer's money both for the satellite's existance and its failure.

Personally, it's probably a sign that we didn't need it in the first place.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pelosi's Media Arm

It's nice that Nancy Pelosi has her own personal media arm in the form of her daughter creating and producing sabotaging "documentaries".

Abolish The 17th Amendment

I never, ever, thought I would think that a return to the process of state senates electing federal senators (the way our Founding Father's set up the government) was a good idea, but George Will's article here changed my mind!

European Carbon Market Collapses

What a wonderful day!

The bad idea called a carbon market collapses in Europe and Guardian writer Julian Glover is clearly peeved about it!


UPDATED 6 Down, 44 To Go

UPDATED - The Governor of Tennessee has announced that he too might reject the so-called stimulus act money if as a result, Tennessee will face higher spending requirements in the future. Thank you Tennessee!

Five governors have announced that they will refuse stimulus money if it is headed towards entitlement programs stating "this is how addicts get hooked on drugs."

Now we just need the other 45 governors to do what's right and the taxpayers (aka voters) will be protected.

The Forgotten Man, Again

This post is by my husband and was originally published on The Corner at NRO.

The post facto debate over the President's Mortgage Bailout is the clearest example of Forgotten Man syndrome I've yet seen. It is always talked about as if there are only two parties to the loan: the borrower and the bank. The borrower is portrayed either as victimized (Michelle Malkin has a great example here of a bus driver who is underwater on a home she paid $800,000 for) or foolish (the same clip can be viewed through a different lens), while the bank is portrayed either as predatory (the bus driver complains that the bank made it "too easy" for her to borrow money) or foolish (again, the clip can be viewed through a different lens). What's missing in all the talk is the forgotten man — the actual current holder of the loan.

As we all know, the banks didn't keep the loans after they originated them. They packaged them up and sold them on; they now merely service them. So, when Obama wants banks to renegotiate terms with the borrower, he is saying that the banks have to break their duty to the current investor, whose contract will be renegotiated without their having a say in the matter. As my colleague John Berlau says,

The Obama plan and Hope for Homeowners are subsidizing the banks that service the loans for losses that they often won't even take. The parties that are actually doing the loan forgiveness and should be paid, if anyone should be paid (and I don't think anyone should, because the government shouldn't be interfere at all) are the investors holding the mortgage-backed securities.

The contracts between banks and investors are usually pretty clear that it's either the original terms of the loan or foreclosure. They state that loans can only be modified for the best interest of the investor, if they even allow modification (which in the case of the Frey lawsuit vs. Countrywide, they apparently don't). The government is paying and pressuring banks to ignore their fiduciary duties and rip off investors, including pension and mutual funds with mortgage-backed securities that serve middle-class savers
Consider that investors aren't generally plutocrats, but you and me, via our pension funds, 401Ks and mutual funds, and the need for a Tea Party for the forgotten men seems even clearer.

William Ayers and Ward Churchill

Putting those two together to speak to our children is yet another example of why so many Universities and Academics simply can not be trusted to intelligently educate our kids.

Seriously, both these men espouse radical and ugly ideas. Why on earth would any parent allow their child to be in hearing-distance (let alone presence) of these two men is beyond me.

I'm not denying their right to free speech. I'm just suggesting we have the right not to listen to them. Parents of Millersville University students, perhaps you should make your voices heard before your kids hear these two jokers.

Speaking of Chronically Corrupt Cronies

ACORN is in trouble for attempting "civil disobedience" by breaking and entering into foreclosed homes.

You can toss them all in jail for all I care.

Stimulating Big Labor

Card Check or what Ted Kennedy lyingly calls the "Employee Free Choice Act" is just one of several sops being tossed out to the big labor unions in thanks for their support of Obama.

Isn't it nice to see the economy tanking and liberal politicians helping it circle the drain even faster by giving economy damaging graft to their chronically-corrupt cronies?

Help Is on the Way

This is my husband's post on The Corner over at NRO

Good news! According to the LA Times, all it takes for alternative energy to solve our problems is a bunch of technological breakthroughs. Why we didn't limit the stimulus package to the $400 million for "breakthrough research," I just don't know . . .

Stopping Child Prostitution

Fighting child prostitution using Federal-grade racketeering charges is a government example I can support.

Apparently since 2003 the FBI and local police have been working to bring down child prostitition rings. May God bless the men and women doing this work and give them faith and strength to stop this heinous crime

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Never Ending Campaign

It looks like Obama is going to try and fight back at the tax revolt and fight for his socialist/progressive agenda by continuing his campaign "grassroots" tricks and utilizing all those "savory" folks who've helped him in the past.

I know I feel just great knowing that these rogues are invited to the White House and given instructions in how to forward Obama's objectives...

Included on the guest list were: Labor leaders Jimmy Hoffa and Andy Stern,’s Eli Pariser, Sierra Club’s Carl Pope, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richardson, and Joe Solomonese of the Human Rights Campaign.
I wouldn't let any of these people on my property, let alone in my house and Obama is using them as tools.

Obama has never run anything except for campaigns. So now we are getting an administration that doesn't know how to do anything productive, only to campaign for really rather stupid government policies. I was sick of the 2008 campaign season in 2007. Now I am sick of the 2012 campaign and it's only 2009. UGH!

Listen to Treacher

Jim Treacher weighs in on the stimulus bill that will definately make you smile.

Plus, bonus 70s "I'm just a bill on Capital hil" clip.

Stealing from Girl Scouts

These people are lower than worm poop. Imagine stealing from Girl Scouts.

I mean, it's not truly evil like say eating a Girl Scout but stealing from little girls is just low.

Worse and worsening

Last month was the worst in stock market history since 1896 (the year my great-grandmother was born). That's 113 years. Thanks a lot Obama.

Reading it Right

The New Pamphleteer's posting on the tax protests can come across as not approving.

I think that if you read it right, they are actually suggesting that we keep up the good work and "act worthy" of our forefathers by not simply protesting but taking real actions.

If I am correct in this interpretation, then I must agree with this post.

Yes, we should protest in rallies but we should also start demanding that our local politicians, our state senators and representatives, our mayors and governors, should follow Gov. Jindal's lead and refuse the stimulus money.

More Dodd Corruption

Here's an example of a one-newspaper-town finding corruption quite nicely.

The Hartford-Courant has published an article alleging even more corrupt business dealings between Christopher Dodd and a crony named Downe.

What a class act.

Ambassodorship to Britain Given to Sycophant

Another great post over at Legal Insurrection points out that Obama has trashed our special relationship with Britian by appointing a crony rather than a skilled diplomat as America's ambassodor to Great Britian.

Barack Obama has been embroiled in a cronyism row after reports that he intends to make Louis Susman, one of his biggest fundraisers, the new US ambassador in London.

The selection of Mr Susman, a lawyer and banker from the president's hometown of Chicago, rather than an experienced diplomat, raises new questions about Mr Obama's commitment to the special relationship with Britain.

American commentators denounced the selection of a rich friend to the plumb post, regarded as one of the most prestigious in the president's gift, as worthy of a "banana republic".

Personally at this point, I would be completely understand if Britain decides to have nothing more to do with Obama's administration.

Obama's actions toward the UK have been insulting and incredibly stupid.

Tax Revolt Advice

Legal Insurrection is offering up some good tax revolt advice to those who wish to fight the good fight.

Sad Self-Promotion

The Chicago Sun-Times is running a self-congratulatory "article" about how great they are at sniffing out Chicago's corruption. They posit that all cities have corruption but that as they are "so good" at it, it means that newspapers still matter.


Because New York City has a whole bunch of newspapers, Washington DC too, and yet, yet, they don't seem to find nearly as much corruption as Chicago papers do.

Is the Chicago Sun-Times calling all other journalists lazy? Quite possibly and quite possibly they'd be right. I am much more inclined to believe that newspapers have gotten incredibly lazy and cheap with investigative journalism and only because there is so much low-hanging corruption fruit in Chicago has the Sun-Times been able to make their claims.

Is Rahm Badly Connected?

Moe Lane sees some disturbing connections between Rahm Emanuel and disgraced Tim Mahoney.

Raising taxes to stimulate...

After his radio address, an official made a "leaked" announcement that Obama plans to half the deficit by the end of his "first" term.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the president has not yet released his budget for the fiscal year 2010, which begins Oct. 1, said the deficit will be shrunk by scaling back Iraq war spending, ending the temporary tax breaks enacted by the Bush administration for those making $250,000 or more a year, and streamlining government.
So in the middle of a recession and after cramming one of the largest spending bills in American history down taxpayer's throats, Mr. Genius is going to raise taxes on the individual who already pay the most in taxes.

Historically this has always and consistently been a VERY BAD idea but Obama believes his hype and this time it'll be different. Hope and Change, you know.

What was that classic definition of madness? Make the same mistakes over and over again but always expecting a different result? Seems to apply to every democrat and liberal idea ever. At least, conservatives learn from history, rather than repeat it.

I mean this is rich, count Obama's lies in the quote below (and by lies I mean promises he makes that he will not and can not keep).
"We can't generate sustained growth without getting our deficits under control," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address that seemed to preview his intentions. He said his budget will be "sober in its assessments, honest in its accounting, and lays out in detail my strategy for investing in what we need, cutting what we don't, and restoring fiscal discipline."
Honestly, this is clearly an attempt to nip the nascent tax revolt going on in the bud.

After all the promises Obama has broken and after forcing the so-called stimulus bill with all its ghastliness upon us, he actually expects us to believe him that he will have a "sober" and "honest accounting".

After that zombie circus of a stimulus bill stuffed with useless pork that Obama allowed Reid and Pelosi to create and that only democrats and three assholes voted for, that after all that, he expects us to believe that he can restore "fiscal discipline"?

Yeah right.

I believe that Obama has drunk his own kool-aid. In fact, I believe Obama has installed an Obama-Kool-Aid fountain in the Oval Office if he thinks we can now believe a single word he says.

To the Tea Party my friends. To the barricades. Unless you like being taxed into oblivion by a two-faced fool. Fight. Fight. Fight.