Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stealing You Blind coming out soon!

My husband's second book Stealing You Blind: How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off of You is coming out on July 11th. You can pre-order it at the link above.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Father's Life

The man in the middle is my father. Tomorrow he would have been 64. In honor of his birthday and to celebrate his life, I have donated to the American Heart Association.

He was very loved and much missed. And for the record, I probably won't be doing a heck of a lot of blogging tomorrow.

Brooking's Biased

College-educated immigrants outnumber unskilled immigrants

Wow, Brookings tipped it's bias right out in the open in the first sentence of this article - "A new Brookings report finds that college-educated immigrants now outnumber those who enter the United States with just a high school degree."

I'd love to completely fisk the crud right out of this poorly disguised rational for loose immigration but I have to take the kids to the school bus soon.

Suffice it to say that this "report" was based on Census data which has a 10 to 20% undercounting of illegal immigrants and Brookings could not separate out the legal immigrants from the illegal ones. Additionally, most illegals immigrants do not have even a high school education so comparing college-educated (not graduated, simply educated) and high school degrees is a red herring. It is basicly comparing two relatively small parts of our huge illegal immigration problem.

I have no problem with immigrants being married to one. I do have a huge problem with illegal immigrants. Everyone who comes to this country "through the front doo" is as "American" as I am and my family came in 1634. Anyone who tries to sneak in the back door needs to go home.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger Down

I'm going to be doing something with my husband and it requires a bit of time so I will not be blogging today but please enjoy the Politizoid video below.

Latest from Politizoid 06-08

RightChange PolitiZoid - D.C. Insomnia from RightChange on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Think I'm On The "Father's" Side

Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard

Daily Round-Up 06-07


Damn it. Couldn't find any today.


Goshen College Board of Directors ask for alternative to playing the national anthem

Global food crisis looms ahead

Too Big to Succeed

Yale's latest gift to anti-semitism


Plessy and Ferguson: Descendants of a divisive Supreme Court decision unite


President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Obama loses bin Laden bounce; Romney on the move among GOP contenders

For Obama, problem's not just the economy

Transparency! Daily economic briefings disappear from Obama's White House schedule

President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout

Creepy must-see flashback: Weiner lies shamelessly to ABC about what happened

Why the Hypocrisy Defense is political suicide for liberalism

Can Obama Overcome Obamanomics?

Emanuel’s First Test: Gang Mob Attacks Continue in Chicago After Memorial Beach Closing

The Oxymoronic President

Rats leaving the ship? Obama’s head of economic council, Austan Goolsbee, to leave, plans return to academia


Never Did Get A Job From A Poor Man

The scary truth behind the new jobs numbers

U.S. funding for future promises lags by trillions

What Krugman Misses About 1937 - Quite a Lot

Dollar Index at 1-Month Low as China Warns on US Assets

Not a good sign - Traders Are Dumping Stocks and Buying Gold and Silver

Comex Physical Silver Drops To Fresh All Time Low Of 28.8 Million Ounces, 3% Drop Overnight, 30% Drop In Six Weeks


Firms to cut health plans as reform starts. 30% of companies say they’ll stop offering coverage From the liberals point of view, I suspect this is a feature and not a bug.

ObamaCare's Next Constitutional Challenge The Medicaid provision of the health law spells the death knell for competition among the states.


'Fracking' with care holds key to energy future

Global food crisis looms ahead


Barbara Walters Loses Reporter Cred – She lost that a long time ago in my opinion.

It's what he lives for - Bizarro World Racism Chris Matthews discovers a new slur.

The Revenge of the Nerds: Breitbart Vindicated Again AND this here regarding CNN's coverage.


VDH - The Collapse of a Rotten Edifice

Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Recent Photography of Mine

Update Round-Up 06-05

Nobody for Commerce Secretary. America Needs the Commerce Department Like Solar Power Plants Need an Eclipse

3 Ways Your Social Security Payments Are Already Being Cut

Controversial Tapes of Hollywood Execs Lead to Resignations (Exclusive)

Obama’s Funny Auto-Jobs Math

Conn. Senate debates health care polling bill

Second Conservative Hollywood Heavyweight Resigns Over ‘Acceptable Discrimination’

‘The Undefeated’ Review: Doing the Job the Corrupt MSM Won’t

Betting against the market on lawsuits

UPDATE: Weiner admits to it all, says he won't resign! Probably About Time to Say Goodbye to Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)

Not Good Things. Here's What Happens When US Energy Spending Passes 9% Of GDP

DNC Accepted Lobbyist Donations in Violation of Internal Policy, Will Return Contributions

Hollywood Hates You Chapter One

Delayed Release of Auto Bailout Documents by Treasury Dept. Reveals Cozy PR Relationship

State, local layoffs to hit record levels

Two Approaches to Fuel Choice

‘Primetime Propaganda’: ‘Daily Show’ Tells Steven Crowder ‘We Never Book Conservative Pundits’

Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis—and how to end it

SC House panel OKs redrawn election district lines

Wisconsin Proposal Hurts Craft Beer, Protects Big Brewers

‘Gasland’ Director Moves to Memory-Hole Video That Reveals Inconvenient Truths

Daily Round-Up 06-06

Many voters expect to become poorer


Experts back Sarah Palin’s historical account

Florida Couple Beats BofA at Own Foreclosure Game

GOP legislation calls for reducing federal workforce by 10 percent

Cut, Cap, and Balance

Tennessee Trumps Wisconsin: Kills Teacher Collective Bargaining. Dead.

Portugal election: Socialists admit defeat


Holder Must Go. The Justice Department’s unwatched revolving door

Ex-IMF Chief Pleads Not Guilty in Alleged Sex Attack on Hotel Maid

Health care law waivers stir suspicion of favors


I'd rather hear honesty from around a foot-in-mouth, than mealy-mouthed non-answers. What Herman Cain Really Thinks of the Other GOP Candidates

Giuliani Tells Romney to Man Up on 'Mistakes'

Cut, Cap, and Balance

GOP Embraces Norquist's 'No New Taxes' Mantra (But they damn well better mean it this time.)


President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Ya think, Mr. It's-the-economy-stupid? Carville: Obama faces 'very rough' election without job growth

Obama tunes out, and business goes on hiring strike

Obama has a losing re-election strategy in auto bailout

Pelosi Is Still Least Popular House Leader

Day 768: Democratic Senators Continue Historic Budget Evasion

This Week in Government Failure

Racist Republicans Block Access to Polls?

Names names. Progressive Democrats Of America Endorses New Flotilla Against Israel

Connecticut’s Antidote to High Unemployment? More Regulation

True cost of Fannie/Freddie bailout more than twice Obama administration claim

Feds to Biotech Firms: Shut Up Medicine will suffer if Washington controls the flow of scientific information.

Reince Preibus Blasts DNC's Wasserman Shultz


Never Did Get A Job From A Poor Man

The Job Market: Far Worse Than It Appears. The raw numbers are downright scary.

The real unemployment, cont'd

Many voters expect to become poorer

Even World Bank Research Shows Economic Liberty Is Better than Government Dependency

How the Debt Ceiling Issue Will Hit Ordinary Americans in the Wallet

Here's a good thought - Cut, Cap, and Balance

The Real Cost of the Auto Bailouts The government's unnecessary disruption of the bankruptcy laws will do long-term damage to the economy.

Keeping Competitive Noting U.S. taxes and regulation, one venture capitalist says: 'We'll invest in China instead and let them do it.'

Uh-Oh China to US: Forget debt ceiling, cut spending

The Economy at Mid-Year is Like a Leaky Balloon

The American Dream, minus the homeownership

Perfect Storm Halts Consumer Spending

True cost of Fannie/Freddie bailout more than twice Obama administration claim

Rep. Chris Smith: Boehner's Reforms Can Avert Debt Crisis

Ten Signs The Double Dip Has Begun

Europe Has Not Had Its Financial Crisis: Asset Manager


Obama’s Medicare Plan Leads to Rationing, Bankruptcy

Health care law waivers stir suspicion of favors

Uh-huh CBO hires Obamacare advocate to provide ‘objective’ health care budget numbers

Obama Official: Just Cut Your Pay to Avoid Health Mandate

Democrats stay quiet on Medicaid cutbacks

Health Care Wait Costs Veterans' Lives

Why we must end Medicare ‘as we know it’

Appeals court to hear states' case against health care law

Few States Make Progress on Obamacare


EPA: Environmental Propaganda Activists

A Big, Muddy Project Alright

Opponents to Natural Gas Make Very Strange Bedfellows

Obama’s energy policies benefit the powerful at everyone else’s expense

Better Living Through Chemistry (If Permitted) As I like to put it, DDT is my BFF!

Golden State about to outlaw gold prospecting?

Feds to Biotech Firms: Shut Up Medicine will suffer if Washington controls the flow of scientific information.


Google’s pirate side

For The Sake Of The Republic, It’s Time To Hold The Mainstream Media Accountable

Howard Kurtz and CNN Struggle Mightily to Identify ‘Reliable Sources’

Author Shapiro Warns: Don't Touch That Leftist Dial

L.A. Times Journalist Tim Rutten, Historical Idiot

Not so much "bias" as silly - Oops: Fox News uses Tina Fey photo for Sarah Palin story

When Did the Media Flip-Flop on the War(s)?


A Big, Muddy Project Alright

'Saint Bono' the anti-poverty campaigner facing huge Glastonbury protest – for avoiding tax

The NAACP sells out

The Boeing Lawsuit: How We Got Here

Radical Anti-Free Press Group Consulted with FCC to Push Obama’s Internet Takeover

Wisconsin high court quizzes both sides on union law

Milwaukee Teachers Push for Taxpayer-funded Erections

John Liu, sock puppet

Tennessee Trumps Wisconsin: Kills Teacher Collective Bargaining. Dead.


Pawlenty's 'Common Sense":Turn to God, Protect Unborn


Tea Party Express chief: You’d better believe we’ll back Romney if he’s the nominee Sadly regarding Romney, he doesn't speak for me.

Cut, Cap, and Balance

You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stimulus Watch - Rate the Stimulus

Find and rate stimulus projects in your neighborhood!

What a great site. Watch in real time just how badly the government is wasting out money!

Random Round-Up 06-05

Feds OK Keystone pipeline restart

Why is the NAACP fighting African Americans?

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Obama’s Ratings Obama’s approval ratings may have bounced back, but most people still say the country is on the wrong track, which could hurt his 2012 chances.

A G.O.P. Hopeful Gathers Momentum as More Voters Like What They Hear

Herman Cain Tosses Out Establishment Playbook in Republican Presidential Bid

Palin doubles down on her Paul Revere claim, calls out Shep Smith

A blind eye won’t end repression

I hope Facebook includes ALL political activity in this ban... Facebook to Tea Party: No more organizing

Republicans vs. the NLRB

NY Teachers’ Union Should Heed JFK’s Advice When Demanding Higher Taxes

New Medicare 'Efficiency' Measure Deadly to Seniors

Why Americans are paying a lot more for gas than they should be

May jobs report: Hiring slows, unemployment rises

Obama 2012 and the May jobs report

O's ugly economy

Houses of Pain

Appeals court to hear health care overhaul lawsuit

Months after healthcare repeal vote, GOP still working on 'replace'

Churchill Never Used a Teleprompter [Video] And Churchill stuttered.

First non-responders Decades of social rot in California found their fullest expression on Memorial Day, when firefighters and police officers stood by and allowed a 53-year-old man to slowly drown himself just off the Alameda shore.

Dallas Animal Trainer Caught in USDA ‘Legal Circus’

Frickin' frackin' French - Stupid art is objectively pro-Nazi

Obama and the Debt Crisis To lead us out of it, he will need to learn some new political skills.

Uncool, Jon Stewart. Uncool.

I watched The Daily Show when it had TWO co-hosts (its creator and Craig Kilborn). Then it was just Craig. Then Jon Stewart showed up. But I haven't watched for years. Why? Well, Jon used to be cool. Now his show does crap like this.

Primetime Propaganda’: ‘Daily Show’ Tells Steven Crowder ‘We Never Book Conservative Pundits’

If you don't think this is a problem, to paraphrase Lionel Chetwyn’s Open Letter, what if you replaced the word "conservative" with African-American, Jew, or Homosexual? Would this particular bias be acceptable then?

God Bless The Gurkhas

Never. Ever. Mess with a Gurkha!