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Tale of the Coyote (CA v. TX)

The following is lifted entirely from Dan Mitchell's blog because it is awesome. Texas, California, and the Tale of the Coyote
I’ve already had a couple of blog posts commenting on how Texas is kicking California’s you-know-what. Being a fiscal policy person, I always point to California’s punitive state income tax as an example of bad policy and highlight the absence of any income tax in Texas to explain the success of that state.

But sometimes it’s just culture and attitude. Here’s a joke comparing the two states, but it’s based on something that actually happened in Texas.
CALIFORNIA: The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out, bites the Governor and attacks his dog.

1. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie “Bambi” and then realizes he should stop; the coyote is only doing what is natural.

2. He calls animal control. Animal Control captures the coyote and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.

3. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the State $200 for testing it for diseases.

4. The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.

5. The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is free of dangerous animals.

6. The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds to implement a “coyote awareness” program for residents of the area.

7. The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world.

8. The Governor’s security agent is fired for not stopping the attack somehow and for letting the Governor attempt to intervene.

9. Additional cost to State of California: $75,000 to hire and train a new security agent with additional special training re: the nature of coyotes.

10. PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files suit against the State.

TEXAS: The Governor of Texas is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A Coyote jumps out, bites the Governor’s leather boot, and attacks his dog.

1. The Governor shoots the coyote with his State-issued pistol and keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $0.50 on a .45 ACP hollow
point cartridge.

2. The buzzards eat the dead coyote.
And that, boys and girls, is why California is broke………..And, more importantly, why too much government doesn’t work.

Stuff 1/14/11

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-front for the urge to rule it.” –H. L. Mencken (I thought it was a great quote and had to share.)

Politicized science costs us all
We have just learned that the state of Kansas has formally asked to join the multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare. Why is this news? Because one of the architects of the unpopular law and the person implementing it is Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who was governor of Kansas from 2003 to 2009. It’s quite a rebuke for the HHS Secretary. Challenging the ObamaCare was one of the successful campaign issues raised by Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt in the last election. Kansas also becomes the 26th state to challenge the constitutionality of ObamaCare, another milestone. It means more than half of the states are now objecting to the program.

Frame On. What the political class doesn’t get about Jared Lee Loughner

13 Glaring Signs That The Market Is Forming Another Huge Bubble

Get the Energy Sector off the Dole

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Krugman?

What do taxes pay for?

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From My Cousin

Random Round-Up 01-13

President Obama Job Approval

Why isn't it all 50? Half of All States Now Suing to Stop Obamacare

House GOP to move quickly on healthcare 1099 tax repeal

Do the pro-Obamacare Constitutional Lawyers See Any Limit on Government Power

From Arthur Laffer himself in The Wall Street Journal A Price for Raising the Debt Ceiling Republicans should attach provisions repealing the worst aspects of ObamaCare and financial reform to spending that the president absolutely needs. Delta Smelt and Undocumented Farm Workers: How Federal Policy Is Failing California's Central Valley This Federal policy is hurting all of us, Central Valley is the Garden of America and cutting off its water supply to save a tiny frickin' frackin' fish is lunacy run amuck!

Jobless claims jump, wholesale food costs surge AND World moves closer to food price shock

Mexican official: 34,612 drug-war deaths in 4 yrs

How to Save Money, Reform Processes, and Increase Efficiency in the Defense Department

I have no words except may God keep and bless Olivia's parents - Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived one hour

Obama Will Go It Alone on Raising Gas Prices

The Only Sure Cure for Obamacare

Planned Parenthood: affiliates must do abortions

Acela Bob, Meet Acela Jim: Kelley Drye Managing Partner Conducts Confidential Conversation on Packed Train

Pathetic - Minnesota Wrestling Coach Put on Leave for Reportedly Insulting Obama, Challenging Him to a Fight Just out of curiousity, can any one tell me how many public employees were put on administrative leave for insulting President Bush? I thought so.

Yikes - The Future of Foreclosure

It's Time to Get to Work

Media Research Center Documents Liberal Death Wishes Against Conservatives AND Death Wishes Like It's Party Time

Lovely. Monks make, donate casket for youngest victim in Arizona shooting

The Constitution in One Sentence: Understanding the Tenth Amendment

Russian Justice Under Putin, Again. Under Putinocracy, there is not even a disguised attempt to spray a semblance of perfume at the obvious stench of state cruelty.

Jerry Brown's Budget Gambit The California governor has released his proposal to close the state's $25 billion budget gap, which includes a five-year extension of "temporary" tax hikes.

State Budget Bunk. A taxonomy of fiscal gimmicks, evasions, and ploys

China Global Investment Tracker: 2011

Going Broke by Going Green

Proponents of California’s Global Warming Law Were Against Renewables Before They Were For Them

Sen. Rockefeller pledges to fight mountaintop removal veto

The Tab Comes Due in 2011

Taxpayers Will Lose Money on GM Bailout

Issa Focuses on Obama Achievements With House Investigations

False Narrative Hijinks. Just read the whole thing, you'll see.

U.S. on the Way toward Losing AAA Credit Rating AND analyis from National Review U.S. on the Way toward Losing AAA Credit Rating

DC Spending: Our Dismal Debt Picture

Our view on oil drilling: 7 years to ensure safety?

Krauthammer’s Take

Here's to hoping they keep up the same effort - What the left did wrong

Lost Religious Liberty Around the World

The War Against the Christians

Why Obama Chose Bill Daley The departure of press secretary Robert Gibbs is another sign that big White House changes are afoot.

Sen. Udall Wants Mixed Party Seating at Address

The author of a now-retracted study linking autism to childhood vaccines expected a related medical test to rack up sales of up to $43 million a year, a British medical journal reported Tuesday.

Antitrust 2025

Reynolds on Palin

I liked Glenn Reynolds's (aka Instapundit) views here that I have copied them in full.
NICK GILLESPIE: Palin’s Not Complicit in Loughner Shooting, but She Sure Ain’t Presidential, Either. Has any other public figure ever had to try to act “Presidential,” though, while being accused of complicity in mass murder?

On the other hand, if (as isn’t clear to me) she actually wants to be President, she’ll have to learn to be Presidential. Barack Obama has had his problems in that department, too, and unlike Palin, he’s had the benefit of a desperately supportive and eager-to-please mainstream media.

Palin, on the other hand, has been royally screwed-over by that same media, and has managed to come back and beat them out again and again, from “death panels” to “blood libel.” And that engenders considerable sympathy. A musician friend of mine who’s not especially political emailed me the other day: “I don’t particularly care for Palin, but every time they do this to her, I find myself hoping she becomes President, out of pure spite.”

I understand the sentiment, but being screwed over by the media, while it may breed sympathy, isn’t a qualification for being President. Richard Jewell was royally screwed over by the media, too, but he didn’t belong in the White House because of it. if Palin is to be elected President, it’s not going to be on a sympathy vote.

But here’s what’s going on in the dance between Palin and what she calls the “lamestream” media: Every time they attack her, they wind up doing something that hurts them worse than it hurts her. She may not become President, and she may not even want to be President — though, regardless, it’s in her interest to keep everyone guessing as long as possible — but with little more than an Internet connection and Facebook she’s done more lasting harm to their position than anybody else. Last night Barack Obama threw them under the bus over the whole “rhetoric” question, just hours after she had managed to work them into a snarling frenzy with an Internet video. Even though it’s hurting them, they can’t — and I mean, literally, psychologically can’t — leave her alone. And she’s getting rich the whole time.

So I don’t know about “Presidential,” but who’s dumb, here?
Added further down on the Instapundit website were these tidbits which I liked too. Mr. Reynolds is refering to the liberal media's nasty obsession with Sarah Palin.
She’s living in their heads, rent-free, 24-7.

MORE: Reader Akiva Eisenberg writes: “Ayup, but those are unfurnished apartments…”

God Bless America

If this doesn't make you proud to be an American then you have no heart. So very sweet.

Hockey crowd sings after 8-year-old's national anthem glitch

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Random Round-Up 01-12

President Obama Job Approval

NJ Governor Chris Christie surges in statewide poll

Scientists Inadvertently Killing Penguins, Researchers Find

The Great Food Crisis of 2011 Maybe if we stop burning corn in our cars?...

UGH Big Brother's Body-Scan Plan This is crazy intrusive! Basically the DHS wants to do naked scanners on every one in any public setting, sporting events, museums, etc.

The Sixties Were Violent, Not Today

Did Sheriff Dupnik drop the ball? AND Fun Facts About Arizona Recall Elections

Most Americans Oppose Debt Ceiling Increase

Judicial Watch Sues HHS to Obtain Obamacare Waiver Documents

Under the Cover of Darkness, Illinois Democrats Hike Taxes

Beware the extremist moderates!

How a housing slump will slow the jobs train

Assange claims to have dirt on NewsCorp in ‘insurance’ file

Exclusive: Alan Dershowitz Defends Sarah Palin’s Use of Term ‘Blood Libel’ The woman wears a pin of the Isreali Flag for crying out loud.

Small Businesses and Big Unintended Consequences

Let’s Address Democrat Outrage Over Dangerous Rhetoric – Hold Hearings Immediately!

Did Bank of America get another, secret taxpayer-funded bailout?

It Isn't The Rhetoric They Fear, It's The Passion

I Hereby Renounce All Cause and Effect

From Ike's dilemma to Obama's disaster

Dumb atheists - Supreme Court again is asked to drop ‘In God We Trust’

Global warming reveals shortage of snow plows in Atlanta

Snow in 49 states including Hawaii

Gitmo belongs to Obama now

The Government Spending Threat to Economic Freedom

Three Irreconcilable Fiscal Majorities

Barry and Sarah talk violence

Citizen Soros: Funding Anti-American Film (Part 3 in a Series)

Six reasons America is only the ninth-most free economy in the world

Invoking Giffords, Kerry Touts Windmills, Reveals Greens’ Confusion

Big Lies and Little Ones Paul Krugman's only example turns out to have been fraudulent.

Let’s Talk About The Democrat Party’s ‘Arrestables’

Worker's Notice to Employees: A Friendly Reminder About Unions

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Planned to Profit from Scare

Dem Leader Clyburn Calls For Gov’t Censorship; Daughter is FCC Commissioner

Lebanese Government Collapses After Hezbollah Ministers Resign

Let Us Not Praise Pro-Terrorist Newspapers

New Media Soundly Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt

CBS Poll: American Public Not Buying Democrat, Media Spin on Arizona Shooting

Baby Boomers Could Force Economic Catastrophe

The plot thickens: BBC Hits UK Govt with Freedom of Information Demand in Cold Winter Forecast Fiasco

The Authoritarian Media The New York Times has crossed a moral line.

Same as the Old Boss?

Sheriff Dupnik’s Officers Visited Loughner in his Home Multiple Times Before Shooting Incident

ACORN leader avoids prison for voter fraud conspiracy
This isn’t the first time Busefink was involved in shady electoral dealings. Even while under indictment in Nevada she ran the 2010 national voter drive for Project Vote, which was President Obama’s employer in 1992. Project Vote and ACORN have long been indistinguishable. Project Vote still operates out of ACORN’s offices in Washington, D.C.

Busefink also ran ACORN’s fraud-ridden 2008 voter registration drive. In that drive, officials chucked an astounding 400,000 bogus registrations.
Given her history, I think the sentence should have been much stiffer.

A Predictable Tragedy in Arizona We emptied state mental hospitals starting in the 1960s without providing adequate treatment alternatives.

Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory

Virginia to consider banning illegals from colleges

A Quick Reminder on Paul Krugman and Climates of Hate

A Disturbing Motif: Online Manifesto, Mass Shooting

Redistricting imperils Dennis Kucinich

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Still Breaking My Heart

May all those who died rest in peace and those who are suffering the loss of their loved ones or the pain of recovery find hope and solace in the support and prayers all decent Americans are offering them.

Letting Crazies Loose

Mental Illness and Mass Murder How many more tragedies like the Tucson shootings will we have to watch before we start facing the harsh truth? Personally, I consider it a kindness to institutionalize those who are mentally incapable as it provides them with needed care and protects innocents (like 9 year old girls) from being brutally murdered. Just sayin'. AND "If you see it on the news one night, know that I got out fast..." AND this from Jerry Pournelle
Back in 1971 when I started the shooter would have been put in a mental health institute unless he could be medicated to safely be out under someone's watchful eye. They changed the laws in the later 70s and 80s to make sure folks like this were not institutionalized. They were more and more let 'on the street' in what Daniel Patrick Moynahan called the "dumbing down of America". The current standard is that they cannot be institutionalized and have their freedom restricted anymore unless the local prosecutor can prove that "they pose a threat to themselves or others who cannot avoid them". So they are let go to run free or let out with medication that they often stop taking, causing them to revert back to looney.

Random Round-Up 01-11

President Obama Job Approval

A secret $6 billion bailout for Puerto Rico?

Smooth move dumbasses. John Adams tried that 200 years ago with the Alien and Sedition Acts and that was an epic fail. Why isn't that liberals have no new ideas? Dem planning bill that would outlaw threats to lawmakers

Boehner will keep flying commercial

Debt default is no laughing matter

In Budget Crises, an Opening for School Reform School systems can put students first by making sure any layoffs account for teacher quality, not seniority. AND Three Reasons You Should Join “National School Choice Week”

Is this a good thing? - The Fed’s QE2 Traders, Buying Bonds by the Billions

Please! Simplify! Dump the Current Tax Code and Start Over

To House GOP, Illegal Immigration Is Jobs Issue AND Detaching the Anchor From Anchor Babies

Rep. Steve King Says Witnesses Are Ready to Testify in Congress About Alleged Fraud in Federal Compensation Payments to Black Farmers Pigford is a disgrace for a round-up go here.

How to Use Evil to Promote Your Agenda

Downturn's Ugly Trademark: Steep, Lasting Drop in Wages

Like paying taxes and other law-abiding requirement, following the rules - even if they are for the safety and well-being of 100s of fellow travelers - is for the "little people" Arianna Huffington, fellow passenger escorted off airline after dispute over her BlackBerry

It's Back...Assange: We're stepping up release of leaked docs

The Internet Is Threatened By Government Regulation

Thank you for keeping up the good fight - Radio hosts: We won’t back down

Thomas Sowell - A Republican Showdown?

The Case for Social Security Personal Accounts

From the brand new Tatler website - Clicking through images of Jared Lee Loughner’s backyard skull shrine, linked from Drudge. I’m not seeing a Gadsden flag

Explaining Evil

Stay classy - MoveOn launches campaign against vitriolic language — despite sordid history of using vitriolic language

Don’t think of an elephant: Giffords, ghouls and gimmicks

Acid Rhetoric Flashbacks

Dems Need to Look to Their Own Ranks for ‘Elevated Rhetoric’

Paul Krugman's totalitarian temptation

Chuck Norris - Obamacare's Baby Death Panels (Part 1)

Pennsylvania voters develop a taste for the Tea Party

While I'm sorry he did wrong, I'll always have a soft spot for the man who drank DDT during a Congressional hearing to prove its safety. DeLay Sentenced to 3 Years on Conspiracy Charge

Citizen Soros: Suppressing Conservative Ideas (Part 2 in a Series)

A civil rights official disgraces himself

Please let it be - Is 2011 The Beginning of the End for Medicare?

Dangerous Liberal #11: Peter Lewis (Link to the list of 50 here) AND The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2010

The NEW Road to Serfdom, reviewed

Two Roads Diverged A review of Daniel Hannon's latest in the American Spectator and by my husband.

For those of you who need to be reminded of the awesomeness that is Dan....
It takes a great amount of gumption to title your first book published in the U.S. after an undisputed classic by an icon of liberty, but Daniel Hannan, MEP, is not short in the gumptive department. This is, after all, the man who stood up in the European Parliament before then British prime minister Gordon Brown, and in words of liquid gold told him exactly what the British public thought of him. That intervention struck a global nerve with people dissatisfied with their leaders, and the speech was watched on YouTube by 2 million people within a few days. Now, Mr. Hannan has written a letter of warning to America called -- channeling F. A. Hayek's classic -- The New Road to Serfdom. It deserves to be read by 2 million people.
Read the whole thing AND I never, never, ever get tired of watching this speech. Daniel, you are fantastic!

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Left Hating

The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010 Be careful. This is nauseating because it is true. Don't believe, follow the links (there are many).

Random Round-Up 01-10

President Obama Job Approval

Fighting public-sector unions

From Ken Blackwell who should have been the RNC chair instead of Steele. The Constitution Did Not Condone Slavery
Further, the Three-Fifths Compromise reduced the power in Congress of slaveholding states while giving an electoral bonus to any state that voluntarily emancipated its slaves. When seven of the original thirteen states abolished slavery, they were allowed to count free black people in the census for purposes of representation in Congress.

It is especially galling to have liberals attack Republican Members on these matters. They forget that it was Republicans who gave us the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments—those great guarantees of civil rights. Every vote cast against those amendments was cast by a Democrat. It was Republicans who passed the first anti-lynching bill in the House—in 1922. Those bills were routinely killed by Senate Democrats until 1957.
Read the whole thing!

Like all political ideas, this will end badly - GOP activists: Dems’ filibuster repeal could actually help undo Obamacare

Why Teacher Pensions Don't Work Defined-benefit systems aren't merely Ponzi schemes. They discourage talented teachers who would prefer front-loaded compensation.

The heartland rises

Keep up the good work Issa! Issa's Early Effect

A Feminist Look at Palin’s Military Jargon. The left-wing jabs at the Palin piƱata in the wake of a horrible tragedy ought to be enough to convince more Americans of the moral vacuity of the “progressive” community.

Now ObamaCare debate moves to the real world


Welcome to Personal Responsibility 101

Citizen Soros: Manipulating the Media (Part 1 in a Series) My favorite part about Soros is that he is closer to the grave than the cradle.

It's what they do - Flashback: How Clinton exploited Oklahoma City for political gain

Even FDR didn't like public sector unions - The Battle Ahead: Public Sector Unions

Interestingly, the critic was more concerned about racial traits than ideology - The Diversity Police Are At It Again

Breeding Men Who Riot

Round-Up at on the left's "reporting" of the AZ Tragedy

NYT's hypocrisy is increasingly "dog bites man" news - The shame and hypocrisy of the New York Times

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Prayer for Christina

Nine-year-old girl killed in shooting was born on Sep. 11, 2001 Dear Lord, this child was born on a day of tragegy and taken from us on a day of tragedy but in her 9 short years she clearly filled her family with joy. Please take her up to heaven and keep her in your divine embrace. And please bless her family, friends, and loved ones and give them the peace of knowing she is with God and all the angels of heaven. Amen.

Random Round-Up 01-09

The Shooting of Rep. Giffords and the Left Wing Smear Machine

Empire Falls Next to California, New York may be the country's biggest fiscal basket case. At least Governor Cuomo seems to grasp the situation.

Obama Math

Abuse Industry Paves the Royal Road to the Welfare State

We're the government and we're here to claim we helped you

Our Precious Bodily Fluids

How to lose jobs and alienate taxpayers