Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Round-Up 01-09

There Is Something You Can Do to Stop Obamacare

PPP on Massachusetts Senate: “This has become a losable race for Democrats”; Update: Dems prepping in case of Brown win?

Tea Party Movement Poised for Strong Start in 2010

Rush Limbaugh: "Obama would have given me a heart attack if he would have visited me in the hospital."

Obama announces $2.3B in ‘clean’ energy manufacturing credits

Plain Vanilla Finance

Hey Republicans, Adopt the AFL-CIO’s 2004 Message: Show Us the Jobs

Fears of Terrorism Could Worsen Already-Shaky Economy, Analysts Say

GOP senators write Obama letter objecting to alleged bomber's trial

Krauthammer: Pres. Obama Is "Disconnected," Addressing Terrorism "Casually"

Spinning the Jobs Report

Club for Growth plans to oppose Bennett's reelection in 2010

Jill Biden – Clueless On Education

May she rest in peace - Biden's Mother Dies After Falling Seriously Ill

Don’t Worry, It’s Only $400-600 Million to Try Terrorists in NYC

Rep. Pomeroy touts bill to block ‘boneheaded’ EPA emissions rules

VIDEO - NBC Live Demonstration: What Full-Body Scanners Show

No Censorship of the Arts! (Unless We Trust You). The comments from the arts community drip with hypocrisy.

Health Care Countdown: Differences Over Abortion Funding Pose Hurdle

Bill Clinton to address healthcare at House Democrats retreat

Truckloads Of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines

Frozen Britain seen from above

Frozen Britain seen from above This striking image taken by Nasa's Terra satellite on 7 January 2010 shows the UK deep in the clutches of the current cold snap

Brown v. Coakley 01-09

MA Poll: 'This has become a losable race for Democrats'

Martha Coakley: “We need to get taxes up”

Kennedy Family To Endorse Coakley Thursday

What We're Seeing In Massachusetts. AND New poll coming soon: Could Scott Brown, R, actually win in Massachusetts?

Consider Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

Running Scared : Martha Coakley (page 2 is where its at)

Brown's Websites

And another reason to support Brown - Can Dems pass health care if Brown wins?

Legal Insurrection is really pushing on this. Loads of links!
It's On - Push Polling "Hate Group" Support for Brown

More Signs of Coakley Trouble

MoveOn.Org Comes To Coakley's Rescue

Martha Coakley's Political House On Fire

Scott Brown Has Won The Online Race / Update - AstroTweeting

Shocked - Mass Interim Senator Violates Neutrality Pledge

Junk Science/Environmentalism Corruption 01-09

As Climategate Becomes Pressgate, Questions for the Media

Chief defends Met Office record

Peer-to-Peer Review: How ‘Climategate’ Marks the Maturing of a New Science Movement, Part I

More Stupidity - Obama Unveils Green Jobs Plan After Economy Loses 85,000 Jobs in December

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 01-09

Can Dems pass health care if Brown wins?

Crash O's 'Cadillac'!

Unhealthy Relationships

ObamaCare Transparency Promise Broken

Prominent Voice in Health Care Debate Took Money from the Administration

The Talented Mr. Nelson. The evolving justification for the Cornhusker Kickback.

VIDEO - Stewart Rips Obama's Broken Promises, Especially C-SPAN

His 'Highness' or His 'Highhandedness'?

VIDEO - What’s behind the Cafferty tirade on CNN?

Take the Money and Talk: Top Health Care Policy Analyst Declined to Disclose Administration Consulting Fees AND Economist Was Under Contract With HHS While Touting Health Reform Bill

Health Insurers’ ‘Sins’ Don’t Justify Reform

VIDEO - Sestak puts blame on Democratic leaders for slipping support

The Risk of Catastrophic Victory. Obama is in the midst of one. Can the GOP avert one of their own?

Media Corruption 01-09

Palin Scoops Politico

For Obama and the Media, Is the Honeymoon Finally Over?

As Climategate Becomes Pressgate, Questions for the Media

Chip Reid To Gibbs: Why No Obama Press Conference Since July?

VIDEO - What’s behind the Cafferty tirade on CNN?

Political Corruption 01-08-10

Geithner Called to Explain AIG Bailout Secrecy

McCain vs. Obama's 'Left-wing crusade'

Obama and D.C. School Choice

Obama’s Labor Department Ignores His Executive Order– The Ethics Pledge

GOP senators write Obama letter to object to bombing suspect's civilian trial

The Talented Mr. Nelson. The evolving justification for the Cornhusker Kickback.

45% would replace Congress with names drawn randomly from the telephone book

Interesting, Alan Grayson is 6th Richest Member of House

WSJ: IRS Takeover of the Tax Preparer Industry

Obama Funder ‘Jodie Evans’ In White House Visitor Log days after Code Pink Hamas Trip

Cook: Dems Could Lose The House

Prominent Voice in Health Care Debate Took Money from the Administration AND Take the Money and Talk: Top Health Care Policy Analyst Declined to Disclose Administration Consulting Fees

What the GOP Can Learn From a Pizza Chain

A Jump Ball for Democrats and Republicans In 2010

The Risk of Catastrophic Victory. Obama is in the midst of one. Can the GOP avert one of their own?

In Economic Woes 01-09

Geithner Called to Explain AIG Bailout Secrecy

Fan and Fred: Frauds by Design? A new revelation makes their failures look more contrived than incompetent.

Massive Jump In Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Benefits - Up 43% In One Month!

Boring Unemployment News

Employers slash jobs in December, pressuring Obama

Unexpectedly, AP hammers Obama administration on jobless report

Tax Collections See Third Consecutive Double-Digit Drop in 3Q 2009

9 reasons why the Dec. jobs report is bad news for Dems

Budget Busting Compensation Packages Plague States

Prolonging the Recession

On the Private Provision of Public Goods

Interesting, Alan Grayson is 6th Richest Member of House

Will Higher Taxes Force Wealthy to Flee U.S.?

America as Texas vs. California, Part III

Where are the jobs? U.S. Loses Another 85,000 Jobs In Dec; Unemployment At 10%

Unemployment: The Dirty Little Secret Everyone's Ignoring

The New Year Brings Tax Chaos. At least 2010 is a good year to die.

Crunching the Numbers in the Jobs Report

WSJ: IRS Takeover of the Tax Preparer Industry

More Stupidity - Obama Unveils Green Jobs Plan After Economy Loses 85,000 Jobs in December

Jobs gloom hits west’s recovery hopes

Avatar Reviews

Below are two crushing Avatar reviews that acknowledge the visual achievements of the film but deplore the racism inherent in the plot.

Both are excellent (albeit short) reads:

From Forbes - The Case Against 'Avatar'
In a sense, capitalism is the villain of Avatar. Yet what Cameron fails to understand is that capitalism represents a far more noble and heroic way of life than that led by the Na'vi. As Abraham Lincoln noted in 1858, the unique thing about the industrial revolution wasn't that humans invented steam-power and other ingenious inventions. In fact, a steam engine was manufactured in ancient Alexandria without ever being used. But that society didn't value the invention and spread of labor-saving devices. Instead, it valued physical courage and martial valor. The truly revolutionary thing about the industrial revolution was the rise of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneurial society doesn't value the ability to murder mammoths or members of the neighboring tribe above all else. It values the ability to develop useful ideas and devices and practices that had never been seen before.

In 1976, Stanford economist Tibor Scitovsky wrote an incredible book called The Joyless Economy, which, among other things, argued that we place too much emphasis on acquiring "comforts" that lose their meaning--think of the endless quest for new cars, new houses, and new shoes--instead of pursuing the "pleasures" of building fulfilling relationships and discovering and creating new things. The essential difference between entrepreneurial societies vs. the Na'vi society portrayed in Avatar isn't that we're rich and they're not. Despite being chased around by space-panthers and serpentine dog-wolves all day, the Na'vi do seem pretty tall, strong, healthy and well-fed. Entrepreneurial societies are in a deep sense better than other societies because they give everyone an opportunity to learn, discover, and explore, and to change the world around us. No tree whispers into our ears to tell us what to do or how to live. And that is a sublimely wonderful thing.

From The New York Times (!) - The Messiah Complex
Cameron’s handling of the White Messiah fable is not the reason “Avatar” is such a huge global hit. As John Podhoretz wrote in The Weekly Standard, “Cameron has simply used these familiar bromides as shorthand to give his special-effects spectacular some resonance.” The plotline gives global audiences a chance to see American troops get killed. It offers useful hooks on which McDonald’s and other corporations can hang their tie-in campaigns.

Still, would it be totally annoying to point out that the whole White Messiah fable, especially as Cameron applies it, is kind of offensive?

It rests on the stereotype that white people are rationalist and technocratic while colonial victims are spiritual and athletic. It rests on the assumption that nonwhites need the White Messiah to lead their crusades. It rests on the assumption that illiteracy is the path to grace. It also creates a sort of two-edged cultural imperialism. Natives can either have their history shaped by cruel imperialists or benevolent ones, but either way, they are going to be supporting actors in our journey to self-admiration.

It’s just escapism, obviously, but benevolent romanticism can be just as condescending as the malevolent kind — even when you surround it with pop-up ferns and floating mountains.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Junk Science/Environmentalism Corruption 01-07

Listen to the Earth, But Also to the Bean Counters

Cold Wars

Understanding the Global Warming Delusion

EPA pushes tougher air-quality rules

Brown v. Coakley

Hope for Brown? Moving From “Solid” to “Leans”

The Man Who Can Stop Obamacare

Dear Massachusetts Voter

Scott Brown Needs Help That Doesn't Cost Money

Scott Brown "one step up from a toss-up"

Maybe Steele has more than a few good points after all - Steele, RNC Raising Money For Scott Brown

People On The Street Talk About Scott Brown

And from the Boston Globe (!!!) Where's Martha Coakley?
Coakley, in exquisitely diva-like form, is refusing all invitations to debate her Republican opponent in the race, Scott Brown, unless a third-party candidate with no apparent credentials is included on the stage. She may also require a crystal bowl of orange-only M&Ms in her dressing room, but we haven't gotten that far yet. Her demands have led to an astonishing result: there will be just one -- that's one -- live televised debate in the Boston media market this general election season. [snip]
For that matter, let's take a look at Coakley's campaign schedule for today. Well, actually, we can't. There isn't one. She isn't doing anything in public -- no meetings with voters, no debates, no public appearances. For all we know, she's spending much of her time at home with the shades drawn waiting for Jan. 19, Election Day, to come and go.

Which is the real problem with all this. Voters want their political candidates to earn the position -- with hard work, innovative ideas, and a hearty nod to the process. The funny part about a good campaign is that voters not only get to meet the candidate, but the candidate gets to meet the voters and learn what's on their minds.

Media Corruption 01-08

Chris Matthews Is A Bigoted Liar And We Have The Proof

Is Ed Schultz's MSNBC Show Illegal?

The Dems and Their Water-Carriers

In Economic Woes 01-08

How Markets Make Us More Rational

Social Security deficit slides to worst showing in a generation

Geithner’s New York Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure AND Re: Big Trouble for Geithner?

Obama's Fiscal Fantasy World. Spending is up nearly 24% since Bush's last full budget year.

U.S. Debt Scolds Can’t Be Ignored Much Longer

And "Big Business" is made up of people, not evil drones by the way. Big Business Creates Jobs Too. Many small businesses fail. And innovating can be easier with corporate backing. Of course, I support business, big or small, as a general rule and Capitalist-loving Mom.

Inflation vs. Deflation

Cut the strings on the stimulus

Sarkozy proposes ad tax on Google

Senate Democrats look at infrastructure, 'caulkers' in jobs bill

Bernanke faces mounting criticism after speech

Epic Fail on Protecting Us From Terrorists

CNN Reporter To Brennan: Isn't Your Counterterrorism Plan A Bit Basic?

Connecting The Dots. President Obama needs to pay attention to some big warning signs.

White House: Hey, We Told Counterterror Chief to Go Skiing

9/11 Commissioner: Congress shares blame for 12/25 intelligence failures

Cybersecurity: Here’s What Really Worries the Pentagon

VIDEO - National security adviser: Airline bomber report to 'shock'

Bolton: Obama Misses the Big Picture

CBS VIDEO - Failure Linking Ft. Hood Dots

Lehman: Clueless Obama

It's Time to Lead, Mr. President

American Leadership: M.I.A.

Treating Terrorists like Citizens and Citizens Like Terrorists

Obama aide to meet allies on airport security

PJTV VIDEO - Coffee, Tea or Terror? You Are the First Line of Defense On Your Next Flight

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 01-08

Mark Tapscott: Pelosi's health care message to public: Drop dead

C-SPAN CEO: White House Has Allowed Only ‘One Hour’ of Health Care Coverage

Oh Joy. Married Couples Pay More Than Unmarried Under Health Bill

Arnold blasts health care bill: 'Trough of bribes, deals and loopholes'

Outrage from a surprising quarter

Well, DUH. New Gov’t Report Demonstrates Superiority of Private Sector in Controlling Health Costs

The Rise and Fall of the Public Option

21.1 Million Reasons Big Labor Pours Money into ObamaCare

Oh for Pete's Sake - Final Health Care Bill May Require Proof of Insurance on Tax Returns

PJTV VIDEO - Worth the Wait? UK-Style Medicine is Bad for Your Health

Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Death by Scientific Consensus

Jackass. Nelson: We should have waited on health care AND Ben Nelson Provided The 60th Vote On Health Care. Now He Says It Wasn't Worth It.

Advocacy groups raise concerns on health bill

Health Care Spending Rose at Historically Slow Rate in 2008

House Democrats discuss health care priorities

Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans

VIDEO - The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations

Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency

Pelosi vows to defend House healthcare bill

Political Corruption 01-08

Sarah Palin will headline first-ever Tea Party Convention. Sarah Palin’s appearance is a coup for a movement now getting grudging respect from mainstream commentators. But will the feisty Tea Party movement coalesce with the GOP’s old guard?

America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians. It's a little intense.

Letting crooks & illegals vote. Democrats plan to manipulate elections with universal registration That's not gonna fly with me.

Seriously, how many reports does have to do on this vile bastard Jennings before the media take notice Obama appointed a virtual child molester as "Safe Schools Czar?" Fistgate XIV: Jennings Personally Pushed Books That Encouraged Children to Meet Adults at Gay Bars For Sex

Civil Rights Division Lawyers Slapped With Sanctions AND Obama Lawyers Fined by Federal Court - This is regarding Holder's D0J interference with the New Black Panther's Voter Intimidation case. An astonishing example of corruption.
It is noteworthy that these two lawyers — the ones who directly superimposed their own legal judgment in the New Black Panther Party case — are now the subject of the court’s order, which as the report notes is unusual, in that it is “directed at individual lawyers that specifically says their employer is not responsible for paying the costs.” To boot, King is a multiple-sanctions recipient. During the Clinton administration, she was one of the Justice Department attorneys who was responsible for a fine of more than half a million dollars.

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Democrats

Murtha Friendly Contractor Suspended For Kickbacks

The next Democratic senator to retire is… AND Ritter Out, Hickenlooper In?

Democrats Wary as Two Senators Decide to Retire

We'll See. With Democratic Retirements, GOP 2010 Senate Prospects Brighten

Paterson Says Legislators Put State in Danger

I told you RNC, it should have been Ken Blackwell! Steele's side pursuits drive away big donors

Actually, I think all bloggers will as people from all ideologies realize the media is operating under a partisan agenda. Conservative Bloggers Will Play Huge Role in Coming GOP Contests

2010: Our Year of Decision

I think Glenn Reynolds is correct when he muses, wow as many as that?! - 32% Confident Congress Represents Their Best Interests AND Conservative Nation?

VDH - Bush Did It! And, Really, Bush Did It! And Bush Really Did It!

The Balance of Power Starts to Tip

According to Gallup (!) - Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group

Corruption Round-Up 12-07-10

Palin Gives Conservatives A Little Something To Nibble On


White House Budget Director Asks for 'Privacy' for Love Child But keep hitting the Palins all you want?

America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians. It's a little intense.

I'm sad to say it may be our only safety net - Republicans see the courts as the last line of defense vs. Democrats’ agenda

The Leftist Bullies

A Different Malik Shabazz and Jeremiah Wright? What Are the Odds?

Poll: Most Oppose Tax on Junk Food

Nineteen Thirty Something

The ascendancy of the non-private person

If they wanted your opinion, they'd ask

Gay Marriage Loses in New Jersey AND New Jersey Senate hands 'gay marriage' another defeat in the Northeast

Schwarzenegger -- What Might've Been

House Dems will get a visit from the president

Slow Posting Day

Husband had to have medical proceedure. Son needs to go to OT. I'm tired and badly burned. And daughter will want me to do something with her. Still might try though before making English-style dinner for in-laws who are living with us for 5 weeks.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Super Cool Humpback Photos

Whaleman Duncan Murrell paddles his kayak close to humpback whales

See all the pictures by clicking on the gallery slideshow button in the upper righthand corner.

Random Round-Up 01-06

Whistleblower Web Site Goes Dark, Seeks Funding

Truly supporting Junk Science - Spying on Icebergs Instead of Terrorists? Obama Program Diverts Intelligence Assets to Climate Research

The Payday Loan Public Option: As Bad As It Sounds

Chris Dodd as a Tea-Party Success Story AND Dodd Makes It Official AND Dodd, Dorgan out; 5 other Senate Dems vulnerable

Out of the frying pan and into the fire - Awesome, awesome rumor: Chris Dodd for Treasury Secretary?

Obama OKs taxing high-end health plans

The Rising Nexus of Big Government and Big Business

Matthews: All ‘Teabaggers’ White? Maybe Not…

White House: We will NOT discuss broken C-Span promise

VDH - Obama’s Broken Health-Care Promise

Press corps grills Gibbs: Um, didn’t Obama totally shamelessly lie about C-SPAN?

Dear Mr. President: Your Policies Are Damaging Women the Most

Damn it! Somebody stop this thing! Pelosi: Congress 'very close' on final health bill

American Leadership: M.I.A.

ACU Calls for TSA Nominee to Withdraw. Chairman David Keene Says Erroll Southers Can't Be Trusted on Privacy

Cut the strings on the stimulus

FreedomWorks Thanks Senators for putting "Principle Over Pork"

FMLA Benefits for Part-Time Workers Would Hurt Those They Are Supposed to Help

Where is your treasure?

I campaigned for Ken Blackwell. Yet again, the RNC failed to listen to their betters. Michael Steele: The Democrats’ Best Friend

I read the article and Brooks is an unbearable boor - The Unbearable Elitism of David Brooks

'Negro' Race Choice On Census Form Sparks Outrage

In Economic Woes 01-06 - UPDATED

Voters to California: Drop dead

Congress Tinkers with Withholding Tax Tables for 2010

Fed Missed This Bubble. Will It See a New One?

Why Taxing Stock Trades Is a Really Bad Idea. Everyday investors shouldn't be punished for a subprime fiasco fueled by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Don't Call It a Bailout

VIDEO - Where Is Our Debt Coming From?

This ain't good - Government Jobs Have Overtaken Goods-Producing Jobs

Employee Compensation in State and Local Governments

Deregulation Now. A New Year's resolution for failing state governments

“Protocols” and Wealth Creation

Who Is Wesley Mouch? If you don't know, watch Stossel's show.

Stimulus II: Just Say No

Oh Goody - Phantom zip codes also found in Virginia

More Proof that Spending Doesn’t Stimulate the Economy

Great News: The Reason Why Obama's Agenda May Fail Is That Liberals are Fat Capitalists

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 01-06 - UPDATED

Keep working hard Mr. Cantor. We're all depending on you. Cantor: 37 House Dems Could Abandon Obamacare

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage

Expense-Account Health Care

Dems agree that House will take up, tweak Senate healthcare bill With VIDEO

She's either a lying sack of poop, an utter idiot or most plausibly both - Pelosi on health care reform bill: 'There has never been a more open process for any legislation.' AND Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama's campaign promises

Why ObamaCare Must Be Defeated

Obama prods Congress to pass health bill quickly Because doing things fast and in secret always works out best.

No, These Aren’t Health Care Reform Fairy Tales

ObamaCare and Being on the ‘Wrong Side of History’

A Three-fer, media and political corruption plus the hell that is Obamacare - The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations

It's probably wrong to hope the weight of it (metaphorically) crushes her. Pelosi to bear heavy lifting in selling centrist-influenced health plan to left

Arnold blasts health care bill: 'Trough of bribes, deals and loopholes'

Senator Reid's Health Care Update Event (Health Care Organizing Event)

Corruption Daily Round-Up 01-06 - UPDATED

Escalating Complexity and the Collapse of Elite Authority

This is just awful! Ribbons for Soldiers Banned on the Litchfield Green


Custody Case Highlights Artificiality of Same Sex Marriage

Not a good sign. From Slate. Saying No to Obama. The U.S. president is popular, but world leaders are finding it easy to defy his wishes.

The Obamas: Conspicuous Sacrifice vs. Conspicuous Consumption

Seems a little esoteric but OK - Obama vs. Othello: A Question of Character. Increasing ignorance of great works of art has left Americans less capable of fully evaluating their leaders.

One 'Allegedly' Too Many. In her raw and disastrous way, Janet Napolitano is revealing.


Martha Coakley's Anti-Terror Policy? Location, Location, Location AND It’s Pretty Bad …

Andrew Brietbart: Obama Took a Kid’s Surfboard Accident More Seriously Than the Underwear Bomber (Video)

Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at President Obama's campaign promises

A Two-fer! It's All Rasmussen's Fault. Look, a messenger! Somebody shoot him! AND Now even his Gallop polls are teetering - President Slipping Among Whites, Independents in New Year

She's either a lying sack of poop, an utter idiot or most plausibly both - Pelosi on health care reform bill: 'There has never been a more open process for any legislation.'

Top Democrats head for the exits And this picture of Dodd is gloriously cruel.

Obama and the Vampire Congress

No More Conservative Democrats or Liberal Republicans

The Real Blowup

I say, don't count your chickens until they hatch. Handwriting on the Wall for Democrats

A Three-fer, media and political corruption plus the hell that is Obamacare - The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations

Senators poised to take on panel chairman posts of retiring Dems

May I suggest looking in the mirror? Pelosi seeks new bogeyman for '10

Massachusetts Voters Could Make History on January 19

The Left Continues to Break: More Cracks in Net Neutrality Front

Watch Out for GOP Populism Rep. Paul Ryan an enemy of business?

In the event of an emergency, please proceed calmly to the nearest exit: Dems Ritter, Dodd, Dorgan depart

Video: CNN looks at Stern lobbying issue

Spies Hang Together, Not Alone: Brits Dime Out Obama On Intel


Senate Sends ACORN’s Rathke Endorsed NLRB Nominee Back to Obama

ACORN and Big Labor: Two Peas in a Pod

‘You Are a Bad, Bad, Bad Journalist’


Global Warming as Climastrology

Who Said Gore Couldn't Get More Stiff?

Climate Change and Income Inequality

The Obamas: Conspicuous Sacrifice vs. Conspicuous Consumption

For Obama, Global Warming Trumps National Security

Global Warming as Climastrology


A Two-fer! It's All Rasmussen's Fault. Look, a messenger! Somebody shoot him!

As Instapundit pointed out, one of the comments remarked that every single MSNBC host is white too. Chris Matthews: Every single “teabagger” in America is white I wonder what Mr. Gladney thinks of Matthews. And there's also these photos, here.

Two Big Stories in 2010

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage AND What Brian Lamb Reaps

‘You Are a Bad, Bad, Bad Journalist’

A Three-fer, media and political corruption plus the hell that is Obamacare - The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations

BIG JOURNALISM Launches - Keeping Bill Keller Informed: Diary of a New York Times-Watcher


Pro-Life Advocates Plan to Protest Opening of Largest Abortion Clinic in U.S.

Voters to California: Drop dead

Deregulation Now. A New Year's resolution for failing state governments

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage

Nice disection! Coexist?

Drill, Baby, Drill Deep

While its amazing we have the technology, but a shame we can't drill closer in.

Cramped on Land, Big Oil Bets at Sea

Dodd Dumped

3 Democrats — 2 senators, 1 governor — to retire
Technically it's still a rumor but the AP is running the story and an announcement from Dodd is expected today. The Internet Works!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pictures of The Earth

Really amazing images taken by Astronaut Sunita Williams

Strawberry Crab

Cool New Species

Random Round-Up 01-05

In shocker, Dorgan announces retirement

As Dem divisions grow, some wonder if Shea-Porter is rethinking Senate race

Could there be an upset in Mass? Finally: a poll in the Coakley/Brown Senate race

Rep. Pete King rethinking Senate run

Ballot initiatives are a way for citizens to settle an issue directly without state legislatures

Will the American People Finally Revolt?

I'm sticking by our accountant - H and R Block and the IRS: An Unholy Alliance to Ransack Taxpayers

'She Was a Total Embarrassment to the Network'

Carthyism 2.0? Inside the Right’s Battle With ACORN: Interview with Bertha Lewis

Getting Back to the Right

Fannie, Freddie, and the New Red and Blue

Rep. Barney Frank: Lenders Fannie and Freddie now a 'public policy instrument

Looming Tax Hikes Preventing Economic Recovery

Senate to Business: Think Twice Before Starting a Construction Company

Democratic Payoffs, Er, Stimulus

By Ken Blackwell (who I supported for RNC Chair over Mr. Steele, by the way) - The Left Goes to War Against Science, Surrenders on Terror AND President Obama: How About Bowing to Reality?

N.H. Tea Party Coalition plans protests at N.H. homes of U.S. legislators AND The Tea Partiers Versus the Smart Set

The Real ClimateGate: Who’s Stupid, Hu’s Not

Climategate, Copenhagen and Cap & Trade

ClimateGate’s Next Phase: False Claims Act Lawsuit

Hot Weather Convinces Media of Climate Change; Cold Weather Ignored

Pay Attention! Thomas Sowell is speaking - Intellectuals and Society AND Intellectuals and Society: Part II

George Will on “Blight” Condemnations in New York

C-SPAN Asks to Televise Health Care Negotiations

So Much for Transparency

Hiding health bills behind closed doors. Democrats keep government care secrets away from the public

How's that workin' out for us? VIDEO - 2006 Flashback: Pelosi Says Dems Will Have Most Honest & Ethical Congress

Premiums are key issue for health care negotiators

Another Entitlement That's Unsustainable

Buffett wades into battle for Cadbury

Our Incompetent Civilization. Sometimes we have to choose between evils.

For Obama, terrorism is a four-letter word: Bush

Palin: We Need 'A Commander-in-Chief, Not a Law Professor' AND Sarah Palin: It’s War, not a Crime Spree

After the Swoon

America is losing the free world

Posts from NRO by my husband - Easterbrook on Avatar AND The Established Church of Liberalism

One of These Things is Not Like the Others