Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Round-Up 08-20

President Obama Job Approval

Fleecing the Cornhuskers Obamacare kicks Nebraskans in the wallet.

Sorry, But Our Zoning Regulations Forbid You From Celebrating Your Freedom

Daniel Rubin: An infuriating search at Philadelphia International Airport

Nearly Half of Participants in Obama Mortgage Aid Program Drop Out

The Stealth Obama Ocean Grab

Dem Congressman Bans Signs at Town Hall

The Battle for the Term "Feminist": Sarah Palin Wins This Round

Truth in Labelling

The Point of No Return The warnings of Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln have never been more relevant. Thomas Sowell

Foreclosures Grind On

YouCut slashes government waste

A Democrat's 'To Do' List for Obama

D.C. Democrats: Clueless, Condescending, and Costly The political class not only wastes trillions of our money, it adds insult to injury with each condescending statement.

Obama employs politics of fear in Social Security debate

The Democratic Panic Begins

Obama now blames poor job numbers on congressional inaction. Wait! His party runs Congress

A year after bankruptcy, GM plans stock sale

The Tea Party Rescues America

The Lockerbie Bomber and Scotland's Disgrace A political stunt freed a mass murderer and brought needless grief to many in the U.S.

Teacher Quality Matters

Getting it wrong on small business

High-tech carts will tell on Cleveland residents who don't recycle ... and they face $100 fine

Chicago Suburb Vents Over Public Pensions

Washington Is Railroading the American Taxpayer

Obamanomics: Touching lives $195,000 at a time

Obama Demagogues Private Enterprise. The president's misguided attacks on privatization

A Boy Named Sue

Why "CalPERS Manager" Is Every Stock Picker's Dream Job

A Historian's Take On President Obama

New York's GOP Never Learns The controversy over Chris Cox's candidacy could cost the GOP N.Y.'s first congressional district

How Long Until We Can’t Afford the U.S. Debt?

NYT and WaPo circle the wagons

California faces issuing IOUs again

And so the death panels begin

The Perils of Praise

FCC Report on Broadband Performance: A Scare Tactic

The Judiciary's Culturally Sanctioned Allergy to Christianity Flourishes

Juveniles in charge. Beavis and Butt-head on the Potomac

Federal Lobbying by Minnesota’s Local Governments Flies Under the Radar

Why does the Mint keep pumping out $1 coins when few are buying in?

Obama sharpens campaign rhetoric as approval ratings fall

The ‘Super User’ Problem and Other Top Secret America Enigmas. Generating so much information that no one person can digest it all, the post-9/11 intelligence business is an endless maze of bloated bureaucracy — one that does not necessarily keep America safer or more secure

US Homeowner Confidence Drops in Second Quarter

The troubling consequences of EPA regulations

Interest on the National Debt May Consume Half Your Income Taxes by 2020

President Obama's winning streak

Government-run, defined-benefit plans are collapsing, and employers have the solution.

Election 2010: Arkansas Senate Arkansas Senate: Boozman (R) 65%, Lincoln (D) 27% You were warned that if you voted for Obamacare, you'd be out of a job come November.

The White House’s Joke Transparency

Appeals Court Rejects Speech Code

More tough economic times forecast by CBO

Fourteen Ways to Reduce Government Spending

Math Lessons for Locavores

Carbon capture technology: solid as gas

How To Lose A Guy In 75 Days

Only Cowards Stone People to Death: An Islamic Religious Ritual

General Motors IPO filing focuses on green technologies, serious risks

Waters dismisses evidence in ethics case as 'staff chatter'

Obamacare Locked In at Low Pre-Passage Numbers

While our economy is enormously complicated, it seems reasonably clear that the current slump has turned into the "worst downturn since the Great Depression" precisely because of the ill-advised policies of the Obama administration. Those policies contradict the lessons of history, and there is no reason why their failure should be unexpected.

China Wealthy? That's Rich!

Worried Democrats courting elderly voters as midterm elections near

Obama keeping public expressions of religion to a minimum

The Ruling Class Takes Care of Its Own. The excess pay and benefits are outrageous — and unaffordable.

That’s Gotta Hurt

Obama's Point of No Return

Politics, Not Science, Drove White House to Release Rosy Gulf Oil Report

Taxpayers could foot the bill for failing pensions, report finds

Pelosi Tells America to Shut Up on Ground Zero Mosque

A Fragment on Shall and May

Out of Touch

Linda Chavez’s misunderstanding of the Citizenship Clause

The Taxman Cometh, And Taketh. During the '90s, income tax rates held at 39.6%, as did the tax on dividends. Expect this relationship to hold in coming years.

Time Magazine’s Slander of America

The lost promise of Barack Obama

Listen to the CBO, Learn from the Greeks

UAW Sells Out Members, Holds On To Black Lake Resort

Post-McDonald Litigation Updates

Not With A Bang

Poll: Majority of N.J. voters approve of Gov. Chris Christie’s job performance

Ohio Paper: Obama's Got His Facts Wrong on Stimulus

Has ObamaCare’s Unpopularity Caused ‘Abject Panic at the White House’?

Re: Obama’s Unpopularity

Alberto Gonzales: Changing the 14th amendment won't solve our immigration crisis

And the Answer Is ….

Movement in Senate races largely favor Republican candidates

Facing Budget Shortfall, Texas Spends $250M on Illegal Immigrant Care

The Taxing Jobs Bill

The Top 10 Highest State Income Taxes: All Obama Blue States

Is the Economy Obama's Only Problem?

How the MSM Is Covering the Mosque Story

Won Ribbons in the County Fair

I won a First Place in the Flower Category for this picture:

And Third Place in the Wildlife Category for this picture:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Round-Up 08-19

President Obama Job Approval

Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,000

Time for transparency in New Black Panther case

Obama raises money as polls sink

Tea party movement shows ‘wisdom of crowds’

Ugh! - Happy Cost of Government Day

Why the Issue of Overpaid Government Workers Matters

Unfunded Public Pensions—the Next Quagmire A federal bailout would cost trillions and prevent necessary reforms. But there are several ways states can rationalize their workers' retirement benefits.

By The Numbers: How many local government public welfare bureaucrats are there?

Deconstructing Harry Reid The Senate majority leader's inexplicable desire to debate taxes in September.

Lefties pine for… George W. Bush???

Big Government Forgets How to Build Big Projects

Jobless Claims in U.S. Rose to Highest Since November

New case & new video: Man walking dogs alleges police used excessive force

I agree - World Net Daily’s Intolerance is Bad For Conservatives

A Chance for California

Barney to Fannie: Drop Dead Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.


Pack It Up, Inspector Javert

Recovery Blunder: Jobless Claims Highest in 9 Months

NRSC: ‘The Next Time Democrats Call You Extreme, Show Them This Video.’

Another ‘Draft’ Memo on How to Stop Enforcing Immigration Laws

At 75, Social Security Isn't Aging Well Government-run, defined-benefit plans are collapsing, and employers have the solution.

Pelosi's poison

Investigate Me, Nancy!

Budget analysts see 2010 deficit at $1.3 trillion

Obvious Failure of Stimulus Becomes Obvious Even To Economists

Taxation: What’s the Ideal Point on the Laffer Curve?

How To Make Sure You Don't Accidentally Visit Organizations That Don't Want You

Politics or Civility?

Big Government Forgets How to Build Big Projects

Education Secretary’s office hangs up on TheDC over Duncan’s plans to speak at Sharpton promoted event to counter Glenn Beck ‘Restoring Honor’ rally

Time to leave Human Rights Council

The Gulf Oil Spill Meets the Newspeak Dictionary. No crisis should ever be allowed to slip by without calls for greater public expenditure of doubtful worth, and the Gulf oil spill crisis is no exception to this golden rule of bureaucratic opportunism

Plan B in the War on Terror It’s a “shadow war” and it’s already underway.

Obama's war on lobbyists was just a lot of hot air

The Westboro Baptist’s Church’s Religious Freedom

Hamas-Supporting Code Pink Honcho Hosting Jerry Brown Fundraiser

Government Builds Bridges Over Border

Unguarded border bridges could be route into US

Before you read this whole article or the paragraphs below, make an appointment with your dentist because you're gonna grind your teeth over this nonsense.
On each side of a towering West Texas stretch of the $2.4 billion border fence designed to block people from illegally entering the country, there are two metal footbridges, clear paths into the United States from Mexico.

The footpaths that could easily guide illegal immigrants and smugglers across the Rio Grande without getting wet seem to be there because of what amounts to federal linguistics. While just about anyone would call them bridges, the U.S.-Mexico group that owns them calls them something else.

"Technically speaking it's not a bridge, it's a grade control structure," said Sally Spener, spokeswoman for the International Boundary and Water Commission, which maintains the integrity of the 1,200-mile river border between the U.S. and Mexico. The structures under the spans help prevent the river — and therefore the international border — from shifting.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obamacare 08-18

Overhaul fails to boost 'health care confidence'

Panic at the Disco: Obamacare Might Not Completely Outlaw Cheap Insurance

Furious Parent Blasts Senator Over Health Care

Medicare Just Says No

The Obamacare Disaster

A Different Kind of Packing List

The Avastin Mugging The FDA rigs the verdict against a good cancer drug.

George Weigel on the Hyde Amendment

"So here we have government-anointed medical patriarchs substituting their own subjective view of Avastin's risks and costs for the value that doctors and patients recognize."

How Conservatives Are Winning the Health Care Fight

In Economic Woes 08-18

AP Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy

End Crony Capitalism

Unemployed? Blame Public Employees

Thomas Friedman - Really Unusually Uncertain

Fannie's And Freddie's Fakeover

Abolish Fannie and Freddie

Government-Sponsored Housing Market

Obama: Recession Recovery to Take a Few More Years

Job Creation in the States

Rep. Paul Ryan’s Roadmap in Charts

Presidents, Precedents

John Stossel - Obama Demagogues Private Enterprise

More on the Effectiveness of Government Intervention During the Crisis

Cantor’s Debt Doc

US Says Bankruptcies Reach Nearly 5-Year High

Where Left and Right Converge Anticorporatist views are becoming more and more common.

100 reasons why the stimulus isn’t working

Job Creation in the States

Another judge blasts the SEC

A Pretend Good Point On Social Security

Frank: Obama admin 'dumb' to predict no higher than 8% unemployment

When Government Gives Defaulters a Pass

The Ruling Class Takes Care of Its Own. The excess pay and benefits are outrageous — and unaffordable.

Taxpayer’s Tab Rolls Out 7th Issue

State Spending Restraint. An Analysis of the Path Not Taken

Why? US spending $16,000 for imam's Mideast tour

'Atlas Shrugged': The CliffsNotes Today

Bad Politician Bad 08-18

President Obama Job Approval

Gallup's Polls.

Polls Show Broad Unpopularity for Obama

Obama hits new polling low

AP Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy

Analysis: Protecting Obama Cost Prosecution Blago Case

Obama's Petulant Presidency

Running Scared - The dreamy VodkaPundit maps it all out for you.

That's so liberal of her - Pelosi Wants Mosque Dissenters Investigated AND Pelosi Tries to "Walk Back" Her Call to Investigate the Mosque Protesters

Chicago Story: A Governor, A Prosecutor, And A Presidential Connection

Sen. Schumer: ‘Sour’ electorate reluctant to give Democrats credit for efforts

Thugs Intimidate Questioners at Illinois Congresswoman’s Town Hall (Video)

Palin Targeting Rep. Etheridge, Slams Him for ‘Turning Violent’

Reid Birthright Video Found

Plus - The Quotable Harry Reid

Congress delays on whistleblowers

Will House Dems risk a rout?

$2.5 Million Stimulus Project to Benefit Congresswoman’s Biggest Donor

What Barack Obama's really saying at all these cross-country stops to collect money

The Forgotten Ban: Obama sticks with DEA nominee Michele Leonhart despite criticism of raids

The Ruling Class Takes Care of Its Own. The excess pay and benefits are outrageous — and unaffordable.

Kerpen and Fund On Lame Duck Threat

Furious Parent Blasts Senator Over Health Care

Champions of Freedom Cruising

Net Neutrality Group Caught Fudging Lobbying Disclosure

They Should Earn Our Trust

Is Harry Reid Un-American? The pro-mosque left has no principles.

It's unanimous, president's visit leaves L.A. boiling

Daily Round-Up 08-18

Analysis: Protecting Obama Cost Prosecution Blago Case

Thomas Sowell - Dismantling America: Part II

Fix the Constitutional Falsehoods Congress Carved Into the Capitol's Marble


Holding Terrorists Accountable

Weakonomics (It's about school choice)

Second-Class Americans: How the Left Helps Create the Right it Fears and Despises

Damn Food Nazis - Chickening Out Hurts the Bottom Line

Redistribution won’t increase social mobility

"I realized my husband was of no added value." So not true for me. But maybe that's because I'm a "traditional" kinda gal.

The Threat of Nuclear Weapons

‘We Remember’

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Lying is freedom of speech? Does that mean if I lie on my tax forms, I'm exercising my First Amendment fight? Ninth Circuit Strikes Down Stolen Valor Act, Holds That Knowing Lies About Whether One Has Received Medals Are Generally Constitutionally Protected

California's bumbler in a black robe

Rights -- and wrongs

Muslims pray daily at Pentagon's 9/11 crash site

Muslims Against the Mosque


Mexico Retaliates as Obama Continues to Pander to Unions Over Truck Ban

The Professional Left vs. the Amateur Right. A class of radicals who live off charitable donations and devote their lives to spreading ideology has expanded its reach all the way to the White House.

Dems Giving Support to Yet Another Union Bailout

Unemployed? Blame Public Employees

Obama's Big Labor Ethics Loophole

The Ruling Class Takes Care of Its Own. The excess pay and benefits are outrageous — and unaffordable.

The Feminist Left Goes Global on Our Money

Jack London, Racist Progressive


Gore calls for major protests on government's climate change inaction

A two-fer! MSNBC's Mitchell Shocked GOPers Are Challenging "Settled Science" of Gore's "Conventional Wisdom"

GOP candidates knock global warming


In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity

A two-fer! MSNBC's Mitchell Shocked GOPers Are Challenging "Settled Science" of Gore's "Conventional Wisdom"


PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Coming Home: The Trifecta Box of Tissues Edition. Warning, you will cry.

I think this is a good think if it forces people to review the candidates' policy positions and not simply their political affiliation. Candidates shun party labels

‘A stain on our nation’

They're taking a wait-and-see approach - Arizona shelves idea of changing immigration law

Developing a Strong Border and Immigration Policy

Loco Logo

Not to make trouble for Sherwin Williams Paint company but isn't this logo in need of an update. I am no environmentalist but even for me the idea of covering the earth in paint is a little icky. I'm just saying....

Government Motors

Given the corruption and bad management of GM (aka Government Motors), you would think Obama would want to AVOID any car-related metaphors.

But nooooo.

Who gets the car?

Also, what are they holding out for? It's not like they can take it with them. Billionaires Who Haven't Taken The Pledge By the way, I worked indirectly for Carl Ichan over 20 years ago when he drove TWA into the ground (I worked for an ad agency that handled his account) and he had the most disgusting and corrupt executive I have ever had to intereact with. Ghastly human being.

Mini Round-Up

Now I feel old - Wear wristwatch? Use e-mail? Not for Class of '14 When did this happen, the 2010 college freshman was born in 1992. Holy Smokes!

Damn Boomers - Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back

Scary News You Can Use - 13 Things An Identity Thief Won't Tell You

It's the economy, stupid. AP Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy

Sadly, while I have never owned a cell phone either, I'm not as wealthy as these folks. What am I doing wrong? (Don't answer that.) In the ultimate power move, there are people who don't own a cell phone. And they're making the world work for them.

I'm kinda unsympathetic towards any Americans who complain about stress when I think of what our soldiers and, oh say, Israelis face every day. Anxiety levels are running high in these metros.


'Toy Story 3' top-grossing animated film of all time

Check out this article about Pixar and Toy Story 3, especially the 3 minute video interview of Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, and Micheal Keaton which is charming and quite funny.

Pixar RULES!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fighting Corruption 08-17

Chaos at Bell council meeting delays action

The war against fun just got funnier!

Oil industry group to hold 'citizen rallies'

Morning Bell: Solutions for America

North Dakota Oil Has a New Production Record of 315282 Barrels of Oil Per Day in June

Ground Zero Mosque odds and ends

Ninth Circuit Halts California Marriages Pending Appeal

GOP wants more security than Border Bill provides

A Tea Party Manifesto The movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party. It is aiming for a hostile takeover.

In Economic Woes 08-17

Voters Back Tough Steps to Reduce Budget Deficit

Juveniles In Charge Of Economic Policy

TIGTA: IRS Did Not Comply With Stimulus Act's Procurement Requirements

Another judge blasts the SEC

China Cuts Long-Term Treasuries By Most Ever as Yields Drop

Hey Taxpayers, Get Ready To Pay For the Union Pension Failure Tsunami

Ben Should Make Banks Lift Interest Rates

State and Local Debt: $2.4 Trillion

The Free-Marketeers Strike Back

Video: Porkulus road signs a form of propaganda

Bobby Bailout: Casey to Put Taxpayers on Hook for Teamsters’ Shenanigans

Railroading The Taxpayer

China, Economic Growth and ‘Green Jobs’

What Happened to the 400,000 Jobs Pelosi Promised after Healthcare ‘Reform’ Passed?

Geithner: Fannie, Freddie losses were 'avoidable,' pledges bipartisan overhaul

Fannie and Freddie: What’s Obama’s Exit Strategy?

Double-digit jump in bankruptcies

Debt Virus Spreads During Make-Believe Recovery

Housing Starts in U.S. Increased Less Than Forecast in July

On Fiscal Consolidation and the German Recovery

Obamacare 08-17

FDA considers revoking approval of Avastin for advanced breast cancer

Bracing For ObamaCare: Shirley Svorny on the Economics of Healthcare Reform

Medicare Just Says No

Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed

What Happened to the 400,000 Jobs Pelosi Promised after Healthcare ‘Reform’ Passed?

Bad Politician Bad 08-17

President Obama Job Approval

Majority in Gallup daily poll disapprove of Obama for first time

Obama Approval Watch

The Audacity Of Hypocrisy: Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Republican lead on generic congressional ballot grows to 7 points, largest yet this year, Gallup reports

I'm for it but I'm sure his base isn't - Obama Bombing Iran? Don't Be Surprised

Politizoid: Late night with the Obamas

Late Night with the Obamas Episode 1 from RightChange on Vimeo.

Obama Propaganda Exposed in Issa House Oversight Report is Only the Beginning

Critics say Obama's message becoming 'incoherent'

Blago guilty on just 1 count; feds vow retrial

New Video of Blagojevich on the Stand

Why Is Jim Wallis Denying that He Receives Grants from Deep-Pocketed Leftists like George Soros?

Rep. Issa: Stimulus website is 'propaganda'

Reviving California's economy: Meg Whitman versus Jerry Brown

Paying the Piper in Ohio

Wouldn't it be a favor to us all? Primary loss would be a 'favor' for Rangel, opponent says

Poll: Toomey 45, Sestak 36

Daily Round-Up 08-17

Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect


Dismantling America - Thomas Sowell

With DOJ Stonewalling on New Black Panthers Case, Civil Rights Commission Asks for Expanded Powers

Ninth Circuit Declares Stolen Valor Act Unconstitutional

'Modern' Life In Afghanistan -- Stoned to Death for Being In Love

California Liberals Resurrect Internet Sales Tax Plan

Why Does America Always Have To Prove Its Good Will?

More Tales of the Kansas Judiciary

Transparency for Me, but not for Thee. Americans must demand government transparency as a corollary to the broader principle that a properly limited government should be our servant, not our master—as the Founders intended.

As Instapundit points out, this is just "birther bait" on the part of the White House. They are offering a "video tour" of Obama's passport but have blurred the dates of issue and expiration. Don't look, birthers: Obama's passport

What About the Ground Zero Church? Archdiocese Says Officials Abandoned Project


China, Economic Growth and ‘Green Jobs’

NOAA: Warmest June Ever! Caveat: We Made It Up (Corrected) NOAA and GISS claim a warm Arctic region made this June a record-breaker. They don't have a single thermometer in the Arctic!

California and the International Green Energy Racket

By my husband - The Tragedy of the Commons, U.S.-style

Gore calls for major protests on climate change inaction. Hopefully only crickets answer.


FCC Takes Another Step Towards Regulating the Internet

Talk about biting the hands that put you in the White House. Media Criticism, Chicago-Style. The campaign to stifle journalists in Cook County and the White House.

The Obama administration's attacks on the media

At Last, CNN Finally Gets Something Right About Islam

CNN: Former Obama Campaign Adviser - From Articulate To "Incoherent Presidency"

Missouri governor goes nuclear on Obama for using prosecutors on campaign “truth squad”


Will More Tax Dollars Go to Unions?

Union Member Fired For Attempting To Unionize

Bobby Bailout: Casey to Put Taxpayers on Hook for Teamsters’ Shenanigans

Obama Lawyer with SEIU, AFL-CIO Connections Sidesteps Ethical Complaints

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Round-Up 08-16

President Obama Job Approval

Poll: Independents who backed Obama shifting away from Democrats

Obama Sees New Lows in Job Approval

Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect This is by ACORN Whistle-Blower Anita MonCrief and is an important read - very well linked and documented.

Pagans and the Tea Party

Amongst Others’ Claims, Tea Party Patriots Receive Important Endorsement

PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - Public Relations & Propaganda: How Your Tax Dollars Are Funding Obama's Spin-to-Win Schemes

DoJ clears Tom DeLay of any lawbreaking

AND YET - With DOJ Stonewalling on New Black Panthers Case, Civil Rights Commission Asks for Expanded Powers. The continuing DOJ refusal to allow attorney Christopher Coates to testify on the case results in a heated Commission hearing.

It Begins… Dem Congresswoman Brings In Street Thug at Town Hall Meeting to Threaten Constituents (Video)

Obama, Boxer, and the California Awakening

Barney Frank and the Code of Ethics for Government Service

Sen. Scott Brown's America

Tainted By Rangel Cash, History, Rep. Bean (D), Censors, Intimidates At Townhall Event

Stealth Energy Tax Hike on Senate Agenda for September

Harry Reid tried to end birthright citizenship for illegals in 1993

Cronyism: Undermining Economic Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Chamber economist: Obama tax increase would be 'bullet in the head' of recovery

In Washington, It’s the Money that Talks

From Arizona to Ground Zero

Obamateurism of the Day

The President’s Worrisome Narrative to Discourage Homeownership

Democrats’ Double Standard on Taxes

Millions to Lose Jobless Benefits by Year's End

Sidebar Issues Don't Subtract From Voters' Focus on Economy

Model corruption. The truth about the GM 'rescue'

Burying small businesses in paperwork

Proud to be Union? How Unions Decimate Small Family-owned Businesses

The Obvious Message of Jerry Brown’s Pension

Civil Servants Find Themselves Cast in Unlikely Role -- Fat Cats"

The Bureaucrat Class

The Cabinet From Another World

How the California Controller’s Race Could Change Everything

Obama closes curtain on transparency

These are AWESOME! Print your own journalism warning labels

The New Abnormal

Who Can I Turn To?

Operation Restore Liberty

The Fed Can't Solve Our Economic Woes

Obamanomics is why there is no recovery

"Recovery Summer" goes bust

Your share of the state debt. States are taking on more debt. Here’s your state’s burden per capita.

Something for Nothing: State Debt and the 2008 Presidential Vote

Darrell Issa Blasts the Propaganda Presidency, Accuses Administration of Abuse of Office. Has the White House used the government's power to propagandize for political gain?

Democrats Continue to Loot Food Stamp Fund, Now Helping the SEIU

Dems may use food-stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama's nutrition initiative

Medicare Trustees Issue Report Disavowed by Chief Actuary

Move over mom, here comes ObamaCare

Goldwater Institute Files Challenge to ObamaCare

Death panel. "[F]or the first time in history, an FDA-approved anti-cancer therapy may not be covered by Medicare." AND ObamaCare Rationing: FDA Considers Denying Leading Cancer Drug

Health Care Premiums Are Already Soaring In Advance of Obamacare

Health-Care Mandate's Proponents May Have a Hard Time

Europe’s Guilty Conscience. Self-hatred is paralyzing the Continent.

Interior to Require Environmental Reviews for New Deepwater Drilling

NOAA: Warmest June Ever! Caveat: We Made It Up (Corrected) NOAA and GISS claim a warm Arctic region made this June a record-breaker. They don't have a single thermometer in the Arctic!

ADF rebuts ACLU demand that Colo. school district exclude Boy Scouts

Video: “I’m willing to take a chance on something different”

Forget What You've Been Told, China Won't Be the World's Second Largest Economy For Long

U.S. Approval of Labor Unions Remains Near Record Low

Teachers union threatens ‘massive boycott’ of Los Angeles Times for reporting on teacher performance

Teachers' unions plan to rev up recess action to protect Democrats' majority

A Teachable Moment in Union Hypocrisy: ‘I Was Fired for Trying to Start a Union at the UFT.’

In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity

Media Furiously Spinning for Obama ‘With His Poll Numbers Dropping’

Media Steps Up Defense Of Obama

‘LA Times’ To Hollywood: Please Ignore the Box Office Success of ‘The Expendables’

The surprising moral force of disgust

Building free homes for wounded vets

The Deepwater Horizon Spill by the Numbers As days stretched into weeks, then weeks into months, BP's Deepwater Horizon wellhead continued to spew millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. From the latest figures released by Unified Incident Command—a joint venture between BP, Transocean and multiple government agencies—we give you the facts and figures to put the spill in perspective.

Seriously, Where Is Imam Feisal … and What’s with His Web Site?

Build mosque elsewhere

Obama's "Teachable" Shariah Moment

I like Paul Johnson - Ordinary Miracle: Intellectual-Slayer Paul Johnson

Sorry For The Delay

Summer is hard on the stay-at-home-mom/blogger. Apparently small children like lots of attention. Just a few more weeks and school will start and I will become more regular in my habits.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in. For leaving comments (sorry if there is a delay in posting them). And most of all, for sticking around.