Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fighting Corruption 09-16

The Case for a ‘Repeal Amendment’

The Least We Can Do

Marriage: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty

Nancy Reagan Endorses Whitman, Fiorina

'Tea party' is polarizing, but has many 'closet admirers,' poll finds

How Tea Party Organizes Without Leaders
Tea parties are a new Great Awakening

The Tea Party and the Value of Craziness

Stop mocking the Tea Party: If anyone is nuts, it's the elites and incumbents

Tea Party’s already won

Self-Policing Tea


Tea party gains clout for 2012

A Two-Fer
In Impromptus yesterday, I mentioned a couple of bumper stickers — e.g., “Bail Out Studebaker!” A reader told me that he had spotted an interesting one in Hyannis, Mass. It managed to support Sen. Scott Brown and needle Michelle Obama at the same time: “For the First Time in My Life, I Am Proud of Massachusetts.”

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